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Article: Sandara Park will appear JTBC’s New Trend Life Channel Entertainment Program ‘Me-me Shop’ First broadcast on 25 April, Wednesday, 8:30pm


Article: 180309 – Oh Yeon Seo, revealed she got an Invitation to do the Famous “DARA TOUR” with Sandara Park!


In an interview with Joy News 24 Korea, Cheese in the Trap star Oh Yeon Seo reveals that she got an invitation to do the famous “DARA TOUR” with Sandara Park.



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Article: Netflix & YG Entertainment To Launch A New Sitcom-Variety Show. Sandara Park Likely To Guest On The Show!


On Thursday, 22 February, Netflix, together with a South Korean talent management agency, YG Entertainment, announced the launch of a Netflix original sitcom series, “YG Future Strategy Office (YG FSO).”

YG FSO will feature YG artists including Seungri of K-pop idol group Big Bang, Yoo Byung-jae of SNL Korea fame and Lee Jae-jin of idol group Sechs Kies. Other artists from YG Entertainment such as Sandara Park, Winner, iKON, and Blackpink are expected to appear on the show as guest stars.

“YG FSO features Seungri as the head of YG’s newly formed department, The Future Strategy Office, where many of YG’s troublemakers have been sent. The sitcom series will follow Seungri and his team of misfits as they work to regain their place in the company,” says Netflix in its statement.

YG Entertainment’s Park Joon-soo, director of YG FSO series, expressed his excitement for the show: “We are ambitiously introducing the new show YG FSO and are looking forward to it being introduced in 190 countries around the world. We plan on introducing more quality entertainment content that many people can enjoy.”

“We are excited to team up with YG Entertainment and Seungri of BIGBANG to introduce YG FSO,” said Erik Barmack, Vice President of International Original Series at Netflix. “We will continue to bring great Korean content for our viewers around the world to enjoy.”

The eight-episode series broadcast date is yet to be announced.



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Article: TENASIA: Sandara Park on Being a “‘Get It Beauty’ MC, It’s a Precious Experience I Wouldn’t Change”




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1. Top 2018 goal

Seems like Dara will be granting the number one wish of her fans by next year—a solo album is in the works! “My first priority is the album,” Sandara tells Super. “I’m focusing on recording and collecting songs.”

2. The most-awaited solo album

OK, calm down, Blackjacks— that’s not even the best part! Sandara also reveals she already has five tracks done and she has been working on her first-ever solo album since summer this year. “Nakakatawa, I started working on my album this summer, the first songs pa- discodisco pa. Tapos, biglang winter na, sabi ko sa producer ko gusto ko naman ng mga sad songs. Sabi niya lang sakin: HA?” OMG, we’ll be expecting a good mix of tracks from this album then!

Trans: its so funny, I started working on my album this summer, the 1st song is disco type. Then suddenly its winter, i told my producer that I like to have some sad songs. He/She said: Ha?

3. Dream music collaboration

“Ang ideal na collaboration ko is with a rapper— ang dami nila sa YG! Maybe I can get them onboard,

tapos kakanta ako,” she says. Sandara also reveals that she’s hoping it’s an acoustic track! We just hope she will collaborate with YG’s newest artist ONE.

Trans:Dream music collaboration “My ideal collaboration is with a rapper— a lot of them in YG! Maybe I can get them onboard, then I will sing,” she says. Sandara also reveals that she’s hoping it’s an acoustic track! We just hope she will collaborate with YG’s newest artist ONE.

4. Dara TV’s next vlogs

Whenever Sandara mentions she’s now a YouTuber in her Dara TV vlogs, she always says it in disbelief. “Syempre hindi pa ako ’yung professional na vlogger, but it’s really fun! You just need one camera and you shoot whatever you want and it already becomes one episode,” Dara says.

Trans: Of course im not a professional vlogger yet, but it’s realky fun! You just need one camera and you shoot whatever you want and it already becomes one episode,” Dara says.

She says she is the talent, director, producer of her own vlogs, but always credits the amazing Dara TV team for their amazing cuts and edits. Next on Dara TV are vlogs on her recent birthday celebration, Boracay trip with Seungri of BigBang, covers of songs (which includes OPM hits), and her favorite Seoul restaurants. One of Super’s suggestions is her skincare routine, but Dara reveals there’s nothing special about it as she only does three to four steps of the famed 10step Korean skincare regimen.

