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Translation: Knetz Comments on Sandara Park and P.O. who got Drunk in the Atmosphere



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Translation: Knetz Comments on Insolent Housemates Sandara and P.O. Talking about Their Worries



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Translation: Henry and Sangwoo Called and Asks YG why Sandara Hadn’t Release an Album

The challenge was for Henry and Sangwook to help “SeMoBang members about the things they can’t comfortably say to someone~


Dara: For me, it’s Sajangnim. I want to say “Give me album” but that is not easy.

Henry: Noona…. I’ll help you

Henry: Ok, I’ll do it. Why am i so nervous

Sangwook: There’s a possibility he’ll not answer too

Henry: /Dara was even more nervous than the two men but during their first try, it was “the person you’re calling is busy”/😂

Henry:/ confidence…. until the end -2nd try- . . ./

YG: Hello?

Henry: Hi, Mr Yang? I’m Henry, Do you know me?

YG: Yes, Nice to meet you.

Henry: Are you really Yang Sajangnim?~

YG: Yes.

Henry: Nice to meet you… We’ll, I’m not really that glad.. I’m Sorry.. No.. First of all, Thank you for accepting the call 😂😂😂

Sangwoo: Dara wants to say something but we’re speaking for her instead. Why didn’t Dara release an album in the past 3 years?



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Translation: Sandara and P.O who are Drunk by the Atmosphere Tune in on MBC tonight at 9.50 PM!

P.O: Do you not have worries, noona?

Dara: I’m worried about doing the things people want, the things that suits me.

Dara: After the group disbandment, I feel like i have been wandering alot.

Dara: Instead of doing the things i want, i did those which people think suits me the most. Compare to before, I am not that happy.

Dara: so now, i want to do the things i want before it’s too late. Since i might not be able to do them again as i age.



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Translation: Insolent Housemates Sandara Park, P.O. and Jo Seho Tarot Reading Result



Tarot reader: First of all you have lots of confidence (in dating)

Dara: ofcourse

TR: You’re always popular (to men)

Seho: That’s true



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Translation: ‘Produce 101’ Justin Adorably Confessed that He is a Fan of Get It Beauty MC Sandara Park


[TRANS] The 4 MCs + 2 stylists will team up with the 6 Produce 101 members for a make-up battle. Dara’s parter is Justin from Yuehua Ent.





Another Fan Boy on the dara list! So cute~~




Source: Naver

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News: Insolent Housemates Sandara Park and P.O. had a Tarot Reading Card Result + Knetz Comments


[OSEN = Park Sang-seok] ‘There is no room for a dull domestic stay’ Sandara Park and Pio were able to see their compatibility with Tarot. Sandara Park – Jo Se-ho – Pio visited the Taro shop while going out to the Yeonnam-dong and Hongdae outings, and got to see the compatibility of the two people by pairing two people. Sandara Park-Pio is making a spectacular look with a surprised result of the results of the two people’s tarot. 

MBC Star Real variety live broadcasts today (4 days) ‘Variety living together is empty’ (directed by Choi Yoon-jung), Sandra Park – Jo Se-ho-Pyo will see a tarot spot together. 

The conflicting images of Pio and Sandarabak who are listening to the results of the tarot’s chemistry in the public photos robbed their eyes. While Pio is red-eyed and gums full-bodied smiles, Sandarabak shows a trifling expression of surprising expression, a serious expression, and embarrassing laughter. 

According to the production crew, Sandara Bak and Pio carefully watched the tarot cards, and the Taro practitioner who first checked their cards made them amazed by saying, “You want to see your sister for a long time.” Is a message.Pio is not aware of the embarrassment of the shadows, and he keeps a look on Sandarabak ‘s mind, and Sandara Park has also expressed his doubt that he can not believe it. 

In addition, Sandara Park has seen his affection and luck, but it has been revealed that “all of Sandara Park’s love affair” that has not been revealed anywhere through the mouth of the tarotologist has been revealed. 

Sandara Park – Pio ‘s astonishing results with the results of the marathon and Sandara Park – Jo Se – ho – Pio’ s exciting Yeonnam – dong – Hongdae outings can be confirmed through .



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Translation: Sandara Park’s Profile for “All Boradcasting in The World”



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Translation: “Insolent Housemates” Korean Netizens Comment about Dara and Block B’s P.O.

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Twitter/Instagram: Cute Dara Shows Her Fruit-net-style for Summer

Ailee also left a comment on her instagram! ^_^

“Unnie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Before zooming the pic, I thought your sunglass is made out of foil ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅋ”

Translated by: @WeLoveDara

Source: @krungy21 + daraxxi@instagram