The challenge was for Henry and Sangwook to help “SeMoBang members about the things they can’t comfortably say to someone~


Dara: For me, it’s Sajangnim. I want to say “Give me album” but that is not easy.

Henry: Noona…. I’ll help you

Henry: Ok, I’ll do it. Why am i so nervous

Sangwook: There’s a possibility he’ll not answer too

Henry: /Dara was even more nervous than the two men but during their first try, it was “the person you’re calling is busy”/😂

Henry:/ confidence…. until the end -2nd try- . . ./

YG: Hello?

Henry: Hi, Mr Yang? I’m Henry, Do you know me?

YG: Yes, Nice to meet you.

Henry: Are you really Yang Sajangnim?~

YG: Yes.

Henry: Nice to meet you… We’ll, I’m not really that glad.. I’m Sorry.. No.. First of all, Thank you for accepting the call 😂😂😂

Sangwoo: Dara wants to say something but we’re speaking for her instead. Why didn’t Dara release an album in the past 3 years?



Source: MBC entertainment

Translation: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded By; OhDara

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