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Photos: Naver Releases Behind the Scenes Pictures of Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon for “Pygmalion”

Okay but Dara looks so gorgeous in this photoshoot, like, just look at her! TT And the clothes.. I despaired upon seeing the clothes, but she pulled them off very well..❤





And of course, selca/selfie queen can’t resist taking a cute, funny picture! ^^


Beautiful.. I really love how they went about with the shoot.. The location is lovely, Dara and Seungyoon’s chemistry is no joke.. 












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Video+HQ Screencaps: Park Sandara X Kang Seungyoon – “Pygmalion” Behind the Scenes



Credits: YG STAGE

HD Screencaps of enchanting, gorgeous goddess Sandara Park!











Caps by: WeLoveDara/OhDara

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Photos/Official: Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon Show Off their Chemistry for YG Stage X LVMH Kenzo Collab Project ~ “PYGMALION”

SANDARA PARK IS STUNNING! I had my doubts when I saw the clothes from yesterday’s SNOW video, but Dara pulled them off with much aplomb and elegance!❤ I love the way she rocked each picture.. TT

Okay, so the concept of the shoot is “Pygmalion.” Now, if you’re familiar with mythology, Pygmalion was the name of a young sculpture, who fell in love with a beautiful and realistic statue that he himself made. He prayed to the goddess Aphrodite to give him a bride that is “the living likeness of my ivory girl.” And he went home, kissed his statue, and was surprised that she became a real person. ^^

With regards to this concept, I think that Kang Seungyoon is Pygmalion, and Dara is his beautiful and realistic statue, Galatea. In pictures, Seungyoon is looking at Dara but she doesn’t look at him. Her gaze is turned, not focusing on Seungyoon or the camera in most pictures. Her pose are also more statue-like..😄






Sources: YG Stage Website + YG Stage Instagram

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Article/Feature: “Meet the New K-Pop Star Making Waves on the Front Row” ~ Vogue Features Sandara Park in MFW

Meet the New K-Pop Star Making Waves on the Front Row


Let’s get one thing straight: CL is not the only fashionable member of 2NE1. As bombastic as the K-pop star’s style is, her bandmates give her a run for her money when it comes to putting together cool, attention-grabbing looks, and the fashion world is starting to take notice. Case in point? This morning, Sandara “Dara” Park, the group’s resident multitasker, joined the front row at Fendi alongside such stars as Serena Williams and Ellie Goulding. As singer, model, host, actress, and Instagram sensation, Park is one of the most prominent celebrities in Korea. She has been able to make an impact on-screen and online with both her style and genre-defying career.

First appearing on the scene back in 2004 as a contestant on the popular reality competition show Star Circle Quest, Park’s talents earned her a fan base so big that producers gave her acting roles in movies and television—ones that were naturally hits. Park released hit singles in the Philippines years prior to 2NE1’s debut, thereby reversing the traditional girl-band narrative by becoming a household name before she joined a group. While Park’s distinctive pop vocals are a key component to her success, what truly has pushed her to the top is her personality. CL might have that baddest female title on lock, but Park’s effortless cool, willingness to be funny—her hilarious social updates are almost as famous as she is—and dedication to her fans has allowed her to seem like the pop idol next door.

Her vibe may be chill, but Park takes her fashion very seriously. It isn’t enough to just be cute; she consistently pulls together outfits that mix the best in insider labels. She has a soft spot for the streetwise aesthetic that has dominated the shows lately, but only its sweetest incarnations. She’s got the prerequisiteVetements hoodies, Off-White sweatshirts, and Saint Laurent bomber jackets, but they’re in pastel tones—plus she wears them with neon pink Timberlands. Difficult to find gems like 99%IS’s 10 Corso Como Seoul exclusive coat or Gosha Rubchinskiy’s sold-out beanies get mixed in with limited-edition Supreme or the latest heavyweight chain from Ambush. Even when she dolls up in a Thom Browne miniskirt or a lacy dress from Versus Versace, she’s one step ahead of the curve. On Instagram, where she frequently posts outfit updates for her millions of followers, she’s known for taking her share of risks. She thrilled her fans recently with the new strawberry blonde hairstyle she donned in Milan, where she stepped out for a touristy trip to the Duomo. With her prim appearance at Fendi in a striped dress from the Fall collection and matching Dotcom bag, it’s clear she has stepped into high fashion’s big leagues, and her presence is more than welcome. With even more hair colors, skate merch, and designer goods to try on and test out, it’s only a matter of time before Park is setting trends on the runway.

Credits: Vogue

Check out the other pics that Vogue included in their article!


