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  2. Video link for the KBS Battle Trip episode featuring Sandara’s trip to the Philippines, with english subs. 🙂

  3. astro_aya said:

    Dara is in Manila!

  4. 23 Breathtaking Photos of “Philippines Pride” Sandara Park.

  5. Best of Pictures Sandara Park at Airport

  6. Best Photos of Beautiful DJ Dara During The Beat Radio


    visit more sandara park video .

  7. Best Pictures of Sandara Park at 4th GAON CHART K POP Awards 2015

  8.  No yo creo que este video-juego sea el mas bueno
    que he probado no obstante puede ser increible


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  11. found this on MBC Music channel on youtube Sandara Park and Block B Zico?

  12. Sasha Fierce said:

    A very sad news. One of my favorite actors in korea, Jung Il woo, is no longer following my Queen Dara in twitter. Back then, he was only following 4 people. Three of them were from his agency and the other one was Dara. I was really disappointed from what I saw. Maybe his agency asked him to stop following her or something.


  13. Hi Oh-Dara… please help translate this article ^__^ Thanks!

  14. Annyeong~! I don’t know if this was posted before 🙂
    DARA (Sandara Park) Greeting Fans in Tagalog.

    Credits to owner 🙂

  15. PLEASE VOTE FOR 2NE1!!!!



  16. daralingforever said:

    ehh? why was it wrong? sorry admin

  17. daralingforever said:

    please notice this admin! i’ve posted this in the mv release article and the blackjack zone… not sure if you all would notice it under all those comments…

  18. Admin! Omygosh! I hope you can read this. It just hit me today while watching random 2ne1 vids. I remembered the first time i heard the Falling in Love tune, it was somewhat familiar, they used it as the Intro in their SBS Inkigayo INTRO + I LOVE YOU performance last year! Pure genius! I really love the girls(and Teddy too)
    Here’s the link from their channel
    2NE1_0708_SBS Inkigayo_INTRO + I LOVE YOU

  19. Ann Saturinas said:


  20. xoxojulietx said:

    Just made this vid for dara ..

  21. vanch25 said: Dara Unnie placed 3rd ere 😀 “Who did Soompiers Vote as the Prettiest Girl Group Member? “:)

  22. thetruth said: i think dara placed 4th on top girl group beauty, my korean is limited so yeah…that’s all i understood.

  23. thetruth said:

    admins just wanna ask if its true that dara unnie’s kfansite calls Kris of exo smiling angel. i saw it on this exo facts post .thanks!

  24. Omg the new yg teaser is now down to cl and 2ne1

  25. which female idol has the most innocent royal face..dara 2nd

  26. 2ne1 performances On snoop dog concert


  27. Check out Gettin’ Dumb by ft 2NE1. Just sad because I can’t hear Dara and Minzy

  28. [INFO]
    I saw it on an AKP Thread. Here’s the link:
    – Dara-unnie’s project T_T

  29. Sandara Park 박산다라 & Rihanna Wearing The Same Outfit
    Who Rocks The Best?

  30. hey 2ne1 we love you ene zarim zaluus bichleg tawihaa boliocheee zailaach
    dara you are cute

  31. Beautiful goddess/ doll-like Dara

    Please check this to see my edited pictures of Dara with different hairstyles 🙂

  32. How come no one posted about Chanyeol (EXO-K) fanboying over Dara?

    You can see gifs of this on tumblr.

    Also, he once filled his cyworld with her pictures and even posted about how he would marry her…

  33. A theian tweeted the director of Into the Fire, and A moment to remember………..he replied that he get this request a lot….DARA in a movie…>>> will be the death of me…..


    ~saw this in facebook..just saw the word ‘2NE1’ and thought I’d share it with you guys.. don’t know what it means though hehe..

  35. Guys!Please don’t forget to vote for 2ne1 in MAMA. They’re behind in votes!
    Here’s the site:

  36. was this posted before?

    a part of the article says that kim bum would like to meet sandara and ask her more about the Phillippines….


    do you guys think this is possible? but this rumor gave me goosebumps. if it were to happen, that would be awesome!

  38. By 2ne1usa. My 2ne1 Nj Concert Experience:

  39. new etude cf for the doll concept is out!

  40. sweepberry said:


    • sweepberry said:


  41. Admins^^ Check this out!
    It’s an audio from Dara’s kiss perf during the world tour concert. I’m not sure if it’s WLD twitter. Just do check the credits admins:)))

  42. Ok this is not about Dara but related to Dara
    Her brother just released a solo track today so please listen to it

    also try to like and tweet on AKP

  43. ilovessantokki said:

    Dara is up against WG’s Lim in this fashion poll! Let’s vote for her ^^

  44. stelleclaire said:

    I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST IF ANYONE WANT TO MAKE A YG FAMILY OR 2NE1 parody of “CALL ME MAYBE” all their cuts and videos of their goofy side it would be awesome!!! just a suggestion. 🙂

  45. stelleclaire said:

    I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST IF ANYONE WANT TO MAKE A YG FAMILY OR 2NE1 parody of “CALL ME MAYBE” all their cuts and videos of their goofy side it would be awesome!!! just a suggestion.

