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Instagram: Gorgeous Dara Behind The Scene Photo of Penshoppe Summer Campaign



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Instagram: Valentine’s is Not Over Yet as Penshoppe Releases Their Latest Video Summer Campaign With Sandara Park and Mario Maurer

Valentine’s isn’t over yet! Get swooned by our latest campaign video featuring Sandara () & Mario ()! 🌾


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Fantaken / Official Photos: Supportive Sandara Park At Vice Ganda’s Valentine Concert


[twbaofficial IG] Sandara Park is also watching the concert! Full support for her fellow Pinoy Boyband Superstar judge, Vice!


@princedecastro : Hello fr. me + bb @krungy21 ✨
[starcreatives IG] Sandara Park is here to support Vice Ganda! #VGPusuanMoSaAraneta


[yourgirlcharm IG] #pusuanmosivicegandasaaraneta

‏[@DigienaJao ]I saw @krungy21 today. #FanGirl Di na ko makafocus sa concert ni Vice kakahanap sayo. 😦 
(I can’t Focus on the Concert, looking for you)
 [‏@heymynameisalie] you’re so cute awhile ago @krungy21❤️❤️❤️❤️

[darlasauler] I love you @daraxxi! Thank you for being so kind and sweet! The Sandara baby I have known noong SCQ, ganun pa rin hanggang ngayon!

(The Sandara baby I have known since SCQ days, is still the same until now!)


[alexdgreater IG] And lastly, thank you to my Valentines date @.daraxxi ❤ ️Couldn’t be happier 😘


[awra2briguela IG] Love Love Love ❤️


[awra2briguela IG] I Love U ❤️


[awra2briguela IG] We will always support you 💞


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Photos / Official: Adorable Penshoppe Ambassadors Sandara Park and Mario Maurer Will Go Places This Summer


Sandara and Mario will go places this summer! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 👫



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Photos: Sandara and Mario For February All I Want Is Penshoppe Campaign


Hello, February! 👀



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Video: Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara Park X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong (Sandara’s Men?!)

Please wait for the official subs! YGK plus usually subs their videos! ^^

Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara Park X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong (Sandara’s Men?!)

Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara Park X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong
At CeCi’s photoshoot site, Sandara Park, Joo Woo Jae, Byeon Woo Seok, and Jang Kiyong find out the chemistry in this ideal target shoot!

Credits: YGK+ TV

Video/Official: JTBC “Talking Street” Official Promo Video Featuring ‘YG’s PR Director, Sandara Park’




This Week’s Busker ‘YG’s PR Director Sandara Park’

Came out to the streets to say what they want to say!
Sincerely revealing ‘Sandara Park’s entertainment history





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News/Official Photos: JTBC “Talking Street” Sandara Park, “Dating Rumors with G-Dragon? I Don’t Date Within the Company “

JTBC “Talking Street” Sandara Park, “Dating Rumors with G-Dragon? I Don’t Date Within the Company “


Sandara Park talked about the “dating scandal” with fellow YG labelmate, G-Dragon.

Recently, JTBC reported that Sandara Park, Seo Janghoon, and journalist Im Gyeong Seon had filmed for an episode of Talking Street (As I Say).


MC Haha told Sandara Park, “Recently, you and GD became a hot topic with a dating rumor. Congratulations,” giving a congratulatory message at once.

Recently, Sandara Park and G-Dragon attracted hot attention with a dating rumor. In front of many fans, G-Dragon was seen protecting Sandara Park by holding her head.+

Sandara Park replied, “After watching Big Bang’s concert, I went to the after party, there were a lot of fans who followed so we went out that way and I think they misinterpreted it. But I didn’t know that news or articles would be written about it with that kind of ‘concept’,” she said, “At the company, they said ‘You walked in a Jiyong headlock’ and laughed,” revealing the circumstances that surrounded the dating rumor.

Sandara Park continued, “I don’t date within the company,” she said firmly, emphasizing her innocence in the dating rumor.


On the other hand, Sandara Park will also talk about 2NE1‘s disbandment as one of the “talk buskers” in the episode. It willbe broadcasted on the 25th, at 9:30PM on JTBC’s “Talking Street (As I Say).”

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Video/Official: 2NE1 Releases Poignant Last Song Together ~ “2NE1 – ‘안녕 (GOODBYE)'”

2NE1 – ‘안녕 (GOODBYE)’ M/V

Credits: 2NE1

Photo/Official: YG Entertainment Finally Releases Teaser for 2NE1’s “Goodbye”


What we know from the news: 2NE1 will not be promoting or performing the song on broadcast. YG Entertainment is intentionally refraining from promoting 2NE1’s “Goodbye” and this is the first teaser for the song since its announcement.


Source: YG-Life

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