5. Your 2018 Valentine’s Day movie

She finished shooting “Cheese In The Trap” last July. You’ll finally get to see DaraHae (her tandem with Park Hae-jin) on the big screen in February 2018— we just hope it shows in Philippine cinemas, too!

6. Latest K-drama obsession

Dara loves rom-coms. She recently just finished watching “Temperature of Love” and says she would probably do well playing similar characters of the drama’s lead female role.

7. Manila vs Seoul

“Mas alam ko ang Manila kaysa sa Seoul, sa totoo lang,” Sandara reveals. She can’t suggest her top Seoul spots, but she says you must eat spicy rice cakes on the streets and Korean-style ribs! She also promises to make a vlog on the best Seoul restaurants soon.

Trans: Manila vs Seoul Actually, i know more about Manila than Seoul ,” Sandara reveals. She can’t suggest her top Seoul spots, but she says you must eat spicy rice cakes on the streets and Korean-style ribs! She also promises to make a vlog on the best Seoul restaurants soon.

8. Food stops

Our friends from Penshoppe reveal that apart from her usual Jollibee and Gerry’s Grill food runs, Dara loves Potato Corner, too! Don’t you just love it when you share something similar with your idol?

9. What to expect if a #PenshoppeXDara collection comes out

“Krung-krung ako pero I love simple clothes. I’m obsessed with white shirts! I want to draw on plain white ( and maybe black) shirts. Gustung-gusto ko ’yung ‘Different is good’ ng Penshoppe tapos I’ll add different drawings and written phrases,” Sandara says. We’ll definitely be waiting for those shirts to hit the racks!

Trans: I am Krung-krung but I love simple clothes. I’m obsessed with white shirts! I want to draw on plain white (and maybe black) shirts. I really really like Penshoppe’s “Different is good” then i’ll add different drawings and written phrases,” Sandara says. We’ll definitely be waiting for those shirts to hit the racks!

10. Favorite Penshoppe 2017 Holiday Collection pieces

If you haven’t noticed yet, Sandara’s current Penshoppe favorites are its old school hoodies —she even wore the one on her flight going to Manila! But what’s not to love about these holiday warmers? They’re cozy, simple, with just a touch of color.


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Article: Sandara Park is Worth the Wait! Some Blackjacks Shared Their Story on Why Sandara Park is Worth The Wait!


Sandara Park is still how we came to know her: cute, funny and honest

Since Penshoppe Presents Dara was announced on social media, Sandara fans and Blackjacks alike had marked their calendars for the much-awaited fan meeting. There was only one place to be on the first day of December—the Kia Theater in Quezon City.

It seemed like an ordinary day for the rest of Manila, but at the entrance of this Cubao theater, fans of all ages (some even required mommy’s supervision), patiently queued hours before the event.

One of them was Roxanne Sergio, who came as early as 4:30 a.m. to line up. She was the first one at the venue, and she has the fast jeep ride from Antipolo City to Cubao to thank.

This 21-year-old has been a fan of Sandara Park since her Star Circle Quest days.

This is the first time she’s seeing her idol in the flesh, she said, courtesy of the recent purchase she made of a pair of denim jeans and Sandara’s current favorite, the white Penshoppe hoodie.

“Tiwala naman ako sa voice niya, even if she is performing alone. I hope she sings the classic 2NE1 songs because I’m sure they arranged it to fit her voice, and I can’t wait to hear that,” Roxanne told Super.

It’s the first time Dara performs 2NE1 songs alone on stage —Photos by Vinz Lamorena

She ended up with a much deserved front-row seat, and can even see herself from the photo Sandara posted after the fan meet. Patience is indeed a virtue.

Some of Sandara’s fans came straight from their classes that day, too. A pair of college Accounting sophomores started their school day at 6:15 a.m., and after five classes, they rushed to the Kia Theater.

“We still listen to 2NE1 songs everyday, and today we’ll get to scream like there’s no tomorrow,” Kianna Villareal and Shannen Laforteza said. While in line, the girls gushed about Dara’s chemistry with Bigbang’s G-Dragon, and ranted about the artist’s online bashers.

“Don’t let yourself get affected by the mean things they say,” they told Dara.

These two girls, can’t imagine ending their long day (and starting the month of December) any other way—and we can’t blame them. Sandara Park, even without the rest of the 2NE1 gang, was worth the long wait.