  46. stelleclaire said:

    I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST IF ANYONE WANT TO MAKE A YG FAMILY OR 2NE1 parody of “CALL ME MAYBE” all their cuts and videos of their goofy side it would be awesome!!! just a suggestion. 🙂

  47. Madge15 said:

    Blackjacks, let’s vote for 2ne1 under the Fan Army category. You can vote up to 15 times a day. Spread the word!

  48. mymaki82 said:
    admin i dnt know if it was posted already but we need to support them for another nomination and their against big names like taylor swift, adam lambert etc…. and snsd too.. pls post this admin 🙂
    go for the win !!!

  49. ohdara, can u check this?
    it’s got dee topping the favorite yg artists survey. too lazy to see how the survey came about = )

  50. what is the title of this song

  51. Hi everyone ^^ *bow*
    I wanna know, in here all of the author of this blog are girl ?

  52. erinus27 said:

    SHINee X Goddess Dee for pic..^^


    Dara’s March 23rd me2day with the members except CL..

  54. TOP 5 Wannabe Face Idols (Female)


  55. bbycakes said:

    •Seungri sat with Dara
    •Seungri had a talk battle with G-dragon and won with his topic on “getting Dara a boyfriend”
    •There was a Boom Academy section and CL danced with Taeyang, Se7en danced with Minji, Dara danced with Seungri and Bom danced with Boom
    •Seungri had apparently ‘caught’ Dara with his topic (meaning put Dara in a difficult position)
    •When the recording ended Dara did a shuffle dance and Bom joined in!

    •CL sat next to G-dragon
    •Bom sat with Gummy
    •G-dragon cringed and made gagging motions when Minji did her aegyo (in a teasing way, not in a mean way ^^)
    •CL danced a little bit of Fantastic Baby
    •Bom’s dance was said to be an extremely funny “navel dance” xD
    •Bom was said not to have talked much and only danced with Boom which was really funny so SBS PDs better not cut that out!!!
    •They recorded Strong Heart for 9 hours, till 11pm KST
    •A fanaccount recounted how CL thought she had something on her nose, so she scratched at it to get it off, but she thought she couldn’t get it off so she asked GD if she had anything on her face but GD said no.
    •CL’s ears turned red when she told her story

    Credit: ygfamilyy@tumblr

  56. wala lang said:

  57. I super love sandara park!!! And 2ne1 from vienna austria

  58. teaser PV – SCREAM

  59. just released etude malgem BTS Dara with Shinee

  60. dara’s trending on yahoo phil right now at no. 3.

  61. dara is so sweet…check-out her pinoy’s friends tweet…!/mellyricks09 and!/prettyjupiter

  62. hello! just wanna share this ~ i saw this episode of Strong Heart in which Mir (of MBLAQ) & his sister mentioned Dara and Thunder, around 7:37 of the video ~ since i dont speak/understand Korean, i have no idea what they said.

  63. I just wanna share this video featuring Dara’s moments with Bigbang and YG.

    As a YG fangirl, my initial reaction to this video would be envy since Dara is undeniably close with the boys that I look up to; and serves as Bigbang’s muse and YG’s princess. On the other hand, as a Blackjack, it’s simply heartwarming to hear from the boys their thoughts about goddess D, and it’s just wonderful to see how much they care for her. YG Family is the best! Dara is really receiving so much love from them ❤

  64. michael ecold said:

    Dear DARA,I hope you always be a strong strong girl whatever it’s take,I really love your smile just the way you are.I wish you with a blessed and a good luck,You are SUPER WOMEN,Gbu.

  65. wala lang said:

  66. can'tssantokki said:

    OMOOO ! found this vid , they describe Sandara Park fully here ^ ^

  67. OH MY GOD! Only four days left to vote for Our Goddess Dara for allKpop net personality!

    Read article here

    admin please share it to everyone!!!!please?

  68. xoxojulietx said:

    look up to Dara’s me2day , il woo become her close friend ? O.o

  69. Exclusive 2NE1 And Jeremy Scott Interview! [Video]

  70. Dara was mentioned here 🙂
    and 2ne1 too 🙂

    sorry just sharing

  71. I absolutely LOVE Dara’s voice sweet!!<3<3

  72. Hey, I just happened to find this article by chance..I saw the word “2NE1” and thought it was worth reading hehe..^_^

    Pictorial eh? Does that mean 2NE1 has pictures in the issue as well? I’m sure the girls would look amazing as always..^_^

  73. Have you guys seen this?

    2NE1 dominates! Dara ranked in 10 categories (If i’m not mistaken)

    Credit goes to clbaddestfemale ^^,

  74. Only 2 days left to vote for 2NE1 for MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World. 2NE1 needs all the votes they can get. Please spread the word.

