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Video/Caps: Sandara Park and Mario Maurer are Totally Adorable Together for Penshoppe’s Newest Campaign Teaser “Rule the City” ~ SanRioXPenshoppe

Oh my goodness! The SandaraXMario project is finally getting to be revealed soon! T__T I’m so happy! Dara hasn’t worked with a male endorser since Etude with SHINEE.. Kekeke! ^_^ So excited for tomorrow!









Caps by: WeLoveDara/ OhDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Videos: 160910 Philippines “Dara Tour” Cuts from Battle Trip Episode 19 Featuring Sandara Park and Kang Seung-hyun

Here are Dara Tour’s cuts in the 19th episode of Battle Trip, which aired last September 10th! We will be posting the videos with English subs as soon as they become available. ^^

Dara Tour in the Philippines – Battle Trip, Ep 19 featuring Dara & Hyoni Part 1

Dara Tour in the Philippines – Battle Trip, Ep 19 featuring Dara & Hyoni Part 2

Credits: NiceKeys

InstaVid+Photo: Beauty Endorser Sandara Park Introduces her Newest Beauty Secret ~ “Coming Soon this July!”

WAHHHHHHHH! It is here, it’s finally here and I am so happy and excited! FIGHTING! “GandaraHair” is a word play of “Ganda” and “Dara”.. ^^ “Ganda” means “beautiful” in Filipino.. ^^

Here is the copy: It’s blue, it’s white, it’s everything nice. Still can’t guess what it is?
😜 #GandaraHair #DaraHair#SawasdeekaDara


I‘ve got a new beauty secret to share with you. 😉 Want to know what it is? Coming soon this July! #GandaraHair#DaraHair


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Article+Video: HerWorld Singapore ~ “#MakeupMonday: Sandara ‘Dara’ Park Shows us her K-Beauty Makeup Must-Haves!”

#MakeupMonday: Sandara ‘Dara’ Park shows us her K-Beauty makeup must-haves!

Confession: I thought I was impervious to all things K-Pop, but alas, I’ve caved and fallen hard for Dara’s gorgeously glowing and impossibly incandescent face at the pop star’s pit-stop in sunny Singapore.

Some context: My new #CelebCrush, who’s the freshly minted megastar mien of Moonshot, was in town for the release of the achingly cool cosmetic company’s cushion compacts. Naturally, we had to ask the woman of the hour for her beauty bag essentials, and the bubbly belle was happy to oblige.

For starters, Dara’s personal picks include Moonshot’s memorably monikered Moonflash Cushion ($36). Incidentally, the YG Entertainment-owned beauty behemoth is one savvy social media machine – the cushion comes complete with its own hashtag (#DaraCushion, in case you’re wondering), and the packaging is perfectly #flatlay-friendly, natch. Which is all very apt really, considering how this beauty of a brightener functions more or less like an Instagram filter on standby: The carefully calibrated mix of pink pigments in this comforting compact is fantastic at fending off fatigue, and the glimmering effect as light falls on your face will imbue your complexion with a lit-from-within luminosity that’s very intriguing indeed.

As for the bubbly belle’s other makeup must-haves, you’ll have to click “play” on our video above to find out, although I must say that I’m obsessed with her choice of a certain magical multi-purpose stain, which I’ve found to be fabulous at jazzing up just about any part of your face with a coquettish hint of a tint – from your cheekbones and chin to your peepers and puckers.

Even better, Dara’s picks are all perfectly practical and will aid you in nailing a flirty finish with minimum fuss and maximum fabulosity. Use all of ‘em in the order she suggests and you’ll get a look that’s polished and professional, yet fabulous enough to boogie from the boardroom to the bar. Enjoy, and have fun getting your K-Pop glow on!

Credits: HerWorld

Instagram: Jerry Voyage Shares a series of Photos of Sweet,Loving and Beautiful Dara


GanDara ng Tanawin (Beautiful View) . Nature Tripping and Tourism ambassador peg @daraxxi #PusongPinoy pa rin (Still Filipino by Heart). (Note: Gandara is a Filipino Wordplay of Beautiful Dara) 


Tourist spotted in Tagaytay City. Nature tripping@daraxxi and The Magic Stays with Us at Enchanted Kingdom 🙏❤️🎉🎊🔮🎪


Sunday’s Best#JerryVoyageClassicFlashback 10 years ago 📷📎👀💬💌@daraxxi with my PamangKins. Sandara paid visit to my nephew Fernan “Nanoy” Telan in the hospital who underwent Sistrunk ….. ❤️❤️❤️ Like Sandara’s claim to fame back in Korea, mindset is powerful to succeed in your chosen field of endeavor. Remember: “No struggles, no success. No stress, no happiness. No rice, no life! 🍛 No drive, no journey! 🚘✈️🏁💯🎯👏🙏❤️” This is#JerryVoyageOfLife


congratulations@iamrobidomingo for a great hosting job earlier today @penshoppe @daraxxi#SandaraXPenshoppe meet & greet at skydome @smnorthedsa


