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Translation: Dara’s Interview for Marie Claire Hong Kong



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Photos: Sandara Park for “One Step” Press Conference and Preview at Lotte Cinema!

[PHOTO] Press photo thread! Dara for “One Step” press conference and preview at Lotte Cinema!

Sandara Park, “Happy to work in a musical movie

Dara: “I readily agreed to the movie when I saw it was a musical, without putting much worry into it…But when I delved into the script, I found it hard to get into the character who suffered from synesthesia, so I worried

Dara: “ I thought it would be easy, as I was dealing with music, but I ended up working twice as hard

“Sandara Park, transformed into a spring maiden who shines at the cinema”

“Sandara Park, beautiful spring goddess who greets everyone as an actress”

Dara: “I know that I still lack in so many things, but I hope you will continue to support me.”

Dara: “ In the future, I hope to show more sides of myself as a singer and also as an actress as well

Dara: “I’m nervous because it’s my first movie as the lead actress. But I’m more excited than scared.”

More of “lovely, white angel” Sandara Park at “One Step” press conference and preview!

Director Jeon Jae Hong praised Sandara Park! He said, “Working with Sandara Park was a lot of fun! I think she’s a great actress.”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “Sandara Park memorized her lines perfectly. I was surprised that she didn’t make an NG during the shoot!”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “Sandara Park is the best rookie actor I’ve worked with.”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “Because we always work with the camera from a full shot to a close-up it’s difficult for rookie actors to catch up. But she did it well.”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “I personally want to see Sandara Park pursue acting more. I think she would do well.”

Actor Han Jae-Suk: “Sandara Park was very kind and considerate. She made our fellow actors feel comfortable.”

Sandara Park: “I always went to the studio to practice singing the songs (for One Step). It was a different genre, so it was hard.”

Sandara Park: “I did a lot of vocal recording. It seemed like the genre and style of “ONE STEP” songs matched well with me a lot

Sandara Park: “The sound was cleaner and clearer, so it was able to take advantage of my voice’s strong points. I practiced a lot.

DARA: “I gave up guitar in favor of practicing how to play drums. However, I hurriedly practiced guitar again because of a scene“.


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Line Diary: 170308 Tired and Cold Dara Wearing Her Fashion Training Clothes and Slippers



Source: Dara’s Line Diary

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Instagram: Dara Savors Mouthwatering Foods


eating while filming also🍴


I can eat sashimi & sushi 🍣


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Instagram: Beautiful Sandara Park Spends Sweet Moments with Long-Time Friends

Dara makes good friends with several people and works at their relationship so that it lasts a long time.. ^^


Making memories with everyone👭👭👭👭👭 Thank you very much~~~💕#LadyFriends #Eugene #SeoYoung #Solbi #ChaYeRyun #Sandara #Eunji #EunjungUnnie #GeumMi #Choa #ThankYou💕


10-year friends #Bada #SandaraPark #ChoiSungJoon #Fighting


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Instagram: Get It Beauty Shares a Video of a “Heroine with Crazy Proportions”

Dara really has crazy proportions, like a Barbie doll! She’s really petite, but because her proportions are good, you’ll never know that she isn’t tall just by looking at pics.. ^^

A heroine with crazy proportions arrived at Get It Beauty filming site?!🤔 Even her back is , pretty back explosion ..💖 #CrazyProportions #PrettyBack #BarbieDoll #ThisMustBeHowItFeelsPlayingWithDolls #BackGoddess #TruthfullyShesAGoddessInFrontToo #GetItBeauty2017 #NewMC #HouseOfBeauty #CoDdict #BeautItem   #BEAUTY #COSMETIC #MAKEUP #KBEAUTY #SANDARAPARK

This is what they were filming! Dara looks so fresh and cute!



Source: getitbeautytv + @choinoir

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Articles/News: Snippets of Sandara Park’s Heart-Warming, Honest Thoughts on JTBC’s “Talking Street”




Sandara Park described the disbandment of 2NE1 as “only for a moment.” She said, “We have best friends that are closer than family when we were in middle school and high school. But when graduation comes, it’s inevitable that we have to say good-bye and part ways. These days, I have thoughts like that. I have to part with the members who are like family for a while.”

She continued, “Now I’m standing alone as Sandara Park, please listen as I tell my story.”


At the time she joined YG Entertaniment, the agency recommended that Sandara Park go into acting, but she had a clear dream of becoming a ‘singer.’ However, she had an identity crisis shortly after joining the group, which was originally planned to debut with three members only. Looking at the members with CL‘s matchless rap style, Park Bom‘s unique vocals, and Minzy‘s powerful dance skills, Sandara Park thought, “I’m going to be 2NE1’s kkakdugi.” (T/N: kkagdugi is literally Cubed Radish Kimchi, but it can also be slang for someone extra or a supplementary)

When Sandara Park’s self-esteem and confidence was lessening bit by bit, it was Park Bom who was the first to reach out. Sandara Park said, “Bommie came up to me and told me, ‘Without you, there would be no 2NE1’ and gave me comfort,” she continued, “Since then I’ve tried to always think positively.”