  75. Here Dara’s new etude house ad she also speaks english in this video aww its so cute!!!!!!!!

  76. wala lang said:

    ‎10 Questions without Answers.

    1. Does Jenifer Love Hewitt?
    2. Where did Rachelle Anne Go?
    3. Why is Norman Black,& Redford White? Well then, is Chris Brown?
    4. Where did Sandara Park?
    5. Is Chow Yun Fat?
    6. What did Henry Sy?
    7. Did Jordan Sparks?
    8. When will Orlando Bloom?
    9. What is Victoria’s Secret?
    10. What does David Cook?
    11. What does Scooby DOO?

    I really dont know the answers. and Im sure Wilma Doesnt.

  77. What a day to start my morning. Kpop making a big splash in New York. They are featured in entertainment section of the city’s popular newspaper. Nice piece about 2ne1 is included. Here’s a link:

    • i hope 2ne1 will be there..i’m so sad bcause 2ne1 so talented and the best female group in korea..but is ok 2ne1 still a best group in korea..thank for sharing

  78. ckjack_bla said:

    OhDara fansite is cited on an MTV article! They used the screencap of Jeremy Scott’s tweet to vote 2NE1 on MTV Iggy! I’m experiencing goosebumps right now. Congratulations to the diligent staffs of OhDara! *clap clap clap*

  79. MsSleepless said:

    i was randomly checking some dara vids when i found this…..

  80. Mary Grace Tiosan said:

    2ne1 nominated for MTV IGGY 2011 Best Band in The World!!!! check their official website to confirm..

  81. today’s guest for idol weekly chart is u-kiss.
    and you know who is going to be there………kevin!
    although they wrapped up the ending before kevin got a chance to mention who his ideal type is but DARA’s name was written on the kevin’s ideal girl.

    i forgot to screen-cap and deleted the show. sorry.
    so someone should search it up.

  82. vote for Dara 🙂

    Most Popular Female Celebrity (MPFC)

  83. Money Maker$, a hip hop duo considered the “proteges of Snacky Chan“ comprised of Busan rapper J-Flow and freestyle specialist Bron, mention Dara in one of their songs.


  84. Tracklist of 2NE1’s album featuring disclosed?

  85. didn’t check if this nolza vid ( has been posted here since it’s a bom fancam. based on the comments, it’s about dara changing her line in “ugly” from “There is nobody beside me” to “Blackjack is beside me”. she never forgets their fans 🙂

  86. Dara Airport press photos going to Japan again today!

  87. MsSleepless said:

    hi! i just saw this somewhere…keke!!
    its their performace in music station…youtube’s video was already blocked.

  88. guys, 2ne1’s “I’m the best” at PRotect the Boss (sbs Drama of 2011) , they’re singing it around 0:48 – 1:08 .. hahaha !
    here’s the link..

  89. was this posted before???

  90. gnew_xlpe said:

    hi guys please vote for the girls songs here:


    dara was suppose to star in the movie 19 with top and seungri.
    this is news for me.

  92. Dara #5 – “The Idol I Want To Be Close Friends With”

  93. dara and thunder hailed as the most favorite kpop siblings


    Dara with TOP and Seungri and some fans … not sure if this is predebut pics though

  95. news about “not ugly” campaign

  96. ckjack_bla said:

    Ugly MR from Inki August 7, 2011. Dara’s voice is AWESOME! Must post this!!!

  97. 2ne1 Won @ Music Bank today…

  98. 2ne1doll said:

    Dara sounded amazing! Super impressive! 😀

  99. gnewxlpe said:


    Korean – detected to English translation

    2NE1, 日 debut a week before the first concert tour added
    HOT NEWS> Perform by. Joseonghun News ㅣ 2011-07-26

    2NE1 girl group in Japan, even before a formal debut in the tour once decided to add the shelves.

    2NE1 debut in Japan with the Yokohama Arena on September 19, September 24, 25, Kobe World Memorial Hall, October 01, two days at Makuhari Messe in Japan five times until the first solo concert tour ‘NOLZA in Japan’ to hold was expected.

    But in the last 23 – conducted just two days from the leading ticket entries molrimyeo about 10 million people have surprised local officials. Application period of July 31 which is added, given that the number of applicants is expected to rise further and eventually the September 20, one additional performances have been decided.

    2NE1 earthquake in Japan last March due to debut in September miruge dwaeteumyeo, he added ahead of the tour was to preach the good news.

    Meanwhile, the coming 28 days 2NE1 second mini-album (the title track UGLY) announced plans to continued strength in the active.

