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Information: Tim Yap mentioned that him and Dara are excited for their trip! They are most probably going to Boracay! <3



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Info: Dara to Join Taeyang in Thailand for YG Republique Bangkok – Free Special Dinner After Concert at 3Geori Butcher’s?

Information: English Subtitle Get It Beauty Episode With BI, One and Mino.



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Information: Sandara Park and Thunder will be in Manila next week for tvN Asia’s One Night Food Trip – International Edition Press Conference

Sandara Park and Thunder will be in Manila next week for tvN Asia’s One Night Food Trip – International Edition Press Conference.

The show will team up Korean and local stars for a 48-hour gourmet frenzy with a simple mission – “EAT, PLAY, and COMPETE”.

Each celebrity pair will travel to two separate destinations in the Philippines to complete as many missions as possible involving local delicacies, culture and attractions.



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Information: G-Dragon 2017 World Tour in KUALA LUMPUR – Welcome our Special Guest SANDARA PARK !




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Information: Knetz Comments on Insolent Housemates Sandara Park picking Up P.O.



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Video: “All Broadcasting in the World” Preview – The First Meeting of the MCs

As previously reported, Sandara Park has joined the cast of MBC’s variety show, “All Broadcasting in the World”. 

Here’s an excerpt of what the show is about:

What does it take to create reality shows in Korea and other countries? Your favorite Korean music idols, celebrities and television personalities go behind the scenes to find out how broadcasters around the world stage and film their reality shows. Whether it’s going fishing or attending a seniors’ dance class, your favorite celebrities join in on the filming to experience what it takes to put a broadcast show together. See the hilarious on-the-scene antics in the making of a reality show while a panel of veteran Korean comedians provide their own commentary back in the comforts of a studio!

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Official/News: DaraTV is Finally on Youtube! Come and Subscribe! Share! Like! Comment!


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Information: Dara to Star in a New Vampire Movie – “The Last Night of the Year” 107년째 밤?

Yes! It looks like our Darong will be starring in a new movie and guess what the concept photos show? It’s going to be a vampire movie! Will our dreams finally come true?

We have been seeing posts regarding Movie 107년째 밤 for a while now. This can be translated to “The Last Night of the Year”. Recently, the Director/Writer of the movie, Won Jun Lee updated his instagram saying that he is now starting new work with Actress Sandara Park. Judging from his instagram, we can see some concept photos of movie 107년째 밤 and it looks like it is going to be a vampire movie. We believe that this is a YG/YGKPlus movie production with most of the staff and actor/actresses coming from YGKPlus. From our research, we believe the actors/actresses in the movie, while unconfirmed, are Sandara Park, Kang Seunghyun, Kim Hee Jeong, Lee Seung Mi, Kang Hui, and Lee Se A. While we don’t have a lot of information about the upcoming movie, we are truly excited for it.

While still not confirmed 100%, check out the tweets and instagram posts below!

Are you guys as excited as us?

“Start of a new work. With “Actress Sandara”. #Actress #SandaraPark #Movie #actor #movie #dara #sandarapark

Movie 107년째 밤 main characters Sandara Park and Model Kang Seunghyun-nim stretching

Click the link below for concept photos/drawings!


News: VIVA Internationals Pictures Congratulates TeamDaraPH’s Successful Block Screening of One Step Movie at Gateway Cineplex Last May 13, 2017

VIVA: Congratulations for the success of the One Step Block Screening! #OneStep NOW SHOWING in cinemas nationwide!.


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