News: Sandara Park X Kang Seungyoon Model for YG’s Monumental “Artistic” Photo Shoot

Sandara Park X Kang Seungyoon Model for YG’s Monumental “Artistic” Photo Shoot


SANDARA PARK and KANG SEUNGYOON stepped up as heroine and hero for YG’s monumental pictorial shoot.

On the evening of the 27th, SANDARA and KANG SEUNGYOON made a surprise reveal of their photo shoot by posting a video of them at the shoot via ‘LIVESTORY’ featuring of ‘SNOW’, a communication app.

In the video, the two show their fun and mischevous sides, filling the clip with their explosive wits, and lead the shoot on a happy vibe.

However, the two became more serious than ever as the actual shoot began. The glimpses of their chic and lofty shoot, which can be seen in the behind the scenes clip, only heighten the excitement for the pictorial.

Previously on the 26th, YG has gathered much attention as it revealed its first collaboration project with LVMH. The teaser images released at the time concealed the identity of the models and merely showed parts of their body, intriguing the public.

This project photo shoot features the 2016 F/W collection of ‘KENZO,’ a fashion brnad owned by LVMH. For the photoshoot, KENZO itself has flew in collection samples that are not available in Korea, from various countries including France and Singapore. From the internationally reknowned photographer Ok Jinhyuk, to the creative team, cinematography, hair, makeup, to styling, some of the best hands in the entertainment business came together for the photo shoot.

YG Creative Director said that they produced results of elevated consummation by approaching the photo shoot in a more artistic angle than that is often taken in the entertainment industry. YG also explained that “as this photo shoot will be revealed not only through Koreana press, but also through diverse foreign media that paid great attention from preparation to execution, aiming to create an art piece rather than a photo shoot.” LVMH also could not hide its satisfaction that “the unprecedented collaboration between a luxury brand and UYG that boasts exceptional creative capabilities, has produced results that have never been seen.”

The main contents of the photo shoot of SANDARA PARK and KANG SEUNGYOON will be divided into two parts, the first will be revealed on midnight of the 27th of September, and the second at midnight of the 29th, on the YG STAGE site and its official SNS account. The collaboration of two bold characters, YG and KENZO, has been expressed under the theme, “PYGMALION.”

PYGMALION” is a sculptor in Greek mythology who falls in love with his own sculpture. In pyschology, the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to performance is called the “Pygmalion Effect,” after the mythological figure.


Source: YG Stage

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Photos: 160924 Sandara Parks Rocks Edgy, All-Black Fashion at the Front Row of Diesel Gold Black 2017 Show in MFW16

Oh hello thereeee gorgeous!❤ From her classy, romantic style for Fendi, to her trendy, funky style for Moschino, Dara donned a totally different style for DIESEL Gold Black 2017 show. ^^ She wore an edgy, all-black attire, with knee high boots and rainbow-colored hair in a high pony tail.. ^^ I love her red lipstick too, it added a pop of color to her black ouffit…❤ This might just be my favorite look of hers for MFW.. How about you? ^^






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Photos: 160923 Fantaken Pics of Sweet Sandara Park in Front of their Hotel in Milan

So this was taken on the 23rd too.. It might be when they arrived at the hotel.. ^^






Photos: 160923 Funky, Trendy Sandara Park Enthralls at Moschino MFW Show Front Row

From chic, romantic lady style for Fendi to trendy, funky style for Moschino just a few hours after the Fendi show!❤ Love how Dara is like a chameleon. .^^ I did figure that she’d come to support Moschino, as the girls are all good friends with Jeremy Scott and I’m sure that Dara would have wanted to show her support as well..❤ I 








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Photos: 160923 Fantaken Pics of Adorable Tourist Dara at Duomo di Milano After Fendi Show

After the Fendi show, Dara went to Duomo di Milano! A few fans saw her and were able to take photos of and with her. ^__^







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Photos: 160923 Fashionable Sandara Park Makes a Splash at the Front Row of Fendi’s Milan Fashion Week Show

Dara looks stunning!❤ For her first front-row show in Milan Fashion Week, Dara wore a fashionable, expensive piece from the Fendi runway, the “Fendi Cold-Shoulder Wavy-Striped Belted Midi Dress” and priced at $3800 on Fendi’s online store.. But further searches on online shops put it at PHP 396,465.00 retail. O_O 

Anways, while I am not a very big fan of her dress, but I love her over-all styling! It’s stylish, chic, and high-fashion. I love the earrings paired with the simple black pumps. Her red clutch, also from Fendi, also provided a pop of color as well. .^^ And her hair! I think we’ve all agreed that we love her new hairstyle..😄