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Official+News: Production Sales and Promotions Company, Finecut, Releases Official Still and Synopsis for Dara’s Upcoming Movie, “One Step”~ Market Screening at Cannes

WAH! Dara looks so so so pretty! I hope they release more promotional pictures soon! ❤


Here’s some general information about the movie and the synopsis as well! ❤


After a car accident, Si-hyun is left with no memory of her past and lives with Ji-won whom she met at the hospital. Si-hyun has colored hearing, an illness that visualizes sounds into colors. The mixed array of colors she sees with music makes her dizzy. So she protects herself by wearing a set of giant headphones. One day, Ji-won’s brother Woo-hyuk hears Si-hyun humming a melody in her sleep. He writes it down and gives her the score, hoping it will help recall her past. Meanwhile, Jee-il, a washed-out songwriter chances upon this score and offers to find the melody Si-hyun continues to hear in her dreams. They embark on a healing journey as they collaborate to complete Si-hyun’s melody.

Doesn’t it look exciting and promising?! The plot sounds interesting, I’d definitely want to check this out.. ❤


At the Cannes Film Market, Finecut will present the market screening premiere of One Step, a music drama in the tradition of Begin Again about a woman who completes her own song after overcoming a hearing illness. Sandara Park from K-pop group 2NE1 plays the female lead in the film directed by Juhn Jaihong, who is best known for Kim Ki Duk Film’s North Korean drama Poongsan.

I really hope that Finecut is able to market “One Step” well and we international fans get to see it soon too! ❤


Sources: FineCut + Hollywood Reporter

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Photos: 140628 Official Photos of All-Out, Beautiful 2NE1 at “All Or Nothing” Concert in Singapore

I swear the girls are looking more and more beautiful in each concert! Check out 2NE1 as energetic as ever below! ^_^




More photos of the beautiful girls below! ^^


Video: 2NE1 – DO YOU LOVE ME M/V Episode#1 ~ Be Prepared for some Crazy Fun!

OMG THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN AND JUST GAHHH MY PERFECT GIRLS! OKay, so I cannot wait for the official MV to come! They made it work, see? Kekeke! ❤ And gahhh, Dara slithering, Dara working her legs.. SO SEXYYY!!! CL being all motherly towards Dara in the end when she came to get her and was like, “Okay sweetie, that’s enoough” like a mum getting her daughter, hahaha! ❤ And oohh, sexy Bommie and Mingkki! ❤

2NE1 – DO YOU LOVE ME M/V Episode#1

Credits: 2NE1

Instagram: 2NE1 creates an official Instagram account! “Where all our Blackjacks at”

Weee~! Here’s their first post! Haha, cute Bommie putting a heart sticker!

Don’t hide yourself Bommie ❤

Follow them at 2ne1xxi ^^


“OPEN!! Where r all our blackjacks at!!! <Bom put the sticker herself>”


Source: 2NE1xxi

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Photo: Pretty Dara at Gummy-Unnie’s 10th Anniversary Fanmeeting

Oh my pretty Dara and Gummy-unnie in the fanmeeting! Thank you so much YG entertainment for uploading pictures! Woohoo! So happy! The fanmeeting looks very cozy.. ^___^




Source: @ygent_official and YG Family Facebook Page

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Photos: 121102 Official Photos of 2NE1 at the Singtel Fan Gathering Event in Singapore


Official/Photos: 2NE1 for New Evolution Concert Poster Making (Part 2)

How gorgeous can this girl can? I swear! Dara is so beautiful! She doesn’t even have an “angle”! She looks absolutely beautiful in all!