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Video: “One Step” Music Video – “Shy Day”

Credit: 민병석

Video: “Fairies of the Music Industry” Angels, Release Official “Always For You” Music Video + Trailers

Yaaayyyy! The MV is finally out officially! ❤ Aren’t they just so cute?! And don’t you just love Dara’s voice?! I miss singer Dara so much.. T_T Thank you so much to this cameo, it really is a blessing to us Dara fans! ❤ 

Angels – Always for you MV <한번 더 해피엔딩> OST

Naver TVCast =>

Credits: Sony Music Korea

And trailers for the drama! Let’s watch out for Episode 1 tomorrow evening! ❤

Photos: HD/HQ WeLoveDara/OhDara Caps of Super Cute and Charming Dara in Sunwoo Jung-A’s “Spring Girls” MV

Dara was super cute and adorable in “Spring Girls” MV! I super love her quirky, energetic side.. Kekeke! ❤












More cute caps of adorable Dara after the cut! ❤


Video: Naver Releases 2NE1 “Gotta Be You” Version 2 Music Video ~ Pretty, Fresh 2NE1!

Okaaayyy, so apparently, this is a Director’s Cut or something, available on Naver? Kekeke! A bit confused here.. But it’s fine, more 2NE1! Did YG perhaps see the comments on YouTube about “Gotta Be You” MV? XD And it seems that they added Ash Stymest’s (the male model) and CL’s carwash scenes on another shoot? But, like I said, yay for another MV! Kekekeke! The camera seems unfocused-ish though? And the general video looks unpolished..XD But we get to see more of white-haired Dara, so no complaints here! ^^ Her expressions are spot on and she’s just soooo pretty to look at.. ❤

[HQ] 2NE1 ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ MV (Version 2)

Credits: donnyoppa

Twitter: Ben Baller Shares that 2NE1 Shot a Music Video ~ “Crazy With All My YG Fam!”

Ooohhh, I wonder what music video the shoot was for? ^_^ Cannot wait for this! ❤




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News: Behind-The-Scenes of 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” MV: Serious and Fun



[스타뉴스 이지현 기자] Behind-the-scenes of 2NE1’s newest MV “COME BACK HOME” was revealed.

On March 11 YG Entertainment posted on its official blog and Naver Music Special the scenes behind 2NE1’s new music video “COME BACK HOME.”

A short video of just 4 minutes and 14 seconds feature various aspects of 2NE1 including the introduction of the song, the concept of the video, and what the members think about the video and the comeback.

Each member showcases different hairstyles, and they are fully committed to the video despite the cold weather. Some playful moments gave the fans a source of entertainment as well.

MINZY describes the song as “of mourning and yearning” while DARA says “your heart aches even after you finish singing it.”

She added, “I am in charge of the ‘love scenes’ of the video. I’ve taken a lot of kissing scenes before but never felt this way before.” On the scene where she weeps, she shyly commented, “It’s my first time crying in an MV since ‘IT HURTS’.”

MINZY says the video is very “sci-fi” while CL describes it as “unrealistic but real.” DARA is fully satisfied with the clip, saying, “It’s like you are watching a movie”

BOM appears at the end of the video and says, “It’s been a while since we returned with an album. We really wanted it and there is a lot to show you from the time-invested work.”

2NE1 unveiled their album “CRUSH” on Feb 27, and is actively promoting it with the title song “COME BACK HOME.”

Source: YG-Life

Interview: Yang Hyun Suk Explains Why Virtual World Gets Destroyed in 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” MV



[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] With the release of 2NE1’s 2nd full album’s music videos, the founder of YG Entertainment YANG HYUN SUK, who is also the editor of the videos, personally explained the concepts of the clips.

Through YG’s official blog YG LIFE, 2NE1’s music videos of the title song “COME BACK HOME” and another track “HAPPY” were unveiled at 2:01 pm on March 3.

Out of the two, “COME BACK HOME” that was produced on a 500 million won budget stands out by emitting a sci-fi-like ambiance. Members of 2NE1 crosses from reality to the virtual world in a future city produced from computer graphic work. The MV is slightly dark, and in the latter part the divas transform into powerful warriors. A notable scene is by DARA, who weeps in pain of love.

Immediately after the release, YANG told Star News, “The content could be a little difficult to understand, but keeping in mind that happiness in the real world is the most important will help the viewers understand the intentions of the MV better.

He added, “The MV of “COME BACK HOME” is set in a near-future city, and the concept is that people in this era prefer the virtual world over the real one, just like the movie ‘Matrix’.

These days when people meet they look into the screens of their phones instead of having a conversation, which shows an addiction to cell phones and games. I think this behavior demonstrates that people like the virtual world. Even at playgrounds kids play with cell phones, and this will worsen in the future and people will be more enthusiastic about the virtual world than the real one.

He continued, “In the MV of ‘COME BACK HOME,’ DARA is heartbroken by a man she is in love with, as he prefers the virtual world. For these reasons, the four members of 2NE1, DARA, CL, BOM and MINZY enter the virtual world themselves and turn into warriors to destroy that world. Through this, we tried to convey the message of how important the real world is, and about the human touch.

He also explained why he leaned toward a music drama rather than a MV filled with choreographic scenes.

He said, “2NE1’s MVs were mainly choreographic ones until now, so we wanted to try something new. We wanted to invest our time and money in the computer graphic work, which ended up in a 500 million won budget.

I hope the viewers see the latest MV as a new challenge taken on by 2NE1.

On the other hand, the MV of “HAPPY” filmed in Los Angeles is completely different from that of “COME BACK HOME,” every scene filled with lovely and cute four members dressed in fancy outfits.

As soon as the 2nd full album was released on Feb 27, the double title songs “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU” swept across major South Korean music charts while climbing up the ranks in many iTunes across the globe. On March 7 their offline version of the album will be released, while their first comeback performance will be aired on SBS’s Inkigayo on March 9.

Source: YG-Life

Video: 140301 Fancam of 2NE1’s “Happy” MV Played at AON Concert

2NE1 – Happy M/V (140301 AON)


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Official: 2NE1 Releases “Falling In Love” Music Video




Info/Cap: 2NE1, To Shoot A Music Video on Nov. 11?

OMG!!!! I hope this is true!!! If yes, they are going to shoot a music video in LA, California! And if this is true, they are gonna be coming back real soon! I am so excited!!! I can’t wait!!!! 


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