Okaaayyy, so apparently, this is a Director’s Cut or something, available on Naver? Kekeke! A bit confused here.. But it’s fine, more 2NE1! Did YG perhaps see the comments on YouTube about “Gotta Be You” MV? XD And it seems that they added Ash Stymest’s (the male model) and CL’s carwash scenes on another shoot? But, like I said, yay for another MV! Kekekeke! The camera seems unfocused-ish though? And the general video looks unpolished..XD But we get to see more of white-haired Dara, so no complaints here! ^^ Her expressions are spot on and she’s just soooo pretty to look at.. ❤

[HQ] 2NE1 ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ MV (Version 2)

Credits: donnyoppa

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