“That night was a real flashback Friday night for all Blackjacks. It left me with such good vibes that will keep me smiling til the end of the month,” Roxanne shared after the concert.

The earlybird-slash-fangirl also came up with a message to her idol using the night’s setlist (brace yourself for some cheesiness): “DO YOU LOVE ME as a Blackjack? Because you lit up the FIRE in my heart. Maybe IT HURTS not to see the other members onstage but you proved ‘I AM THE BEST.’ The Blackjacks, including myself, will always be GOOD TO YOU—and CL, Bom and Minzy. We’re MISSING YOU already,” she said.

As she carried the same message of every fan in that theater that night. This young girl only had one hope—that, maybe, Sandara will be able to read it.

Sandara has been used to the spotlight being in showbiz since her teenage years.

She let out heavy sighs as each song finished, not really because of exhaustion. But with every track, she was conscious that time was ticking away.

She didn’t want to leave that stage—and no one in the crowd wanted her to.

Sandara told the Blackjacks that singing and dancing to live music kept her alive. It’s what she wants to do the most. Not only could they hear the sincerity in her cracking voice, they felt it.

She then sang “Can’t Nobody” and “Go Away,” and it was when the audience sang the loudest.

She closed with “I Am The Best” for her encore and it spoke volumes.

It was ultimately an empowering reminder for herself as she ventures on to the proverbial new chapter of life. And there was nothing like an eager crowd to help this artist realize that she is the best as she does the best that she can.

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Article: Sandara Park Lives In The Spotlight Penshoppe Presents Dara was Nothing Short of ‘Krung-Grabe’


A few hours before Sandara Park’s awaited Penshoppe fan meet at the Kia Theater, the local fashion powerhouse’s brand director, Jeff Bascon, enters the waiting room.

“I’m so excited for this!” is his greeting.

“I’m such a fan of Dara and watching her rehearse these past three days, I realized why they’re called superstars in the first place,” Jeff says.

No one in that room had any doubts that the former “fresh vocals” of girl group 2NE1 can pull of a show on her own.

She beams brightly the second the lights reveal her on stage. Sandara knows how to start a show with the fierce and upbeat medley of “Fire” and “Do You Love Me.” And yes, of course, they love her.

As Sandara’s Blackjack fans coin it, the opening act of their favorite “krung-krung” (or crazy person) is nothing short of “krung-grabe.”

Sandara prepared her own versions of 2NE1’s hits, and she was to perform them with new choreographs, too. It’s her first time singing these songs without the help of Bom, Minzy and CL, and she tells her fans how much she misses all the girls.

The K-pop sensation then slows it down with some ballads that are accompanied by guitar strings. A lover of acoustic versions herself, the singer says the night is due for some “hugot” songs, each dedicated to the 2NE1 fans.

She sang “Missing You,” “Good To You” and “It Hurts” in a melodramatic mood. Sandara also tells Super her favorite song to perform live is “Gotta Be You” as it is 2NE1’s ultimate composition for their fans. However, she is unable to sing it on Penshoppe Presents Dara as the track has whole verses of rap.

Sandara’s reappearance on stage came with heart-shaped balloons and the surprising number of “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso.” She taught the crowd her finger heart moves for this number, and everyone had their hands in the air.


It was the cutest number you’ll see a K-pop star perform, and it spells out the theme of the evening: candid, hilarious, pure fun and intimate.

As she performs this adorable number, Sandara wears her favorite outfit of the night—the white Penshoppe hoodie that’s part of the 2017 Holiday Collection. She pairs it with a cream belt that highlights her enviable figure.

The performer also makes this old school piece unique by having the hoodie band slightly distressed, with a huge rip on the right side. (We know what we’re doing next with our white hoodies and a pair of scissors.)

“Gusto ko sana mag-perform ng songs ni Ms. Regine, kaso na-realize ko hindi ako birit queen. ’Dun lang ako sa cute-cute at pa-krung-krung,” Sandara tells the crowd and making them laugh.

This superstar also admits that her humor is very much Filipino, and she shares that it’s actually difficult for her to come off as funny whenever she guests at Korean variety shows.

The audience teases her to sing her previous hits “In or Out” and “Walang Sabit.” Sandara shrugs them off and jokes: “Wala ’yun sa setlist eh! ’Di ako prepared at mature na ako.”

