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Photo: moonshot MY Reveals a New Picture of Moonshot “Stick Extreme” Featuring Cute, Colorful Sandara Park

Okay so I can’t wait to see more from this campaign..😄 Dara looks cute and playful!❤



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Instagram: Adorable Sandara Park Takes a Photo and InstaVid with her Huge “Head&Shoulders” Billboard

Dara, the celebrity who fangirls over her billboard! Kekekek! Isn’t she just adorable?!😄 I really like how she’s grounded and humble..❤

That’s me!!! #headandshoulders


Dara said:

“This is now taken in Philippines! Earlier I saw my big billboard! Woah~~~~~”

And here’s the behind the scenes of that shoot kekeke!


My toes, my knees, my Head & Shoulders Billboard. My toes, my knees, my Head & Shoulders Billboard @daraxxi


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Photos: 160806 Press Photos of Gorgeous, Bohemian-Styled Sandara Park for Penshoppe’s Meet and Greet in Vietnam

Dara looked sooo sexy during the meet and greet!❤ Some people weren’t feeling her outfit, but I liked it! I liked the care-free Bohemian feel she had going on with the white, off-shoulder cardigan, large earrings, bandana, and brown leather lace sandals!❤ And she looked so happy to see the fans.. T_T 







Dara had written some Vietnamese words on her fingers, look at her expressions after! So cuteeee!😄






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More in the gallery after the cut!


Photos: 160805 Penshoppe Endorser Sandara Park Looks Stunning During Press Conference in Vietnam

Why helloooo gorgeous! Thank you stylists for doing Dara so much good with this style! So perfect.. T_T 

And like I said on Twitter, Dara glows and is so radiant that she overshadows the huge gold earrings she wears.😄









Source: Vietbao 1 2, Kenh14, 2Sao, Tin247, buiTrung, NgoiSao, SaoStar, XenBaoMoi

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Instagram: Moonshot Endorser Sandara Park Reveals New Photoshoot for Newest “Beauty Secret”

YAY! A shoot for our Dara! I hope she gets a really great photoshoot, one with high quality photos and promotions..❤

Photoshoot for moonshot today 😀 These are my products ~ To be able to have honey skin, moonbright mask aka Dara mask & moonbright cream aka Dara cream >.< shooting moonshot today! I love moonshot 💕#daramask #daracream #moonshot

Moonshot then posted a Behind-The-Scenes look of the shoot!



Guess where we are at! A new photo shoot to reveal moonshot’s beauty secret. Here’s a sneak peek of our muse at moonshot’s studio. So make sure you stay tuned!

#moonshot #moonshotkorea#moonshot_muse #photoshoot#staytuned #YG #문샷 #광고촬영 #와이지


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InstaVid: Endorser Dara “Can’t Get Enough” of her Beauty Secret ~ “GandaraHair! Hair and Shoulders!”

Your hair is beautiful, you’re beautiful! I bought Head&Shoulders for the first time because of you kekeke!❤

I can’t get enough of my new beauty secret! Have you tried it?#HeadandShoulders #GandaraHair#DaraHair #해드앤숄더


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Video/Official: New H&S Asia Endorser Sandara Park for Head&Shoulders 3 Action Formula

Dara is slaying in this CF!❤ She looks so beautiful.. And looks like she’s having fun while dancing! ^^ I hope she had a fun shoot!❤

ใหม่!! Sandara Park และเฮดแอนด์โชว์เดอร์สูตรใหม่ 3 Action Formula

Credits: Head & Shoulders Thailand

Instagram: Behind the Scenes and B-Cuts from Dara’s “Head and Shoulders” Campaign and Photoshoot


Wah! I am loving all these behind-the-scenes pic! And gah, I think the first one is from a B-cut from the shoot! HD PICTURE JUSEYO!❤






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Instagram: Beauty Endorser Sandara Park is All Ready to Take on the Challenges of Being Head&Shoulder’s Newest Brand Ambassador

WAAAHHH! So excited for her future promotions and all for “head&shoulders”so proud of her!❤


Ready for my new role as a head&shoulders ambassador, so excited#sawasdeekadara #darahair


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Ready for my new role as a head&shoulders ambassador, so excited #sawasdeekadara #darahair

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Photo/Endorsement: Sandara Park Shines Brightly as Head&Shoulders Thailand’s Newest Brand Ambassador!

OMG FINALLYYYY!❤ Dara’s ad for Head&Shoulders Thailand is finally out!❤ We’ve been waiting and sitting on this for quite a while, so we’re so happy to see it’s finally out!❤ WAAAHHH endorser Dara! So happy! Looking forward to more endorsements and promotions in the future! 

She will be going to Thailand on the 24th for an event and probably for launching as the new brand endorser as well..❤




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