  100. belle.. pls feature this.. this is so beautiful.. if only dara sees this. she will surely be happy..!
    so inspiring..

  101. blackjack said:

    Hey blackjacks~~~let’s vote for our girls 2ne1…they are the best…Please support them and vote them…go in this website find 2ne1 vs f(x) and vote our girls 2ne1!!!they are better than all the girls group~~~they should be more vote than f(x)!!><Please vote them!!!

  102. 2NE1 HD INTRO + FIRE (KOREAN MUSIC WAVE 2011) SINGAPORE just see the rest of her video (cr. vigelic @ YT)

  103. guyz check this out… ….thunder is talking about her nona hairstyle…

    credits to all who post it.,,,(i dnt know how to put cuz their too many) lol….

  104. justsomerandomguy said:

    Dara, The Awkwardness Inducer! Ke. First T.O.P said Dara made him felt awkwardness whenever she said something. Now look at this. Park Cheoljun of Hi-Tech is so afraid doing the REAL choreography. They even had a conversation while dancing. By that you can see the most awkward partner.. ke!

    • DARALING said:

      this makes me LAUGH so hard…! i just notice dara so small …the guy looks really shy being dara’s partner..i think he doesnt know what he will gonna do ..!=)) missing deuk.!♥♥♥

  105. justsomerandomguy said:

    Dara and Sunday of The Grace…

  106. j.reyes said:

    OMG OMG I’m so excited for this kkyyyaaaaa!!!! I’m soooo glad I have the MNET channel. Now i just have to program my DVR

  107. I am the best is already on Top 20 on utube.. check it out.. post it here please

  108. daralover said:

    did you know guys that in gaon chart for bthe month of may lonely is no.1 in digital sales ang park boms dont cry no.3

    heres the site

    im proud of 2ne1′ achievement again…..

  109. apple_mango said:

    hi everyone! i heard from the other sites that the release of the “I am the best” MV will be this 10 pm…

    IS IT TRUE?????


  111. Jay Park sings 2ne1’s 내가제일잘나가 [CUT]

  112. 2ne1doll said:

    Jay was fanboying around 8:26 ^^

  113. I like cute girls, for example, 2NE1’s Sandara Park senior or F(x)’s Sulli senior.
    I like them. I like them alot. I really like them..
    ~ P.O. ,describing his ideal girl on Block b’s interview with Allkpop

  114. can ohdara post 2ne1 interview on kbs win win.. here’s one of the link

    i was really touched how wonderful they’re as an idol and as a person..

  115. sweepberry said:

    kinda off but still with our Goddess D
    K. Blackjacks needs help… and I think most Bjs aren’t aware of this yet.
    It’s Mnet’s Choice 20 for this year… so lets all hope and vote!…choice/vote.asp
    just click on the middle tab out of the 3 tabs. Then look one of those categories for 2ne1.
    Just click on the button next to the “check” mark.

    IBlackjacks please vote for our girls, the voting can be done daily till the event be held.
    Which I think by the end half of the year. ^___^
    Blackjacks fighting!!

  116. 15


    Dalong are practicing choreography! ㅋ ㅋwoori Let’s do a concert at Olympic Hall cheonseok Degree 2 to 4 as close to the opening screen blank baby to enjoy together the many people up together, but do not do too bad a little bit? Or Dare nunting! But the more ~ If we hagosipda with contributions from a concert! times even be increased?!? 12 hours
    My small hope is ! Fitness good at it to play baseball ‘ll ticketing hwatting ! look forward to ! +. + me2mobile me2photo

    What’s up?!? Of our news was a concert? ^ 0 ^ This is not just a dream Gooyong! + + Soon ready for a comeback concert with the activity that would parallel the estuary hwatting! Tuaeniwonseureoun really fun and exciting! Audiences can enjoy performances such as minutes and can be a lot of them so fresh and fun getting ready. . Carmon! ^ ^ eburibadi Carmon! 14 hours ago
    투애니원 the most sought after ! most sought after ! my my my my best preparations coolest ! me2mobile me2photo

  117. scarlet_cryssie said:

    wow, its been awhile since I posted in here …. anyway saw this clip Dara is one of the 100 Elle Girl Idol together w/ CL …. dont know how to translate it though

  118. nenmaroon said:


    Q Tell us one thing what fans don’t know about you?
    Dara: You know everything about us because of 2ne1 TV. we don’t have any secrets to you.

    Q There are other Korean Idols right now. Aside from Bigbang, are there any boy group you like?
    Dara: My favorite boy group is MBLAQ! Do you know Thunder?
    Bom: Bigbang
    CL : 1tym
    Minzy: Seven

    Q What is the differences between your Korean fans and Filipino fans?
    CL: we didn’t really can’t define yet but we are going tonight and we gonna have fun but you know, we are really welcomed yesterday at the airport and all fans are really fun and I love them.

