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Translations: English Translation of Sandara Park for JTBC4’s Mimi Shop – Episodes 1-4


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Instagram: (_juuuuhyun) – Get It Beauty’s Final Filming


 Get Beau final filming!
Good job everyone, you’ve been through a lot😭😭
I’ve learned a lot of things and been thankful to Get It Beauty for it! I really won’t forget the memories *cries*😭 Since it’s the final recording it was nice that we took a picture with the MC unnies, I love you💕 See you again!!
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Video: Sandara Park Congratulates GDragon on Finishing His M.O.T.T.E. World Tour


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Twitter: 171011 Trans – The video for G-Bus TV broadcast which i filmed during SeMoBang is really being played on bus!!! 😮😆 Wow!!! I want to see it~~~





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Translation: CL asking Dara to see the Aurora but Dara’s worried about their schedules.


CL: Unnie, let’s go and see the Aurora

Dara: All of a sudden? I dont think that’s possible (if it’s unplanned/ sudden like that)

Dara said its sad bcs usually people can take a break/ have a vacation when they feel like they need healing time, but her job isnt very convenient to have sudden trips whenever they feel like it. Even if they have planned in advance, they could have sudden change of schedules.


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News: An Aspiring Idol, Chosen MC Sandara Park as her Mentor in Get It Beauty Episode


With so many people aspiring to be a K-pop idol, it is hard enough to be accepted into an audition and become a trainee. Imagine looking up to your favorite K-pop idol, starting training, then getting into a car accident, injuring your legs, and the doctor telling you not to dance.


This is what happened to Hwang Jung Hyun, a girl who shared her story on August 23 episode of OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty 2017” beauty bucket list special. After hearing her story, Sandara Park, a co-host of the show, surprised the aspiring idol and became her mentor for seven hours.


Many K-pop fans are now quite familiar with YG Entertainment’s famous dance practice room, where we have swooned over the perfect choreography of our favorite YG artists. Sandara Park was kind enough to take the aspiring idol to YG Entertainment headquarters, ask YG choreographer Kim Hee Jung for pointers, do her makeup, and help her film her new audition tape in the infamous YG dance practice room.


Sandara Park even arranged a surprise video message from DIA member Ki Heehyun, who used to practice with the aspiring idol.



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Translation: Knetz Comments on Sandara Park and P.O. who got Drunk in the Atmosphere



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Translation: Knetz Comments on Insolent Housemates Sandara and P.O. Talking about Their Worries



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Translation: Henry and Sangwoo Called and Asks YG why Sandara Hadn’t Release an Album

The challenge was for Henry and Sangwook to help “SeMoBang members about the things they can’t comfortably say to someone~


Dara: For me, it’s Sajangnim. I want to say “Give me album” but that is not easy.

Henry: Noona…. I’ll help you

Henry: Ok, I’ll do it. Why am i so nervous

Sangwook: There’s a possibility he’ll not answer too

Henry: /Dara was even more nervous than the two men but during their first try, it was “the person you’re calling is busy”/😂

Henry:/ confidence…. until the end -2nd try- . . ./

YG: Hello?

Henry: Hi, Mr Yang? I’m Henry, Do you know me?

YG: Yes, Nice to meet you.

Henry: Are you really Yang Sajangnim?~

YG: Yes.

Henry: Nice to meet you… We’ll, I’m not really that glad.. I’m Sorry.. No.. First of all, Thank you for accepting the call 😂😂😂

Sangwoo: Dara wants to say something but we’re speaking for her instead. Why didn’t Dara release an album in the past 3 years?



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Translation: Sandara and P.O who are Drunk by the Atmosphere Tune in on MBC tonight at 9.50 PM!

P.O: Do you not have worries, noona?

Dara: I’m worried about doing the things people want, the things that suits me.

Dara: After the group disbandment, I feel like i have been wandering alot.

Dara: Instead of doing the things i want, i did those which people think suits me the most. Compare to before, I am not that happy.

Dara: so now, i want to do the things i want before it’s too late. Since i might not be able to do them again as i age.



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