She is the main act, the singer, the dancer, the entertainer, the audience’s choreographer and her own show’s host—the only star of that stage.

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Article: Sandara Park reclaims the stage in KPop Musical Treat for Fans!


DARA. The Kpop star continues to wow local fans over a decade after getting her big break in the Philippines. All photos by Martin San Diego/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Lights, music, and fans filled up the Kia Theatre on December 1, 2017 as Sandara Park reclaimed her rightful place on the stage in one-night only mini-concert, Penshoppe Presents: Dara.

Since her debut on Philippine television in the early ‘00s by way of the first iteration of Star Circle Quest, Sandara has enjoyed a highly successful career in the country, both in film and music. Over the decades she’s branched out and launched an equally successful presence in South Korea as an actress, as well as a singer in the now-defunct, legendary KPop quartet, 2ne1.


AGELESS. Sandara Park looks as youthful as ever in ensembles by Penshoppe, of which she is a brand ambassador.

It’s difficult to imagine that the bubbly, fresh-faced girl who’s graced the small and silver screens – as well as multiple stages around the world – has recently turned 33, but Sandara proves that age is nothing but a number when you’ve got the personality of the Pambansang KrungKrung ng Pilipinas and the larger-than-life presence of KPop idol Dara – not to mention flawless skin that sets beauty trends.


LOYAL. The crowd goes wild for Sandara Park.

Known for her youthful looks as well as her edgy and daring sense of fashion (can anyone forget her side-shaved hairstyle in 2012, or that gravity-defying ponytail in 2009’s “Lollipop” music video?), it’s no wonder that she’s been an international ambassador for global fashion brand Penshoppe since 2015. Two years later, Sandara proves that she’s still every bit as iconic as she takes the stage to electric performances, and that her fanbase, lovingly dubbed Blackjacks, are as supportive as ever.

Penshoppe presents Sandara Park concert

‘KRUNG KRUNG.’ Sandara shares her playful energy with the audience.

Garbed in elevated streetwear (thigh-high black boots, a tastefully deconstructed red jacket over a black top; a stylishly ripped white shirt over white long-sleeves cinched at the waist with a white belt; and later a white and blue striped polo shirt with fishnets and paired with adorable Mary Jane heels), Sandara wowed the intimate audience with high-energy renditions of well-known 2ne1 songs like “Fire,” “I am the best,” and “Go Away,” as well as the highly emotional “It Hurts.” The crowd was a veritable sea of her former group’s lightsticks, the lyrics to all the songs echoed back despite being in Korean—proof positive that KPop is indeed strong in the Philippines.


HIGH ENERGY. Sandara is backed up by dancers from GForce.

Accompanied by a live band, with an opening act consisting of Keiko Necesario, Hashtags’ Ronnie Alonte and fellow Club Penshoppe member Emilio Perez, this was not your usual mini-concert. Unlike other performers, Sandara was unafraid to sit down and get intimate with her audience, mentioning how heartbroken she still is over 2ne1 disbanding in November 2016, as well as how much she misses her bandmates. She shared her fears that, despite being the one to ask Penshoppe if she could stage the mini-concert out of her love for singing and dancing, she would not be able to fill the venue – a fear that was clearly groundless, given the overwhelming support she received.


KPOP IDOL. Sandara struts her stuff on stage.

Echoing Penshoppe’s branding, she enthuses that “different is good” and that she was glad she took on the challenge, taking the time to thank the people who made the evening possible like her GForce back-up dancers, even pulling her manager onto the stage to thank the crowd for coming.


KEIKO NECESARIO. The singer-songwriter performs ahead of Sandara.

Penshoppe presents Sandara Park concert

RONNIE ALONTE. The Hashtags member sings for the crowd at Sandara’s mini-concert.

KPop fanservice is indeed a sight to behold, with members of the audience flying in from different countries like Singapore for the one-night only show. A hundred lucky fans, chosen by raffle, were also treated to a special meet-and-greet after the mini-concert, granting them the unique opportunity to have their photos taken with Sandara on stage.

Penshoppe presents Sandara Park concert

FAN LOVE. Sandara’s fans turn up in droves to see their idol live.

“Hindi na ako krungkrung, nagmature na ako! (I am no longer crazy, I have matured!)” Sandara teases – but we all know it’s an act. Decades into her career and it’s clear from her level of performance and the multi-faceted nature of her talent and personality that she’s just getting started, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what she has in store for them next.