Sandara Park said, “I was thinking only about becoming like chicken too, then I decided, ‘I must become like chicken mu,'” (T/N: chicken mu is Korean Pickled Radish and it’s a complimentary side dish to Korean fried chicken). She continued, “The members have different colors, like different parts of fried chicken, so I thought that I’d become the chicken mu that is refreshing and sweet. I think it’s great to always think positively.”

Sandara Park who was afraid to stand alone, delivered a brilliant talk busking while firmly standing by herself. Beyond the tough situation of today, Sandara Park was able to stand firmly because of the encouragement she received not only from her fellow 2NE1 members but also from other members of YG Family.


When one citizen who was at the busking asked Sandara Park how she endured her difficulties, she replied, “The people around me are really important. There was a time during YG Family Concert that Gummy told me, ‘I love listening to your voice,’ and it cheered me up a lot. On the other hand, Taeyang said, ‘I wish noona would think more positively,’ and he showed his sincere worry. ”

Also, CL‘s words to Sandara Park when she showed anxiety and a lack of confidence on stage drew attention as well. Sandara Park shared, “CL asked me, ‘Do you want to go on stage? Because you could. You’re good at this unnie.”


On standing by herself, “I was afraid. I didn’t want to be separated from the members. I was also worried about what I could do on my own.” She continued, “I hope that each one of us would grow well in our own individual paths after 2NE1. Until now, we’ve made good memories together and I’ll cherish them forever. I hope that we can all meet again someday, I’m excited for that,” she said.

Sanndara Park also said, “My first golden days was when I was doing activities in the Philippines, my second golden days was when I decided to come back to Korea and did activities as part of 2NE1, and I’m going to work hard on achieving my third golden days now that I’ve turned over a blank page once again.”


Sandara Park revealed that before her debut, her agency’s sajangnim, Yang Hyun Suk always gave her negative comments during evaluation. But after Sandara Park’s successful debut with 2NE1, Yang Hyun Suk told her that she was the most hard-working person among the members and that she was a “friend who made the impossible, possible.” Sandara Park said that because she had such a hard time in the past, Yang Hyun Suk’s positive comments became more touching.


DARA: 2NE1 is like a puzzle and only when the four people are there can the whole picture be seen, personally I’ll wait for that time.

DARA: (while looking at her orange mic) I think I’ll always be orange. In 2NE1 I think I was the orange color. Although the color orange isn’t sexy, but it is bright and fresh.


Sources: 1 2 3

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Instagram: Sweet Sandara Park Thanks the Sunbaes from whom she Learned a Lot from in JTBC’s “Talking Street” ~ “Please Don’t Be Worried!”

Sweet, sweet Sandara Park is always sweet and grateful to everyone who comes her way and in anything that she does.. ❤ Can’t wait for the broadcast tonight! ❤


HaHeeYeol (T/N: combination of Haha and Yoo Hee Yeol’s names) 👋🏻 I listened and learned a lot from the good talk that all the sunbaenims made. I was looking back at my history for the past 12 years and I was able to tell you about my burdens, but now I’ve changed into having a positive outlook, so please don’t be anxious or worried. 👍🏻 I hope that one day, someone who heard my talk today would be inspired to work hard and gain strength  🙏🏻  PS: Originally, I wasn’t planning on wearing this… But when I got out of the car, the open air was so cold that I decided to wear it^^;; 🙈



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Instagram: Sweet Dara Shares Dadoong’s Cute “Good Night” Kiss

다둥이가 뽀뽀해줄테니 잘자래요^_^ goodnight mwah 😺💤

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Dadoongie is giving us a kiss good night^_^ goodnight mwah 😺💤


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Twitter: Nervous Dara Gathers up her Courage to have a “Talk Busking” with Blackjacks ~ “For Everyone who Wants to Listen to my Story”

Dara, I hope that your genuine and pure heart will shine through the talk busking today.. T_T This is for a show, I think. JTBC’s “Talking Street” hosted by Yoo Hee-Yeol and Haha.. I really hope that she does well and is able to connect with the Blackjacks who will go.. TT


Today, I…  am going to try and talk with everyone. I’m not good at conversations at all, but I gathered up all my courage to do a talk busking today. For all the people who want to listen to my story, please come to main entrance of Hongdae at 4PM 🙏🏻  I don’t think I’ve had a conversation with Blackjacks like this after all this time, I’m so nervous..😓



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