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Endorsement: Sandara Park with her Newest Head&Shoulder Supreme Commercial

Instagram: Sandara Park Updates with Mario Maurer!


With the one and only Mario Maurer 😆✌🏻 take care ka~!!! 😀🙏🏻


[mario_mm38 IG] With the one and only @.daraxxi 🤘🤘😊take care po?

I can smell a new Head&Shoulders Commercial!!!




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Article: Head & Shoulders Launches its Suprême Series with Moroccan Argan Crème with Sandara Park and Mario Maurer

Head & Shoulders Launches its Suprême Series with Moroccan Argan Crème for Lusciously Soft, Luxuriously Moisturized 100% Dandruff Free Hair

Most women think that soft and dandruff-free hair is an impossible combination to have. For the longest time, it was widely accepted that having a healthy scalp also meant living with dry hair—that anti-dandruff shampoos were harsh for your hair.


Now, all that is in the past with a scientific breakthrough from Head & Shoulders, a pioneer in scalp health development and the world’s number one anti-dandruff shampoo brand, as they launch the new premium Head & Shoulder Suprême  Series Shampoo and Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Crème in the Philippines—a first of its kind.


Head & Shoulders’ latest innovation fuses its scalp-to-tip know-how with brand new ingredients to create a product that answers what women want and need — beautiful, deeply moisturized, soft AND dandruff-free hair. The Head & Shoulders Suprême  Series with Moroccan Argan Crème comes in two variants: Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner infused with orchid perfume; and Head & Shoulders Suprême  Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, made with honey.


Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner leaves the hair touchably soft and intensely moisturized from root to tip. On the other hand, Head & Shoulders Suprême Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner leaves hair feeling super soft and smooth leaving locks perfectly polished all day. Both variants are infused with Argan crème and made with micro zinc technology that makes lusciously soft and 100% flake-free* hair a reality.


Designed to be used with the shampoo, the new Head & Shoulders Suprême Conditioner, contains Behentrimonium Chloride (BTMAC) or Better Targeting Magnetic Attraction Compound which targets damaged areas on the hair fibre for better conditioning. BTMAC is a dual-functional molecule that helps restore the cuticle, gives softness to the hair, and enables ease of combing while retaining moisture for up to 24 hours. The conditioner is also blended with rich alcohols for enhanced conditioning benefits, and 0.5% ZPT for enhanced scalp benefits.


Head & Shoulders’ scientists have long known that an unhealthy scalp leads to unhealthy hair. In fact, scratching alone can cause damage to the hair fibre resulting to dull, lack-lustre strands. Specifically, it was shown that oxidative stress leads to having an unhealthy scalp which then grows unhealthy hair. The best thing is that the new Head & Shoulders Suprême Series’ formula combines micro zinc technology and argan crème to effectively combat oxidative stress.


Saint Tiu, Principal Scientist, P&G Hair Care Asia Pacific comments; “Research from Head & Shoulders reveals that an unhealthy scalp compromises the hair surface and effects how hair develop, meaning unhealthy hair is born from an unhealthy scalp.  An unhealthy scalp will breed unhealthy new hair with damaged cuticles from the point at which the hair emerges, causing hair to be dry, dull and rough.  With new Head & Shoulders Suprême with Argan Crème, scientists are able to give women beautiful, nourished and smooth hair, while at the same time caring for their scalp.”


The Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Series has a blend of floral and fruity notes for a great scent right from opening the bottle. Its brand new packaging design includes its iconic swan-shaped shampoo bottle and never-been-see-before new tube-shaped conditioner bottle holds a lot of promise for users.


No less than Sandara Park, Chie Filomeno, Janina Manipol, An Estrada, En Estrada, Michelle Dy, Cha Ocampo, Haley Dasovich, and Kianna Dy have been named as the new Head and Shoulders Suprême Ambassadors. These women show everyone that lusciously soft, dandruff-free hair is now possible. Equally proud of their dandruff-free hair are fellow ambassadors Mario Maurer, Nico Bolzico, Jeron Teng.


“I’ve always wanted to keep my hair flake-free, but anti-dandruff shampoos could be harsh on the hair. I’m so happy with Head & Shoulders Suprême! It’s given me super-soft, beautiful and clean hair while leaving my scalp healthy,” said Sandara.