    Q How involved are you in the creation of your music, your album, music video and even choreography of your performances?
    CL: we work on them all the time like giving ideas.

    Q What are you looking forward in the party tonight and are you excited to see the reaction of your Filipino blackjack fans?
    CL: I heard they are really energetic

    Q If ever there is a drama proposal here in Philippines will you accept it?
    Dara: We are willing to accept it but not right now because we are busy in our album.

    Q Dara, what food did you miss in the Philippines while you are away?
    Dara: Sinigang, Pinakbet, Sisig

    Q How bout your fans, because you are away in Philippines for a long time and everyone of us really miss you. do you miss them too?
    Dara: I still love them, the Parkers(name of Dara’s Fansclub before in the Philippines) they are still here. I am bit worried because maybe they already forget me.

    Q Did Sandara tell you about the Philippine?
    Translator: according to Bom and Minzy, they are excited to go to the Philippines because of Dara always share some stories about Philippines, about the foods, about her friends and sometimes Sandara’s friend send a package of food to Korea and they able to try those, and that’s why they are excited to go to Philippines.

    Q For Minzy, you are one of the best dancer in Korea, If you’ll be having a chance to have a dance showdown with anyone not from YG, who you are gonna having with?
    Minzy: Taeyang
    Translator: They said they are not expose to other arist except from YG.

    MC (Ms. Giselle Sanchez): I heard that you my blog once and you commented on it Dara. I wrote that Christian Bautista is also a part of front act together with me and he is very nervous that he may be booed by 2ne1 fans, I don’t think the Pinoy Blackjacks are like that right? So, what are your comment to Christian Bautista?
    Dara: I told him don’t worry because that won’t be happened since I, myself is a fan of Christian Bautista.

    The Press Con ended smoothly with questions prepared by sponsor medias. Dara’s answer always make everyone in the press conference burst into laughter.

    Note: some questions and 2ne1’s answer were already summarized; almost all the 2ne1 answer were not edited.

    Special thanks to Ms. Happee Sy of Pulp
    Written and covered by: Cyka @ Gokpop
    Chocoscopy @ Gokpop Philippines
    Gokpop Philippines Media Association
    Photos by Howell Santiago of

  119. Dara with some of her SCQ friends including JOSEPH.
    This was taken after party 🙂

  120. NYORA52 said:

    News about a recent tweet from Callalily’s vocalist, Kean Cipriano… Check this out..!/keancipriano
    ” If I get to see Sandara, I’ll
    be very happy..”

  121. lonely performance at ‘the party’


    the triumphant return of Sandara park..

    an article for her and 2ne1 before their concert tomorrow!

  123. apple_mango said:

    for those people who wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s rated k….this is the link for the rated k May 29, 2011 episode:


  124. hi! I uploaded a video. Rated K. May29,2011 Episode. KPOP Cut

  125. Link exchange? We’ve listed OhDara at our fansite blogroll.

    Korean Girl Groups


  126. tangerine_24 said:

    ei guys..heard this??? MR/G-Dragon Removed 😛 version of their latest CJ CF…she was actually rapping along with GD the whole time…

  127. jazanothergirl said:

    Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

    1. 2NE1 – “Lonely” – 14,753 Points

    2. Baek Ji Young – “Average” – 7,148 Points

    3. Sunny Hill – “Pit-a-pat” – 6,297 Points

    4. Im Jae Bum – “Love” – 5,708 Points

    5. SISTAR19 – “Ma Boy” – 5,532 Points

    6. B2ST – “On Rainy Days” – 5,257 Points

    7. B2ST – “Fiction” – 5,249 Points

    8. Park Jung Hyun – “I Hope It Can Be That Way Now” – 2,511 Points

    9. Park Bom – “Don’t Cry” – 2,395 Points

    10. Im Jeong Hee – “Golden Lady” (ft. HyunA of 4minute) – 2,332 Points

    Source: Instiz iChart

  128. Green Mango said:

    Classic lol funny & quirky Dara subbed cut from ST.
    Credits to koreanlover1fan1 in Youtube.

  129. Malapit na ang THE PARTY, june 4. Congrats phil. blackjacks.

  130. maldita27 said:

    CJ CF (feat. Dara, G-Dragon, PSY, John Park and Huh Gak)

    please watch this cute CF(comment had been edited. thank you)! 😀

  131. Dara’s ME2DAY update

    credits: /

    Original message:
    렌즈인줄 알았죠????? 이거 렌즈모양의 머그컵이지~~~롱!!! 히히히!!! 근디 많은분들이 맞추셨네요! 완젼 똑똑해!!!ㅠ.ㅠ 나중에 랙잭이들 만나게 되면 우리사진이 있는 니콘 화일을 선물로 주겟어요! ^_^ 그거 완전 귀여워요! 안파는거에요!ㅋㅋ득템!!!