I Rob crabbing beside Krung. Dining with few real friends in the biz has never been this meaningful for every crab stick. We stick together through thick and thin, highs and lows. I stopped chasing people. I started living my dreams and purpose in life. 🙏❤️✔️🎯💯🚘✈️


#RoJerSanBarber’s Tale after Crabbing @daraxxi@iamrobidomingo


Skydome is the limit for #SandaraXPenshoppe Meet & Greet @smnorthedsa @daraxxi@iamrobidomingo


Showtime online KrungPaoie @hashtag_ryle@daraxxi Hey Shiy @sherilynrtan L👀k 😍


I’m ready! 🙊 Ay si Krung pala guest @daraxxi heto na#SandaraParkForItsShowtime TrabaHula@itsshowtimeofficial_ig


Kapamilya 👀.#SandaraParkForItsShowtime after hearty brekky buffet with Sandy. ❤️🙏☕️🍵🍶🍝🍛🍣🍴Heat then Hit the road for@itsshowtimeofficial_ig guesting in bit 🚘👀📺 @peterdizon @daraxxi


Bravo! Forever Pinoy at Heart.❤️ It was April Krung Krung’s Day in Manila. #SandaraXPenshoppe@daraxxi

The Magic of Sandara Park in Manila continues@daraxxi @penshoppe#SandaraXPenshoppe @ilovetrinoma


naguTom & Jerry after the presscon @daraxxi#SandaraXPenshoppe @penshoppe@budingding


Anyong haseyo@daraxxi. It’s more FUNdesal in the Philippines! It’s more FUNcit in Philippines! ✌️🙏❤️ #SandaraXPenshoppe@penshoppe @ilovetrinoma • “Thank God! Some things never really change. Once my Krung Krung, always my Krung Krung!” ✔️💯


Source: jerryvoyage_activations

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Dara Wants Some Bread in a Cute Photo Taken by Ock Joohyun~ “Please Buy Bread”

Dara went with Ock Joohyun to watch a play.. She  took this photo.. Ock Joohyun is a former member of FinK.L. Dara is a big fan of these famous first gen. Kpop girl group.^^


Title : Please buy bread 🍞photo 📷 by Ocktographer 😆 

제목 : 빵사세효 🍞 포토 📷 by 옥토그래퍼 😆

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translated by: officialwelovedara

Instagram: Hairstylist Kim Yoona Shares BTS Pictures of Very Beautiful Dara for “One More Happy Ending” Shoot~ “Paparazzi!”

Dara so so so pretty!❤


So beautiful, paparazzi 😍





Angel s😻  

Source: yuna_ryong

Re-uploaded and translated b: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Photo: Unseen Picture of Rock Princess Sandara Park for “W Korea” April 2015

Oh so pretty and edgy!!!❤ This is from Dara and Thunder’s shoot for WKorea last April 2015.. ^^



Source: a.jsua

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video+Eng Subs: Fun and Enchanting “One More Happy Ending” Episode 1 Finally Broadcasted ~ Featuring Awesome Sandara Park as “Mean Girl” Goo Seul Ah

OMG! Episode 1 was so much fun! I loved the episode! Even though Dara only had a short exposure, her character really left a good impression!😄 Goo Seul-Ah is really the “mean girl” of the group.. ^^

“Once More Happy Ending” Episode 1 Eng Subs

And here are Dara’s scenes from the Episode! ^^

Credits: HELLO WORLD + donny

Instagram: Goddess Dara Celebrates her Birthday with Minzy and YG Crew, Staff, Managers, and Stylists

Dara had a birthday party with the staff and crew!❤ Minzy and CL were also there to celebrate the birthday of their beloved unnie..❤ Dara has such a loving, generous heart..❤ So proud and happy for this birthday girl!❤


HBD💜💛💚💙 Its good that I didn’t give it all for my look but again I’ll give it a shot 👑


HBD Dara unnie❤️ Our only fun time^.^🎂🎁🎉


 #HBD Dara unnie😆🎁🎂👑❤️💜💛💚💙 Its good that we had a fun party!


 #HBD #Squids 😆😆😆😆😆 Happy birthday unnie😊☺️😍


#happybirthday #Daraunnie #bdayparty#happy #fun #clap HBD HBD~~~♡🌌🌊


Source: jina1027k;jxx_tori;bluebaybluebay;minsyoning

Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara