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Video+Trans: 160727 Pretty “Choding Taste” Sandara Park Guests on “Wednesday Food Talk” ~ It’s All About that Buckwheat Noodles!

Dara’s Cuts for Wednesday Food Talk

Some translations:

Dara: I’m a loyal customer of YG cafeteria.

Dara: I’m a kind of person who gets energy on foods to work so I eat my lunch, dinner, and midnight snack as well

Dara: There is a mailbox where you can write and send your concerns. People wrote that the food was too salty and spicy

Dara: They reduced the salt and the taste changed. It’s still good but… I could get in trouble for saying this. *laughs*

Dara: Ah but the food there is very delicious and I guess YG is just concerned for the workers health as well!*laughs*

Hyunmoo: I met a person who has exactly same taste like me, Sandara Park who has elementary kid’s kind of taste (choding taste)!

Shin Dongyup: Do you like Buckwheat noodles?

Dara: Buckwheat noodles taste is hard for a person who has elementary kid’s taste like me, before I thought it comes with Donkatsu. I’ve never eaten it as the main dish.

Hyunmoo: That’s right! You felt like it’s a side dish.

Dara: I had eaten naengmyeon before the chewy kind and I almost died choking on it coz it was not thoroughly boiled but I must live so I struggled hard to live. That is why I prefer the easy to chew noodles now.

Shin Dongyup: You must have really suffered from that.

Dara: I think the people in this area only know the song~ *Dara, Hyunmoo, and the guy singing iKon- Ideal type*

Dara: I want to put a lot of seasonings to what I eat. Its Korean Style~

Shin Dongyup: You have unique taste.
Dara: There was a time when I ate out and someone asked if I want to put more seasonings so I ended up putting it all!

Dongyup: You really still have a kid’s kind of taste.

Dara: I want to put a lot of seasonings to what I eat. Its Korean Style~

Shin Dongyup: You have unique taste.

Dara: There was a time when I ate out and someone asked if I want to put more seasonings so I ended up putting it all!

Dongyup: You really still have a kid’s kind of taste.


Source: krungFV

Translated by: officialwelovedara + OhDara

Article: Sandara Park on the Cover of L’Officiel Singapore

Sandara Park On the Cover of L’Officiel Singapore

The August 2016 edition of L’OFFICIEL Singapore turns the spotlight on identity, heritage, culture and all things Asian.


South Korean hyperstar Sandara Park takes the lead in this month’s edition of L’Officiel Singapore. The bona fide entertainer – the 2NE1 member has a whopping 4.2 million followers on Instagram and has reigned supreme in music, television and film – fronts the magazine in a stunning cover and fashion editorial shot by Joel Low, and reveals a layer of sensitivity and seriousness seldom seen by the public.

Take a note or two from Asia’s brightest and most celebrated architects as a guide to making the coolest sartorial choices now, see how our favourite fashion designers have looked to (and still scour) the East for inspiration, and witness the glory of Chinese couturier Guo Pei’s stunningly realised creations. Plus, join Manila-born photographer Chuck Reyes as he captures five of the biggest next-gen Asian models on the streets of New York, garbed in this season’s comfiest togs.

In the lifestyle section, designer Jarrod Lim opens up about Crystalline, his collaboration with Royal Selangor, while the L’Officiel Singapore team explores cool spaces in Asia (including the cool relaunched K+ Curatorial Space at Scotts Square), delves into the growth of Christian art in Asia since the 13th century in an eye-opening exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum, and heads up to a little piece of paradise in Phuket that has seen the likes of G-Dragon, Snoop Dogg and Rita Ora.

“Is Orientalism pastiche or homage? And do we subconsciously expect Asian designers to downplay cultural codes so as to achieve an ‘international’ aesthetic, or do we celebrate their birthright to reference their heritage and culture? This issue we proudly do the latter,” says Grace Tay, Managing Editor of L’Officiel Singapore. “Join us as we celebrate Asia.”

Credits: L’Officiel Singapore

Instagram: Funky Dara Shows her “Summer’s Christmas” Fashion ~ “An Angel with a Beautiful Heart”

I really like how Primo always calls Dara “angel” and always commends her for her beautiful heart..❤


A summer’s Christmas 🎄  @primo_jordan 😀🙏🏻

Primo re-uploaded her photo and added a new picture in the collage.. ^^


An angel with a really beautiful heart 👼🏼
#Dara jjang~❤️
✔️#ChristmasUpTempo 🙌


Sources: daraxxi + primo_jordan

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Instagram: Primo Jordan Shares a Cute Composite Picture of “Christmas Up Tempo” Dara

Dara’s fashion is as unique as her..😄 If i wore something like this, I’d look extremely foolish, but hey, it’s Dara, and she can pull off anything..❤ I wonder if that Primo photoshoot in Singapore was true or just a rumor or a misunderstanding? O_O


Prettiest #Dara Jjang❣

Wearing this prettily coming today as well😀 Whatever shoes she wears she looks pretty in all though☝️

✔️#ChristmasUptempo 👍 –



Source:@primo_jordan on IG

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translated by: WeLoveDara


Twitter: Pinoy Boyband Superstar’s Lui Andrada Share a Warm Snapshot of the Group and Dara at Samgeori Butchers

Forgot to upload this yesterday, but another pic of the group at Samgeori butchers!❤


Thank you very much YGEntertainment for the delicious Korean lunch!



