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Video/Official: New H&S Asia Endorser Sandara Park for Head&Shoulders 3 Action Formula

Dara is slaying in this CF! ❤ She looks so beautiful.. And looks like she’s having fun while dancing! ^^ I hope she had a fun shoot! ❤

ใหม่!! Sandara Park และเฮดแอนด์โชว์เดอร์สูตรใหม่ 3 Action Formula

Credits: Head & Shoulders Thailand

Official/ Photo+Video: Moonshot Cosmetics Releases Teasers of Beautiful, Regal Sandara Park for their New Spring 2016 Collection “Go Glam”

Ooohhhhh!!! Here’s our first look at GORGEOUSSSSSS Dara for Moonshot’s 2016 Spring Collection called, “GO GLAM.” ^_______^ Doesn’t she look so very pretty and regal? O_O Like a beautiful Orient princess.. ❤

Dara will be promoting the “Go Glam” line which includes “G01 Go Glam,” “Powder Block P13 Galliano,” and “Cream Paint 808 Orange Soufflé” showing the bright spring colors.. ^_^ The line will be out on the 15th! ❤



moonshot spring look with Sandara Park

moonshot ‘Go Glam’ spring look with Sandara park. 산다라박과 함께한 문샷의 ‘Go Glam’ 스프링룩 공개!

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Source: moonshot cosmetics + Moonshot korea + moonshotkorea

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Goddess Dara’s Breathtaking CF For Clio’s “Salon de Cara” Mascara

OH MY GOSH! Dara is really so beautiful!!! I mean, I see her always but she never fails to make me stunned especially when it comes to her beauty! I swear, every look fits her perfectly! She is just mesmerizing! The perfect endorser! <333

Credits: Clubclio

Video: Winter Goddess Dara BTS Shoot For Nikon 1 J2

Pretty Dara! ❤ See her doing her stuff as she shoots the ad! Our beautiful winter goddess in her white gown! ❤


Credits: nikonimagingkorea

Video: 2NE1’s “I Love You” as Maybelline’s ‘The Magnum Volum Express’ CF BGM


Photos: More BTS pictures of Playful 2NE1 for Adidas Winter!

Dara is just so so adorable!!! Look at her being all perfect in the snow and her winter-wear  


And… Here are a couple more BTS pictures from 2NE1’s Adidas Winter CF alongside actor Yoo Seungho and soccer player Son Heung Min!!! 



Photos: 2NE1 BTS of Adidas Winter CF

Here are some pictures from the Adidas Winter CF!

How cute is Dara throwing snow at Yoo Seung Ho and soccer player Son Heung Min, keke.


Doesn’t Dara look so cute with her pink coat? 

The girls are just so adorable!!!  


[VIDEO] 2NE1 for New Adidas CF “Let’s get out there”

Woohoo!!! A new CF for the girls!!! It’s been a while since we’ve had one with all of them together ^^

Check out the video~ (*^▽^*)


Video: Dara/2NE1 Compilation of Etude CFs from 2010-2012

Credit: mabelivita@YouTube

Video/Caps: Etude’s Skin Coool World Championship Day 1 – 110m Hurdle

Kyaaaa!! This is it! The first CF for Etude Olympics!!! This CF is cuteness overload!!! I just hope Etude will upload the CF in HD, then it’ll be perfect!!! <333

They placed a vanity mirror in replacement of the hurdle and Dara totally pawned her opponents! Go go go Dara!!! ^___^

Check out the cute caps below! ^^