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Fantaken: Dara Spotted By Fans Filming Cheese in a Trap



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Photo: Cute Dara for KBS Cool FM Radio Program


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Fan-Taken 2: 170320 Beautiful Sandara Park at “One Step’s” VIP Premiere in Seoul

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Fan-Taken: 170320 Beautiful Sandara Park at “One Step’s” VIP Premiere in Seoul

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Photos: 170325 Gorgeous Sandara Park at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Torch Bearer Challenge

Black hair + Simple make-up + Simple Clothes = SANDARA PARK GODDESS PERFECTION! ^_^

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Photos: 170324 Gorgeous Dara at the Busan Cinema Center Stage Greeting for One Step Premiere

These photos were taken during One Step’s Premiere at the Busan Cinema Center Stage! Dara looks glowing and is showing us a different image! Actress Dara fighting! 

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Photos: Simply Beautiful Sandara Park at Bada’s (SES) Wedding


[marvet_song] With



Photos: Actress Sandara Park at Busan National University! “Campus Attack” Guerilla Event

Actress Sandara Park at Busan National University! ❤

Press pics of “One Step” protagonists Sandara Park and Cho Dong-in for the movie’s special campus attack event!

Photo thread for “One Step” campus attack! ^^ They gave coffee to students!press pics of “cute” Sandara Park in denim at “One Step” guerilla campus attack event in Busan ^^ Look at her passing coffee! Dara not only gave away coffee but also handshakes for those who asked for it.. ^^


Dara and Cho Dong-in giving coffee to the Busan National University students and cutie Sandara making a cute pose.. ^^

More press pics of beautiful Sandara! She greeted the audience, gave coffee and handshakes, and promoted the movie at the event 😍


More fantaken pics of Dara at Busan Nationa University! Cr: yeondo_98, vip_waiting_for_top, chunyang_ioi, choi._.jae


fantaken pics of goddess Dara at Busan National University “campus attack” guerilla event! Cr: zziiiiiiiiiiry, kingsj777

Fantaken / Official Photos: Supportive Sandara Park At Vice Ganda’s Valentine Concert


[twbaofficial IG] Sandara Park is also watching the concert! Full support for her fellow Pinoy Boyband Superstar judge, Vice!


@princedecastro : Hello fr. me + bb @krungy21 ✨
[starcreatives IG] Sandara Park is here to support Vice Ganda! #VGPusuanMoSaAraneta


[yourgirlcharm IG] #pusuanmosivicegandasaaraneta

‏[@DigienaJao ]I saw @krungy21 today. #FanGirl Di na ko makafocus sa concert ni Vice kakahanap sayo. 😦 
(I can’t Focus on the Concert, looking for you)
 [‏@heymynameisalie] you’re so cute awhile ago @krungy21❤️❤️❤️❤️

[darlasauler] I love you @daraxxi! Thank you for being so kind and sweet! The Sandara baby I have known noong SCQ, ganun pa rin hanggang ngayon!

(The Sandara baby I have known since SCQ days, is still the same until now!)


[alexdgreater IG] And lastly, thank you to my Valentines date @.daraxxi ❤ ️Couldn’t be happier 😘


[awra2briguela IG] Love Love Love ❤️


[awra2briguela IG] I Love U ❤️


[awra2briguela IG] We will always support you 💞


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Instagram Photos/ Video: Adorable Dara Visits TOP’s Sister Hyeyoun and His Nephew Yeonjun Whom is Living in The Philippines

*hop* *hop*🐰

so cute! yeonjun loves bunny and dara the bunny meets him~~


Pretty noonas came so very excited Yeonjunie

Unnie so cute, giving him full attention!



This is me girl crushing haha! 😅 After the mass, may blessing agad! Look who I saw upclose! My ultimate girl bias who is soooo pretty like an angel 😇😇😇 She had dinner with TOP’s nephew and sister. It’s such a waste taking selfie with her is not allowed. Thanks for this pic! 😘

They had dinner, on dara’s favorite food chain gerry’s grill.



The noonas are in my eyes 😎

Look at his glasses reflection, LMAO dara being cute~



Why are you standing there🙊🙊🙊 acting like noona’s guardian/protector ..pulling noona away as soon as the pictures were finally taken 😲

Yeonjun is dara’s protection squad!




go go go 😎😎



Let’s go 🚙 Yeonjunnie’s most favorite thing in the whole world is this cart right here… 🤣

Dara is in the front, she is DARAiver!



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