“I’m amazed at how my hair is so clean, without being dry and stringy. I didn’t know this was possible,” concluded Sandara.


Purchase Head & Shoulders Suprême is available in all major supermarkets, sari-sari stores, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide, as well as on ecommerce at


For more information about Head & Shoulders, visit and follow Head & Shoulders on Facebook.

A grand blue argan forest has arrived at the Green Sun in Makati for the grand launch of the all NEW Head and Shoulders Supreme series.

The grand reveal of the all NEW Head and Shoulders Supreme series with Moroccan Argan Crème, along with international stars Sandara Park and Mario Maurer last October 10 at the Green Sun, Makati.

Head and Shoulders International and Philippines’ Ambassadors at the #1010 Supreme Party last October 10 at the Green Sun, showing off their lusciously soft and 100% dandruff free hair.

L-R: Nico Bolzico, Janina Manipol, Chie Filomeno, Sandara Park, Mario Maurer, Haley Dasovich, Michelle Dy, Cha Ocampo, and Jeron Teng.

P&G Senior Scientist Ryuhei Morita who flew all the way from Singapore, demonstrates the effectiveness of Head and Shoulders Supreme series with Moroccan Argan Crème along with international stars Sandara Park and Mario Maurer.

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Instagram: Sandara Park and Mario Maurer #HaveItAll But not Dandruff!


Head & Shoulders with Mario 😀 #HaveItAll



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Video: Sandara Park and Mario Maurer Newest Head & Shoulders Commercial #HaveItAll But Not Dandruff


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Instagram: Adorable Sandara Park Takes a Photo and InstaVid with her Huge “Head&Shoulders” Billboard

Dara, the celebrity who fangirls over her billboard! Kekekek! Isn’t she just adorable?! XD I really like how she’s grounded and humble.. ❤

That’s me!!! #headandshoulders


Dara said:

“This is now taken in Philippines! Earlier I saw my big billboard! Woah~~~~~”

And here’s the behind the scenes of that shoot kekeke!


My toes, my knees, my Head & Shoulders Billboard. My toes, my knees, my Head & Shoulders Billboard @daraxxi


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InstaVid: Endorser Dara “Can’t Get Enough” of her Beauty Secret ~ “GandaraHair! Hair and Shoulders!”

Your hair is beautiful, you’re beautiful! I bought Head&Shoulders for the first time because of you kekeke! ❤

I can’t get enough of my new beauty secret! Have you tried it?#HeadandShoulders #GandaraHair#DaraHair #해드앤숄더


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Video/Official: New H&S Asia Endorser Sandara Park for Head&Shoulders 3 Action Formula

Dara is slaying in this CF! ❤ She looks so beautiful.. And looks like she’s having fun while dancing! ^^ I hope she had a fun shoot! ❤

ใหม่!! Sandara Park และเฮดแอนด์โชว์เดอร์สูตรใหม่ 3 Action Formula

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Photos: 160624 HQ Press Pictures of Gorgeous Blue Goddess Sandara Park for “head&shoulders” Press Conference

Yay press photos! ❤ To be honest, it was quite the challenge to navigate through a Thai search portal, but it’s worth it! ❤










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Instagram: Metro Magazine and Cosmopolitan Philippines Catch Up with Head and Shoulders’ Newest Brand Ambassador

DARAAAAAAAAA! She’s coming back this month (July) for her project with ABS-CBN!


Catching up with a familiar face here in Bangkok! Can’t wait to reveal to you who @HeadandShoulders‘ newest brand ambassador is! We just got in on the news that she’s visiting Manila AGAIN next month. 😘


“Secret’s out! @daraxxi is the newest @headandshoulders brand ambassador. I can’t wait to see you again in your new Kapamilya show!” – @randzomeness, Associate Fashion Editor #SandaraPark #DaraPark #2ne1


Our very own Sandara Park is the newest ambassador of head & Shoulders! Now we know how she maintains her ~amazing~ hair despite changing styles regularly. #headandshoulders

PS: Dara is coming to Manila veryyy soon for an exciting new project with a local network!


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