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Twitter + Instagram: 151018 – Playful Sandara Park Tries out different Picture Filters



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Instagram + Twitter: 141018 – Sandara Park with her Dongsaeng Daesung!


Dongsaeng whom I really miss so much~ manly and cool’s private first class Kang Daesung 😀👊🏻 At .. 💕 Igija!!!


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Photo + Videos: Gorgeous Sandara Park Grace the Crowd with Her Overflowing Charisma While Performing at Igija Festival


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Twitter + Instagram: 141018 – Sandara Park Hot and Sexy for Igija Festival Performance



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Twitter: 141018 – Sandara Park Excitedly Arrived at Igija Festival!


Arrived!!! *heart beating* 💕


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News: 121018 – Sandara Park to attend a Military Festival to Support Bigbang’s Daesung


Sandara Park is going to attend a military festival to support BIGBANG’s Daesung, who’s currently serving in the military.

The festival, which is hosted by 27th Infantry Division “LET’S WIN”, is held in Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province from October 11-14, and Daesung who has been stationed at the Infantry Division participates in the festival, of course. And Seo Eun Kwang of BTOB, who was recently stationed at the Infantry Division, participates in the festival too. The festival has a variety of events such as talent shows and cheerleading performance.

The most notable thing about the festival is that three female idol teams will be invited on the last day of the festival. The three are DIA, WANNA.B and, yeah, Sandara Park.

By the way, as you know, DIA and WANNA.B are not big name stars. And actually, Big name stars usually don’t attend such a festival. It’s not a big festival, and it’s not profitable for big name stars.

However, yeah, Sandara Park, who had been at the very top of the world of k-pop as a member of 2NE1, decided to attend the festival to support her label mate Daesung. The kind-hearted idol star readily accepted Daesung’s invitation even though it takes about 2 hours from Seoul to Hwacheon County. It’s a beautiful friendship, isn’t it? I hope Daesung and his fellow soldiers will be cheered by the beautiful idol star like a vitamin.


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News: 121018 – Sandara Park will be Performing at Igija Festival’s “Igija’s Night” on October 14, 5:30-6:50PM KST.



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News: 081018 – Sandara Park Joins the Cast of MBC Real Men 300 Line Up


In the early morning on October 8, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jung Hyun, GAMST, Sandara Park, and MOMOLAND’s JooE entered the Special Warfare Training School in Gwangju of Gyeonggi Province.

As done by the previous celebrities on “Real Men 300,” the new members will go through rigorous training and evaluations in order to become one of the “300 warriors.”“Real Men 300” airs every Friday at 9:55 p.m. KST.


I never thought she’d join such show. I guess Dara is really breaking the image of the people about her. She’s Stronger than what we might thought! fighting Dara!


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Twitter + Instagram: Sandara Park and CL Spent Wonderful Time together in Paris!


#loversinparis🇫🇷 😘😘😘



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Photo + Video: 290918 – Fantaken Pictures and Videos of Sandara Park spotted at the Thom Browne New York Paris Fashion Week Show SS19



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