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Information: Dara to Star in a New Vampire Movie – “The Last Night of the Year” 107년째 밤?

Yes! It looks like our Darong will be starring in a new movie and guess what the concept photos show? It’s going to be a vampire movie! Will our dreams finally come true?

We have been seeing posts regarding Movie 107년째 밤 for a while now. This can be translated to “The Last Night of the Year”. Recently, the Director/Writer of the movie, Won Jun Lee updated his instagram saying that he is now starting new work with Actress Sandara Park. Judging from his instagram, we can see some concept photos of movie 107년째 밤 and it looks like it is going to be a vampire movie. We believe that this is a YG/YGKPlus movie production with most of the staff and actor/actresses coming from YGKPlus. From our research, we believe the actors/actresses in the movie, while unconfirmed, are Sandara Park, Kang Seunghyun, Kim Hee Jeong, Lee Seung Mi, Kang Hui, and Lee Se A. While we don’t have a lot of information about the upcoming movie, we are truly excited for it.

While still not confirmed 100%, check out the tweets and instagram posts below!

Are you guys as excited as us?

“Start of a new work. With “Actress Sandara”. #Actress #SandaraPark #Movie #actor #movie #dara #sandarapark

Movie 107년째 밤 main characters Sandara Park and Model Kang Seunghyun-nim stretching

Click the link below for concept photos/drawings!


News: VIVA Internationals Pictures Congratulates TeamDaraPH’s Successful Block Screening of One Step Movie at Gateway Cineplex Last May 13, 2017

VIVA: Congratulations for the success of the One Step Block Screening! #OneStep NOW SHOWING in cinemas nationwide!.


Source: VIVA Internationals Picture.

Credit to Pics: Parkers Republic

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INFO: Sweet Dara Picked-Up CL at the Airport as she Arrived From Hong Kong!

Sweet Dara Picked Up CL from the airport as she arrived coming from Hong Kong after the Amfer charity event she had attend and performed at.


Source: chaelincl

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Instagram: Sweet Dara Left a comment on CL’s Instagram post


TRANS ” I Miss You”


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Instagram: Mino of WINNER Tagged Dara For 2018 Coke Torch Relay Challenge

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games next is 👉daraxxi


Source:  @realllllmino

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Photos / Official: Adorable Penshoppe Ambassadors Sandara Park and Mario Maurer Will Go Places This Summer


Sandara and Mario will go places this summer! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 👫



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Info: Sandara Park is Nominated for Best Actress in “KWeb Fest 2016” + 5 Nominations in Total for “Missing Korea”



Yaayyy! Our Dara has been nominated for the second year in a row for “Best Actress” in KWeb Fest! ❤ I’m so proud and happy! We’re hoping for the best for our goddess Dara! I hope that she takes home the crown, literally! ❤ 



Congratulations also to the “Missing Korea” team for their 5 nominations in KWeb Fest! 


Let’s all hope for the best! ❤


Source: KWeb Fest

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Info/Photos/Video: Park Sandara Joins YG Entertainment Actors and Actresses on Newly Launched “YG Stage”

So basically, YG Stage is YGE’s special platform for their actors and actresses.. 






She looks so so so gorgeous and I just want to cry happy tears.. TT______________TT Our actress Dara in bloom!!! ❤



Her profile on the website:

Park Sandara: As one of 2NE1’s vocals, her radiant and diverse charms earn her a lot of love. Sandara Park has received the nickname of 2NE1’s Public Relations Director, due to her constant communications and active updates for the fans; her charming and refreshing image also garners many love calls for various CFs.


Check out YG Stage’s website! 

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Info/Official: Naver TV Cast Releases Official Broadcast Schedules for Web Drama, “Dr. Ian”

Official broadcast schedules! Episodes 1 and 2 on Sunday (10:30PM, KST), Episodes 3-5 on March 30 – April 1 (12:00MN, KST), and Episodes 6-9 on April 5-8 (12:00MN, KST).. ^^ Make sure you convert the KST time zone to your country’s zones, okay? ^^ Let’s all watch out and support our goddess Dara! ^_^


Broadcast starts on 2015.03.29
Starring Pinocchio’s Kim Young Kwang, 2NE1’s Sandara Park as lead roles in web drama <Dr. Ian>

3/29 (Sunday), first broadcast at 10:30PM, with episodes 1~2 consecutively showing!

Immediately afterwards, on the 30th (Monday), 31st (Tuesday), and April 1st (Wednesday), at 0:00 midnight, episodes 3~5 will be broadcasted

On 4/5 (Sunday), 4/6 (Monday), 4/7 (Tuesday), 4/8 (Wednesday), at midnight, episodes 6~9 will be revealed

Web drama directed by Kwon Hyuk Chan of Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and Master’s Sun fame


Source: Dr. Ian Naver TVCast

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Info: 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” Tops Billboard’s “World Digital Songs” Chart

LMAO, IDK what this is, but I’m happy 2NE1’s “IATB” is there and sitting prettily at number 1! ^_^


Credits: Billboard Biz