    In English:

    It’s a lens glass, see????? It’s a lens shaped cup~~~!!! Hehehe!!! But it fooled a lot of people! Totally smart!!!ㅠ.ㅠ When we meet BlackJacks later, we’ll take pictures together with Nikon lenses and give some away! ^_^ They’re totally cute! I won’t sell it!ㅋㅋ Special item!!!

  132. daralover said:

    it a full performnce of romantic cat in yg concert 2010

  133. 1st read’s review of lonely from letsplay2ne1. there’s a part that says: Member Sandara often receives a lot of criticism for her weak vocal chops when compared to her bandmates, and rightfully so, but “Lonely” allows her soft ‘n’ sweet voice to really shine, offering a genuine fragile vulnerability to the song that the others would not be able to do in the same way.

    and while i’m at it: it’s just so sad that they only gave her a few lines 😦 they only have 4 songs to go. hope we get to hear much more of her, and with parts/lines that won’t earn her negative feedback from non-fans but very positive response.

  134. minzy tweets about dara

  135. justsomerandomguy said:

    Dara(?) was mentioned on Jaejoong’s tweet. Well it’s still unidentifiable if it’s really Dara’s name but I’ll share this one and have someone clarify the translation first before posting on the homepage:

    @6002theMicky 항상 사랑해유전아 항상 말했지? 형이 가슴으로 울고 웃을때 눈빛만 봐도 안다고? 그건… 우린… 난나를위해서산다라기보다 서로를위해서살아가야 할이유가 생긴 거라고 생각해… 너나준수… 그리고 준수 형의삶의이유마찬가지야…

    trans: @6002theMicky I always say I love you Yoochun-ah, don’t I? You say hyung knows when you’re crying from the heart or laughing just by looking at your eyes? That… We… I, for me, more than the spirit of Sandara, for each of us, i think there’s a reason to earn a living… You, me and Junsu… and…


    i’ll post my own one. TRANS FROM ME: Do I always said “I Love you Yoochun-ah?” Does hyung will know when you’re crying and laughing from your heart by just looking? That… We are… I, for me, think we should have a reason for living our life. Hyung, me or either Junsu…

  136. – a 2ne1 “lonely” cover contest!! lucky BJs who are creative & singers will get to meet them!!

  137. Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon a thailander actress looks like DARA~~~n_n

  138. MzXaseangurl said:

    Dara is mentioned @ 4:11 heheh as Thunder’s sister

  139. I don’t know admins if this can be post. But GODDESS DARA is mentioned in this article:

    The interesting part is Dara’s appearance in the video…She’s so cute and funny with her huge photo with Master Seungri plus her notes when she went to learn from him. Haha it’s really funny seeing her. It’s just a short appearance though at 0:28 in this video:


  140. mnemoncz said:

    guyz///im so xo xcited with this

    ….hope to see it soooooooon

  141. -3:47-

    P.O of Block B is on his cell phone a picture of DARA.
    and another member has DARA patterned socks.
    so cute.
    Block B loves DARA.

  142. “Block B fanboy over Dara” []
    I think it’s Po with the wallpaper and Zico with the socks. So cute.

  143. thanks for all the info, peeps ❤

  144. 2ne1doll said:
    2NE1 with Will.I.Am in Korea 😀

  145. have u posted shaun evaristo’s commercial reel: ? it has snippets of taeyang and se7en. 2ne1 too and starts with dara’s inag dance with ty @ 0:42.


    Here is a video of YG on air with English subs!:))

  147. daralover said:


    I enjoyed today ~!^.^ bundeuljung us today at ten minutes to get personal with Polaroid photos will be my ssainyidoen ~! Bomyang sajindu yeoljangiteoyo! Hehehe wayiji On Air! See you next time ~!!!^_^/ 6 hours ago
    me2mobile me2photo
    Me too 480 at 78

  148. suju21bang said: dara’s name plate~~ being 2NE1 Director~~ Tweeted by @OMG_sandara

  149. (latest) 2ne1’s concert in manila

  150. MzXaseangurl said:

    DARA working out !!!

  151. just saw this today. this is quite old. Cebu inmates dancing to Fire.

  152. Hi. I would like to ask something. I watched D’s photoshoot on WKorea (Girls and Roses) which was recently uploaded by RoyalAces on their Dailymotion page and I found out there that Dara was supposed to be shown in a drama and here role was a “thief”. Do you know what happened to that drama?

