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Instagram: Sweet Dara is Excited to see “Blackjack Vietnam!”

Dara is wearing the conical hat that she got in Vietnam when 2NE1 had their AON concert there two years ago.. ^^ Fans said that the hat is CL’s, judging from the blue wrap (Dara’s was green). ^^ I really love how Dara takes care of the things that fans give, and how she makes sure we know that she uses and appreciates them.❤


See u soon Blackjack Vietnam!!! 😀👋🏻 #SandaraXPenshoppeVN


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Blog: Sweet Sandara Park Celebrates #7YearsWith2NE1 with Blackjack Nolza~ “Until We Come Back with Good Music, Please Stay Healthy”

Awww Dara..❤ We will wait until we can meet you and the girls on stage again! I choked on the “Until the day we come back with good music, please stay in good health” bit.. Ah, our Sandara!❤ Fighting, don’t lose faith, Blackjacks will always be right behind you.. Thank you also for the love, effort, talent, and heart that you’ve given for all of us..❤ 2NE1, Nolza!


To celebrate our 7th anniversary since debut, to reminisce on those days.
I took a photo with clothes and hairstyle at the time of debut, after a long time.
7 years, thank you for always cheering for us. And for being there always, we also want to last forever with BLACKJACK NOLZA.
Until the day we come back with good music, please stay in good health.

I want to meet you!!!
I love you!!!


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Instagram: 2NE1’s Fresh Vocal Sandara Park Celebrates #7YearsWith2NE1 with Debut Hairstyle + Outfit ~ “Thank You Blackjacks”

Dara trending #7YearsWith2NE1 with the fandom got me really emotional.. T_T And I love how she gave tribute to the group during the last Sugarman episode… T_T Dara-ya, we will continue to support 2NE1.. FIGHTING!❤




090517~ Thank you Blackjacks 🙏❤️❤️❤️ #7YearsWith2NE1


These days the fashion is frozen people, right?! ✌🏼☝🏻


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News/Official: Minzy Officially Leaves 2NE1 – Group to Continue with Three Members + YG’s Official Statement

YG’s Official Statement on 2NE1

This is YG Entertainment’s official statement on rumors about 2NE1’s breakup.

First of all, we would like to say we are sorry to announce this sad news to 2NE1’s fans who have been looking forward to the team’s comeback for such a long time.

YG Entertainment hereby officially announces that 2NE1’s youngest member MINZY will not be a member of the team any longer.

Before the termination of 2NE1’s contract with YG Entertainment on May 5, 2016, we had one-on-one interviews with every member from January this year, to explain YG’s intention to renew the contract and also our will to help 2NE1’s new leap forward. However, unfortunately, MINZY did not agree on that.

It is hard for anyone to say goodbye to a colleague that you have worked with for 11 years since the days of training. However, we also fully understand and respect the position of MINZY who went through a difficult time because of the sudden hiatus of the team two years ago, so we feel rather sorry than regrettable.

As MINZY decided to leave the team, the other members were worried about whether this meant dissolution of 2NE1. However, YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK met the other three members and expressed his strong will that he wants to keep 2NE1 no matter what and that he intends to overcome the difficulty together, so the contract with the three members was renewed and the new 2NE1 is now working on a new album targeted to be released in this summer. YG is not considering any new member to replace MINZY.

2NE1 is a Korean girl band in the seventh year since their debut, who has held a world tour concert. Not only Korean fans but also fans worldwide are waiting for their new songs and comeback.

It seems to be hard to maintain a girl band longer than seven years, when considering the environment in not only the music scene of Korea but also the music industry of the world, because it is almost impossible without overcoming all those crisis and difficulties.

After their hiatus due to the unfortunate incident two years ago, 2NE1 is now faced another crisis with one member leaving the team, but we will do our best to overcome it again.

That is YG and 2NE1’s strong resolution and promise for fans who have long trusted and waited for 2NE1’s music. 2NE1 will come back with the most original 2NE1 music.

Thank you.

2016. 04. 05.


Instagram+Twitter: Park Sister Dara, Leadah CL, and Stylist Greets Spring Goddess Park Bom a Very Happy Birthday~ “Happy ‘B’ Day!”

Our Dara and CL, greeting Bommie-unnie on her birthday despite knowing that they might take flack for doing so.. Seriously, Knetz, move on and leave Bommie alone.. TT

Happy birthday to our spring Goddess, Bommie-unnie!❤ I cannot wait for the day when you will stand by your sisters’ sides again to perform as 2NE1. Fighting!❤


To all who have birthday today~ Happy Birthday!!! Happy “B”day 😆🎉🎊🎂🎁


+happybirthday BOM:))))))+



*At the right polaroid photo: It seems like Dara gave the set of moonshot cushions to Bom as a bday gift!😁


+happybomday:) sending you so much love miss you guys+


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Instagram: Supportive Hoobae Dara Watches iKON’s Concert with Minzy~ “If you Miss it, You Might Regret it”

Supportive Dara!❤ And I’m so happy to see Minzy there too!❤ Hmm, why do I have the feeling that Bom watched the concert with them as well?😄 Anyways, congratulations to 2NE1’s dongsaengs, iKON for their successful concert!❤ Fighting fighting ya ya ya!❤ By the way, Dara’s caption is Bobby’s parts in Rhythm TA.. ^^


We came to see iKON’s concert~~
What’re you doing? Hurry and nod your head!!! Uh!!!
This isn’t a chance that comes every day!!!
If you miss it, you might regret it!
You’ll regret regretting it!
If you don’t wanna regret Don’t regret!
The things you’re gonna regret before you regret it!!! Argh~!!!


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Instagram: Cutie “Fan” Dara Shows her Love for the 2NE1 “Unnies”~ “I Also Love You, Blackjacks!”

LOLOL why’d you call the girls unnies?!😄 But yeah, you could totally pass off as maknae with Minzy..😄 We miss you and we love you too!❤


I love you unnies~ 😘  I also love you Blackjacks~!!!

언니들 사랑해요~ 😘 블랙잭도 사랑해요~!!!

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Photos: 151202 HQ/HD Fantaken Pics of Amazing, Fierce 2NE1 for MAMA 2015 Surprise Performance












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Videos: 151202 Awesome Fancams of Queens 2NE1 Totally Slaying the MAMA 2015 in Hong Kong Stage

Fancams, fancams, fancams!❤ Do you guys know how long it has been since I’ve watched fresh fancams? Kekeke!😄 Before when 2NE1 was active, I’d skip some fancams, but now I’m watching all the fancams and drowning in all the feels..❤ Our queens slayed the MAMA 2015 stage, we better watch out for their comeback..❤

More more more below!


Photos: 151202 Stunning, Intense, Sexy Dara Pours her Heart Out with CL, Bom, and Minzy for MAMA 2015 Performance

DARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! She looked so freaking awesome last night! Like, seriously, look at those ABS, like dang girl!❤ And I loved her hairstyle, the high pony suited her!❤ I missed 2NE1 Dara so much, and I know that as much as we fans missed her perform fiercely like this on stage, no one missed it more than Dara herself.. She’s a born performer and she loves the stage and the performing and the audience and the singing and the dancing, so I’m super glad that she’s back on there with CL, Bom, and Minzy..❤ I’m still so pumped up, I want to cry.. Keke!😄

Anyways, we’ll surely see more of Actress Park Sandara and MC Sandara Park soon! So right now, let’s cherish our Singer 2NE1’s Dara!❤





Oh so sassy and gorgeous!❤





That S Line though!!!! LOOK. AT. THIS..




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