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Instagram: Dara – “Yesterday, I wanted to thank the people who came for “One Step” VIP Premiere… I was touched…”

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Photos: 170329 Sandara Park with YG Family, Artists and Guests at the VIP Premiere of “One Step” in Seoul

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+Congratulationz on your movie debut dara rabbit+

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Photos: 150805 More Pictures of Stylish, Chic Dara and Jinu at “Miss Wife” VIP Movie Premiere

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Photos: 150805 More Fantaken and Press Photos of Chic, Fashionable Sandara Park and Jinu at “Miss Wife” Premiere

Pretty, pretty Sandara Park! ❤ I love her fashion! ^^ It’s really hot in Korea right now, so I hope she wasn’t stifling in her jacket.. But she looked awesome and I love it! ^_^ I can’t wait to see her attend her own movie premiere.. ❤



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