    • yup, Dara talked about a drama role in the Onstyle Meets 5 Beauties WKorea vid last year… but unfortunately, there was no news after that. 😦

      I hope she stars in a drama soon. Dara, hwaiting! 🙂

  153. Harvard Students Dance to 2NE1′s Can’t Nobody

  154. Kim Wan Sun likes 2NE1

  155. I made this love triangle video for DARAGON & TABISAN lovers:)

  156. the full clip of 2ne1’s adidas endorsement can be viewed in

  157. brennmac said:

  158. A new picture for her Aloha girl CF:)

  159. Mnet Idol Chat Show.. Dara is on Number 4..

  160. — dara predebut selcas

    • these pics just prove that she was all natural 🙂
      hahaha at her “sadako” pic 😀

  161. just accidentally saw an old music video where dara appeared. accdg to the one that posted it on fb, it was the last project of dara before she went back in korea. maybe some of you know this.

    • this is the first time i saw this music video with sandara. ^_^ she’s cute at the last part of the video a rock star girl.. hahaha thanks for sharing..

  162. SushiLuv said:

    2ne1’s “Go Away” becomes theme song to “Mezamashi News”

  163. 2ne1 yg concert

  164. love2ne1 said:

    eng sub Dara for Nikon

  165. 2NE1 Adidas Making Film 🙂

  166. 2NE1 Adidas Making Film 🙂



    JUNE 4, 2011 🙂

  169. please vote for 2ne1 in myyoutube..and yg family also..
    here’s how to vote:

  170. love2ne1 said:

    lollipop YGfam concert, you clearly hear DARA’s voice, So proud!

  171. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody English Version (Japan Release)
    Liking Dara’s new parts!! 🙂


    araneta coliseum concert seating plan arrangement… i find that lower box is the best place to seat and watch 2ne1 closely ^_^ the best seats for fancammers!!! wooohooo.. i’m so excited for the concert!!

    • pls…guys vote…we need your vote…

    • I was just about to “tip” this voting for Dara. Thanks for taking the initiative! Please help us guys!!! Dara needs MORE votes.

    • actually any SNSD member has strong fanbase because it’s multiplied by 9 members that’s why i dont really take online polls or any fanbase polls seriously. And besides kVIP’s and KBlackjacks are not really into online polls…But look what happened when it’s an actual or physical poll done by professionals or the public for that matter…Dalong always wins and beat Yoona so many times already………so i still believe that Dara is more famous and the best endorser compared to yoona.

  173.…8c248656b_1.jpg Someone named Cha Hong, was imitating a bunch of hairstyles and she did some like Dara

  174. love2ne1 said:

    making if 11st cf

  175. did dara filmed for CJ ?? 2 CFs was released , i think, it was yesterday.

  176. [11st CF] 2ne1 TvN interview


    Dara was all by herself in the hotel room when the earthquake happened??!D:

    • Green Mango said:

      Fact or fallacy?
      1. Hair + make-up being done for the group but not Dara?
      2. Phone lines did not work.
      3. Why is there no mention of someone going up to Dara to make sure she was fine? 34th floor is only 3 stories away from the 31st floor. If Dara was alone, the intense shaking of the building was about 5 to 10 minutes? Then Dara being alone panicking, shaking and crying after flying around the room immediately gets up when the building stops shaking and is able to find her way down the private staff stairs? Hotels have a private stairs for staff?
      4. CL had a schedule on the 12th in Korea? They were in Japan going full force for their debut. There was a big fanfare about them being there as a GROUP. CL having a schedule in Korea alone on the 12th after their debut on Japanese TV? Minzy and Dara had filming for the CJ CF separately that we all know.

      • from what i read in ygunited, dara’s makeup & hair was finished ahead of the others that’s why she went to another room (dunno where). i think it was still shaking when cl was the first to recover and called dara on the phone.

  178. 2ne1 won in myx musica awards 2011,
    best kpop music video!

  179. – 2ne1 at G20 Police Unison Event.

    you can find the other videos at the event on the users profile..

  180. dara at tweetbiz on GMA News Tv, Philippines

  181. 2ne1rock said:

    i was glad that 2ne1 is safe and okay…..i recently watch TVN idol match 1 which shows the biggest idol in Korea and it was Girls Generation vs. 2ne1.They talked about the comparison on how both group bring themselves at the top.and also the representation of each menber in the group.In GG Yoona being the beauty/Face of the group its because shes been in osmetic commercial and the jury explain about how smooth her skin and how small it is..In 2ne1 Dara being the Beauty of the group.They said that she is so pretty.She wears less make up and the way she talk and she act is very cute.All that she do is cute(kyopta).And they said that all the pretty girl envy her.Taecyon and park bom as vocals.Mini,ClSunny as the representatives becauseof their famous family members.Dara and cheundong With great genes siblings while jessica and her sister in fx in GG.

  182. darasmexy said:

    2ne1’s new 11st cf!

  183. dara updated her me2.. check it!

  184. 2ne1rock said:

    lets pray for d Japanese safety about the recent earthquake and tsunami…

  185. Oh no! an 8.9 quake just hits Japan! and the tsunami is so devastating. I hope 2ne1 and their staff are all fine

    Oh!…do the translation pls.

