Dara finally addressed the disbandment on her Social Media account. I honestly thought I was on the way to moving on but I realized that I was wrong since I really cried after reading her letter… How hurt must Dara be.. How broken up about the disbandment of a group she loved and treasured over the years. I’m sure all the girls are heartbroken right now and I hope that we all do our best to cheer on the girls in whatever they decide to pursue from now on.. 

Dara is so selfless and humble.. She apologized for hurting Blackjacks and her words are just so compelling. I hope that someone close to her tell her that it’s not her fault because it isn’t.. My heart breaks at the fact that she had so much joy during her birthday celebration but she ends up calling November 2016 as the “saddest winter” 😥😥😥

Be strong Dara! You’ll always be our fresh vocal! 


To my Blackjacks… The announcement last friday was very painful to ALL of us. But the past 7 years has been filled with good and wonderful memories I will treasure forever. We – CL, Bom, Minzy, and I – will always be 2NE1. And you will always be our loyal, supportive, and loving BLACKJACKS!!! That will never, ever change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Dara of 2NE1

Translations for the letter:



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Dara posting her in-ear monitors and iconic orange mic.. TT I’m in tears.. TT


Instagram: I have a new one made for each tour? There were four of them 👀 Pretty

From the four, Dara made a poll for fans to choose which one she should use.. ^^czqh4iaxaaefpi_


She then uploaded a picture of her orange mic.. TT The one she uses with 2ne1 for performances.. TT15338366_298984773835562_4665652943926591488_n

Instagram: Long time no see 😀👋🏻🎤

Twitter: Blackjacks~ FYI 😂 I’ll be using my orange mic tomorrow. 😬 The answer I was looking for is really my style.. It’s been too long since I’ve seen this. Good night everyone 😴😴😴 Goodnight!


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She uploaded on both Twitter and IG.. TT I think Dara misses performing on stage very much.. T_T 


Stage rehearsal 🔥🔥🔥#BoybandPHGrandReveal


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These lucky, lucky people!!! ^^

The first two pics were taken at PBS rehearsals.. ^^


Backstage photo with #Kpop#Superstar Judge, @daraxxi! On-going rehearsals for #BoybandPHGrandRevealtomorrow! Excited to know who the#BoybandPHWinners are! ♡ (Excuse my bloated face tho)


Queen of heartuuu. 💕 @daraxxi

This was taken at G-Force dance center where Dara was rehearsing.. ^^


with  💕 💕


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OMG! So so so excited for this! I can’t wait to see what she and the boys have got in store for us all! ^_^

And my feels.. The orange mic! Her mic when she performed with 2NE1… T_T


Excited to perform with the grand finalists tomorrow. I’m sure that this will be a good challenge and experience for the boys. Because this will be different from their previous performances. So you’ve got to go while tomorrow, okay?! Thanks boys! & G force! And special thanks to Teacher Georcelle for bringing out the new Sandara. 🙏🏻#BoybandPHGrandReaveal


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Another look at sexy Judge Dara with G-Force and the PBS finalists!❤


LOOK: Sandara Park rehearses w/ Boyband finalists for her performance tmrow. This will be Dara’s first live performance after 2NE1 broke up.


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And we really miss it Darong! T_T Can’t wait for your performance this Saturday!

오랜만에 안무연습실 💃🏻🎤

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in a dance practice room.”

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Credit: @fatkiidinside

Are you guys excited for this? I sure am! Maybe Dara will perform something from the #WhiteShirtLove dance practice after all! Can’t wait for sexy Dara! ^_^ It’s been a while since we have seen her perform on stage.

pbs1 pbs2 pbs3czju3wjukaatf93


Dara’s rainbow hair!😄 With her camouflage Adidas jacket and her Coca Cola fisherman’s hat! ^^ So excited to watch her performance! <333


Rehearsing for#BoybandPHGrandReveal SandaraXBoyband 👊🏻


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Good morning Dara! Have a safe flight to the Philippines! ^_^




Click the link below for more photos!

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