Anddddd yes! There’s a dance version Music Video! WOOHOO! Is it weird that I prefer this over the other two? XD 2NE1 having fun and dancing together and the hot male dancers sold me out! XD The meaning of the lyrics of the song suit the isolated, sad-ish vibe of the 2 other music videos, but the song is just so upbeat that somehow, I feel that this suits it more? ^_^ Besides, the girls’ smiles are precious.. ❤ Anyways, yaaayyyy for THREE music videos for “Gotta Be You” XD

This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it.2NE1 – GOTTA BE YOU ( DANCE VER.)

Credits: frolicker21

Comments on: "Video: Naver Releases Fun, Colorful, Energetic “Dance Version” Music Video for 2NE1’s “Gotta Be You”" (2)

  1. Belle, I prefer this MV too! It suits the happy song perfectly 😉 and there’s Kwon Twins too! lol

  2. Belle, I prefer this MV too! It fits perfectly to the song and Kwon twins lol. I’ve watched this MV five times now! Thank you!

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