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Article: How Well Do You Know Sandara Park? Come And Take a Quiz to see How You Know Her well!


Blackjack or not, you’ve probably seen and heard of Sandara Park so many times, you’d think you could ace any trivia game about her. I’ve watched her career flourish since 2010 and I thought I knew her well. But Dara surprised us with all the stuff she revealed during our recent interview backstage at the Penshoppe Presents: Dara concert on December 1.


Dara was super ecstatic and nervous to be back on stage for the first time after 2ne1’s All Or Nothing world tour, which she top-billed along with band mates CL, Bom, and Minzy. What made the concert more special, though, is the fact that Dara went all out and performed her band’s greatest hits on her own. “This is a very special day for all of us, ‘di ba? Kasi ito ‘yong first time na magper-perform ako ng2ne1 songs na ako lang mag-isa,” Dara told her Filipino fans.

She admitted to feeling super worried before the show, rehearsing for three straight days and even extending the hours for her tech run and dress rehearsal on the day itself. (You guys—I just have to say this—even the dress rehearsal was ~*lit*~ AF!)


Dara performed 2ne1’s well-loved songs including “Fire,” “Do You Love Me,” “Go Away,” and “I Am The Best.” She also did an acoustic set featuring ballad songs “Missing You,” “Good To You,” and “It Hurts.” What could probably be one of the cutest highlights of the concert was when Dara performed “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso” with G-Force and even asked the audience to dance with her.


The crowd was ~*amazing*~. Everyone sang their hearts out with Dara and when I asked her how she felt about loyal Blackjacks (2ne1’s fandom name, ICYDK) who came to the concert, Dara said it still makes her emotional: “Nakakaiyak when I think about them. Nandito pa rin sila sa tabi ko. Parangforever na ‘yon, e. So, I want to promise them that I’ll be here for them too, forever.”

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Article: 5 Reasons #PenshoppePresentsDara Was The Best Start To December!



Last December 1, Korean pop star Sandara Park stunned her Filipino fans in her recently concluded mini-concert. The #PenshoppePresentsDara was held at the KIA Theatre, which made the fan meeting really intimate for Dara and her fans.

Even though she visits the Philippines often, that first night of December was surely memorable for the right reasons and we are here to give you a rundown on why #PenshoppePresentsDara was the best start to December, ever.


Before the show officially starts, Keiko Necesario and Club Penshoppe members Hashtags’ Ronnie Alonte and Filipino-Spanish heartthrob Emilio Perez opened the night with amazing performances.


hellokpop-penshoppe-presents-dara09 (1)


Dara performed a string of hits that she used to sing with her past band mates such as “Fire” and “Do You L.O.V.E. Me”. After hyping up the fans, she shared that she felt like singing “hugot” songs, and sang “It Hurts”, “Good to You”, “Missing You”, “Can’t Nobody” and “I Love You”.

She also performed her own version of “Fire”, “I am the Best” and “Can’t Nobody”, which totally wowed the fans as she exuded her sexiness all throughout the performance.

Additionally, Dara dedicated the famous Tagalog hit song of Donna Cruz, entitled “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso”, to the Blackjacks for still supporting her after eight long years.



Penshoppe glammed up the Hallyu star and dressed her in elevated street wear, donning the clothing store’s Old School and Holiday Collections. Known for her hip-hop style, Dara’s edgy outfits depicted not only her personality but also the sounds and moments of the event.



Since she has her own YouTube channel called DARA TV, she took this opportunity to take some snapshots and videos to commemorate one of the significant events in her life. As an attendee, it’s a thrilling moment to personally witness a famous K-pop idol filming a video for her own channel. It’s even more thrilling to see yourself in the video, or say “I was in that event!”


A fan meeting would be incomplete if there were no “photo ops” with the Korean stars in store for the fans. So apart from the special K-pop musical treat, 100 lucky fans were able to get the chance to have their photos taken with Dara, on stage!


It’s truly a memorable night for both Dara and her fans as they were able to bond together through spectacular performances – a one-of-a-kind way to begin and celebrate the holiday season.

The #PenshoppePresentsDara brought to fans by Penshoppe. Special thanks to Penshoppe for the media invite.

Photos by Paulene Arellano



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