  187. another video of 2ne1 nikon…

  188. guys, keep voting for 2ne1 Go Away on Myx Awards 2011..

    if happened that u don’t know the artist. i think you can skip it and turn to page 3,

    Thanks! Nolja !

  189. iheartyg said:



  190. 110222 Mnet Wide 2030 – Which Planet Are You From [ENG]

  191. parkyfan said:

    Philippine Daily Inquirer’s interview with Dara

    Meeting Miss Dara
    By Stef Cabal

    • super thank you! <333

      we're not sure if we can repost the article here in ohdara due to the copyright reminders in the article. We tweeted it instead 🙂

      super thank you! the article is love <3333

  192. dara again!

  193. funny pics of dara!

    PH version!

  194. dara again here past career in the Phil.

  195. guys, this is a tribute i think,

    dara park friends here in the philipinnes..
    more photos here that i never see in all of her fansite!

  196. hope some1 can explain this chondoong ask bout his noona hehehe not sure

  197. Goddes D on Bigbang TV !!

    around 1:25 😀

  198. Guys, did you missed the Bigbang parody of SEcret Garden???

    i just saw this, hahah

  199. minzy shared a video on twitter feat, dara unnie and bommie unnie

  200. etude cf 90’s

  201. iheartyg said:

    [CAPS] Dara’s new cf video honors

    caps: by me

  202. paola medenilla said:

    hi! just wanna share a few Dara fan arts ^___^

  203. Making of Miss Tangerine

  204. from YGL.. fancam from the recent university event they attended..
    *gotta love Park sisters..@ around 1:40

  205. a funny and cute article~! kk about JoKwon (one of the kwon twins) and Dara having a couple glasses?!!

    I hope someone can translate this, ^^ I’m so curious. lol

  206. issahgannee said:

    The second MYX interview of Sandy or Dara..

  207. 2ne1 was mentioned in USA vogue magazine



  209. Id like to share my first Dara video—since im a daily fan to 2ne1 esp dara and Ohdara!!!

  210. MzXaseangurl said:

    2ne1 music played at the bg haha

  211. -I’m always watching this when bored..

  212. goddess dara on myx

  213. scarlet_cryssie said:

    Park Taewhan mentioned Sandara again in an interview

    ” Broadcasting live from the ideal 2ne1 LA night about the meeting, “I have met fans actually liked liked ragoyo, Sandara sister …. To be …” he smiles stretching. I really dislike her style, as opposed the concept of “free people, everything he knows only those who do not play M care,” he said”

    accdg to google translate

  214. Myx interview with Dara on Saturday (February 19) at 3:30 pm

  215. guys, i just found out that the Choreographers of YG mostly(or maybe all of them) are Filipinos. Cool… !

  216. mario maurer and Goddess D with the same MCM bag..stylish dalong!!!…keke…. and thats one expensive bag she got there…

  217. Shaun Evaristo, mentioned Dara on his interview. did anyone posted this already? i just found the vdeo over the net.

    He talks about Dara and how she’s more fluent in Tagalog than him (He’s Filipino that grew up in the states). good to hear that.

  218. memelovesdara said:

    Unseen 2NE1 Apps Pics

    Source: Baidu 2NE1 Bar

    she’s so pretty in the first pic. waaah

  219. i’m not sure if this is posted here already… this is a drama dara made during her stay in the philippines and this is about her life story…:

    just search on YT (sorry i don’t know how to embed vids here lol)
    type in sandara park mmk scrapbook [there are seven parts]

    hope you can post this here so that our fellow dara international fans would understand her even more…

  220. Dara’s me2day got 300,000+ subscribers. waa, she’s really popular. .

  221. magicallyinsane said:
  222. I’m not sure if it’s already posted here.. just saw it on youtube. Dara inside Big Brother house guesting in Philippines..

  223. 2:11 kevin mentioned dara unnie ^^

  224. dara’s famous hand pose in my princess: ep 10 or 11

  225. U-KISS’ Eli & Kevin reveal their ideal woman’s traits

    As usual, Kevin being so consistent..

    Snippet from the article:

    “When asked to choose a female celebrity that they’d like to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day, Eli and Kevin chose Hyun Young and 2NE1’s Dara, respectively.”

  226. scarlet_cryssie said:

    still in etude CF but dara with series of reporters

    source: cyworld and pink_mic from DC2ne1

  227. Green Mango said:

    Don`t know if these were already shared before. Karaoke versions of Dara`s tagalog songs. Miss her voice. 🙂

  228. just heard this. two of the Myx Vjs will fly to Korea (not sure if they’ll leave tom) to interview Dara (:

  229. Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG Entertainment
    Episode 04 featuring 2NE1. The group who choreographed 2NE1’s triple songs!

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