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Videos: HQ Behind-The-Scenes Look at Sandara Park X L’Officiel Singapore

Gorgeous Sandara Park is gorgeous indeed!❤ Dara is a divine goddess, no matter the wigs, the styles, or anything, her beauty (both inner and outer) will always shine through.❤

Sandara Park x L’Officiel Singapore – behind the scenes

Dara divine! Catch Sandara Park on the cover of L’Officiel Singapore’s August 2016 issue, wearing Kenzo Fall Winter 2016.

Sandara Park X L’Officiel Singapore – Cat Cuteness

Pure purrfection captured. Sandara Park, aka Dara, wears her tiger stripes proudly courtesy of Kenzo, while hanging out with Bengal cats on the set of L’Officiel Singapore’s August 2016 shoot.

L’Officiel Singapore August 2016 cover shoot: Behind the scenes with Sandara Park

Kitties join K-pop hyperstar Sandara Park, aka Dara, on the set of her L’Officiel Singapore’s cover shoot (she’s wearing Kenzo Fall Winter 2016) for the magazine’s August 2016 issue.

L’Officiel Singapore August 2016 cover shoot: Behind the scenes with Sandara Park

K-pop hyperstar Sandara Park, aka Dara, addresses her Filipino fans after her L’Officiel Singapore’s cover shoot (she’s wearing Kenzo Fall Winter 2016) for the magazine’s August 2016 issue.

Credits: L’OFFICIEL Singapore


Feature: L’Officiel Shares Behind-The-Scenes Snapshots with Sandara Park ~ The “Charmer with her Contagious Smile and Charismatic Demeanour”

Behind-the-Scenes With Sandara Park

The 2NE1 member Sandara Park dazzles both on screen and off – watch as she works the camera in this behind-the-scenes video.

You’ve seen Dara hanging out with her feline friends, now we take you behind the scenes of L’Officiel Singapore’s exclusive photoshoot with the Korean superstar, who was every bit the charmer with her contagious smile and charismatic demeanour.

Follow L’Officiel Singapore on Instagram and visit L’ for more snippets of Dara’s shoot and keep a look out for her full spread in August’s print issue.

Line: Sweet Sandara Park Updates Blackjacks on her Busy August Schedule ~ “Time Flies Really Fast!”

Dara is so nice, she wants to keep fans updated in whichever way she can.. I’m so happy with her diaries..❤


Aww… I’m really busy this August?!

It’s been so long since I’ve been busy like this. Mostly because of overseas schedule so I must stay physically fit!!! 💪🏻 and it makes my heart flutter~

Nowadays thanks to most advertisements I do for overseas or around Asia, I get to go out a lot to film and go to fanmeetings. It was like a blessing coz it made a lot of opportunities for me to meet Blackjacks~^^

But at times this August there are several overlaps in my schedule so it’s really.. like in the past when we had to attend tours I can’t unpack at all. I must pack foodstuffs as well! Like cup ramyeon, goma kimchi, kanjjampong, gochuchamji, gochujangbokkum and so on~!!! woohoot ✌🏻️

I should get used to this ^_^v But I can eat local foodstuffs like this by putting one pack each… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

On early month of August I have to go to Vietnam for a fanmeet.. after AON tour which was 2 years ago already. Woah.. Time is really fast ㅠㅠ Vietnam fans are really~~~ passionate so I look forward on meeting them again >.< And I have to film for this and that~

Then meet with Korean Blackjacks again, I’ll be guesting a lot on korean programs so watch out~ ㅎㅎㅎ I will have recording for each one~ I’m also sad because unlike Sugar Man you can’t see me every week.. That’s it~ 😭

Hmm~ Ah and I have recording for a Philippine Audition Program from end of August~ while going back and forth I want to receive inspiration. It will be a good opportunity for me as well. 👊🏻 I’ll do more deep conversation with you soon~ ✏️ Good night! 😴😴😴


My childish taste on Wednesday Food Talk aka Cutie Food Talk trip. This is not my own delicious food, but it was fun in it’s own way. ^_^


Source: Dara’s Line Diary

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translated by: WeLoveDara

Twitter: YG PR Director Sandara Park Welcomes Pinoy Boy Band Superstar Team to Korea

Dara took the Pinoy Boy Band Superstar team to Samgyeori Butchers!❤ Spreading the YG love! ^^


Welcome to Korea @BoybandPH family!!! See u soon!!! 😀👋🏻



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 160728 Pinoy Boyband Superstar Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of their Shoot in Korea with “Superstar” Judge Sandara Park

The Pinoy Boyband Superstar team flew all the way to Korea to film and “get to know” Sandara Park, one of their “superstar” judges for the upcoming show! I think they’re shooting for the opening sequences of the show to introduce it and the judges.. ^^ And that certainly looks like it was shot in one of YG Entertainment’s practice rooms. Right? ^^ FIGHTING! Can’t wait for this! Dara seems to be so excited for this because it’s the first time that she’ll be going as judge, so she’s super hyped up..❤




Source:  +  + luiandrada IG

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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