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Photos+IG Video: Beautiful Goddess Sandara Park for Moonshot’s Duo Cushion Kit

Dara’s new campaign is for the Duo Cushion Kit! It’s still for moonshot’s microfit and microbright cushions (more commonly known as the GD Cushion and the Dara Cushion respectively), but I’m glad we got a new campaign this time! ^^



Check out some caps from the IG video! 









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Photos: Colorful, Bubbly Sandara Park for moonshot “Stick Extreme”

Hi gorgeous! ❤ She looks so colorful with the pink make-up, paired with the yellow hoodie! ^_^



Discover Stick Extreme as modelled by Dara.

A multi-use round shaped stick with long lasting vivid colour pigments. Even though it has a the rich melting formula, it feels light and airy on the skin for a comfortable wear.

Draw on lips, cheeks and eyes and/or any desired area on the face and blend out naturally with your fingers.


Source: Moonshot MY

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Photo: moonshot MY Reveals a New Picture of Moonshot “Stick Extreme” Featuring Cute, Colorful Sandara Park

Okay so I can’t wait to see more from this campaign.. XD Dara looks cute and playful! ❤



Source: moonshot my FB

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Instagram: Moonshot Endorser Sandara Park Reveals New Photoshoot for Newest “Beauty Secret”

YAY! A shoot for our Dara! I hope she gets a really great photoshoot, one with high quality photos and promotions.. ❤

Photoshoot for moonshot today 😀 These are my products ~ To be able to have honey skin, moonbright mask aka Dara mask & moonbright cream aka Dara cream >.< shooting moonshot today! I love moonshot 💕#daramask #daracream #moonshot

Moonshot then posted a Behind-The-Scenes look of the shoot!



Guess where we are at! A new photo shoot to reveal moonshot’s beauty secret. Here’s a sneak peek of our muse at moonshot’s studio. So make sure you stay tuned!

#moonshot #moonshotkorea#moonshot_muse #photoshoot#staytuned #YG #문샷 #광고촬영 #와이지


Source: moonshot_korea daraxxi

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Photos: K-Beauty Icon Sandara Park in Moonshot Endorsement Ad + Glowing Even at Night Time with Moonflash Cushion

Moonshot needs to do a new photoshoot for new campaigns, kekeke! ❤

dr1 (1)


Smooth flawless skin, even in front of camera flash! Sandara is always with her moonshot moonflash cushion, even during her vacation ✨
#문샷 #산다라박 #다라 #다라쿠션 #문플래쉬쿠션 #하이라이터 #와이지#moonshot #moonshotkorea #Sandara#Dara #daracushion #moonflashcushion#YG #Kbeauty


Source: moonshot_korea on IG + moonshot korea website

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Interview/Article: Marie Claire Malaysia~ “Moonshot Launch with Sandara Park”

Moonshot launch with Sandara Park


Last Thursday, Moonshot (one of Korea’s hottest beauty brands) launched its new Microfit and Moonflash Cushions (both SPF50+) at Sephora, Mid Valley. And guess what? Sandara Park was there! The crowd went absolutely wild!

Sandara, also known as Dara, is a South Korean singer, dancer, actor, host and is a member of the South Korean girl group 2NE1. Dara is the fresh face of the Moonflash Cushion while Kwon Ji-Yong (better known as G-Dragon from South Korean group Big Bang) is the face of the Microfit Cushion. Unfortunately, G-Dragon wasn’t able to make it for the launch as he was tied up with prior arrangements.

When Dara arrived, she was wearing a sweet frilly white dress and looked even more radiant in person. Her fans cheered and waved their hand-made posters as she took her seat on the stage for her press interview.

1. What does beauty mean to you?

Everyone has different personalities and that really makes everyone beautiful in his/her own way.

2. You’ve always been known to look fresh and radiant at the airport. What is your secret to looking great when traveling?

Moisturizing is very important, especially on the plane as the air is very dry. I like to use facial mists with oil, moisturizing creams and masks to keep my face hydrated.

3. If you only had about 10 – 15 minutes to get ready in a day, what makeup products would you use?

I would use only foundation, concealer and lip gloss. For a quick pop of colour, I like to use cream tints for both lips and cheeks.

4. What kind of makeup do you prefer?

My makeup artist says I look best with natural makeup, and I also prefer a more natural look when I’m not working.

5. What was one of your earliest experiences with makeup?

The first time I used makeup was for prom. I used my mother’s makeup and I looked so terrible and ugly! *laughs*.

6. Do you prefer strong statement looks for your music videos?

Yes, I prefer experimenting with different styles of makeup to suit the theme of the videos. I like to see different sides of Sandara Park.

7. Being a beauty icon, what is your daily beauty routine like?

I know it sounds really boring but I like to drink a lot of water, sleep as much as possible and work out at the gym.

8. How do you stay fit and energetic?

I always try to think positive and I get my energy from my fans! (To her fans) Thank you! Thank you for coming and for always being there for me.

And thank you for coming to visit dear Dara!

Moonflash and Microfit Cushions are now available at all Sephora outlets. The former has a milky pink texture and can be used as a highlighter to illuminate the skin while the latter is a light foundation that brightens the overall complexion.


And have you checked out their Jelly Pot eyeshadows and Cream Paints for lips and cheeks yet? I’m completely obsessed with them! Their textures and colours are pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself.


Credits: Marie Claire Malaysia

Instagram+Weibo: Dara Bids Goodbye to Hong Kong and HK Blackjacks ~ “Back to Reality”

Aigoo.. T_T Well, I hope that the time you spent in Hong Kong was invigorating and refreshing one! ❤ And I hope that reality is as sweet and as fulfilling as the time you spent there.. ^^


Bye HK . Thank you。


Thank you Blackjack HK!!! 🙏 Bye HK 👋🏼 Back to reality…


Sources: daraxxicn + daraxxi

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Instagram+Weibo: More of Tourist Sandara Park Enjoying herself Around Hong Kong ~ Featuring Rickshaw Driver Dara and Fruit Vendor Dara

Dara had so much fun in Hong Kong, and I’m happy to see that she updated a lot! ❤


Hong Kong


Dara, Dara, Dara very Dara  🍫


At the old Hong Kong street. Im the chinese rickshaw driver for the day but my passenger is too heavy…



Check out more of Dara’s updates after the cut!


Article/Interview: Today Online Singapore~ “2NE1’s Dara Reveals her Eyeliner Disasters, Why She Loves Make-Up More than Chocolate, and Getting Teased by G-Dragon”

Another interesting read! ❤ I like how casual this interview seemed and how the article was written. ^^ I can just imagine the easy banter Dara and GD have! YG Family seems really close.. XD I remember the way Taeyang teased Dara too, even Seungri and Dae tease her a lot.. XD

2NE1’s Dara reveals her eyeliner disasters


2NE1’s Dara says she can’t put on eyeliner by herself.

The K-pop star also tells why she is loving make-up more than chocolate and getting teased by G-Dragon

SINGAPORE – For someone who always looks so put-together, 2NE1’s Sandara Park admitted that she is, like most regular girls, actually hopeless at applying her own eyeliner.

Affectionately known as “Dara”, the 31-year-old was in Singapore for the launch of cosmetics brand moonshot’s new products, the Microfit Cushion and the Moonflash Cushion, both available at Sephora. The moonshot brand is from YG Plus, the lifestyle subsidiary of YG Entertainment, which is the label to which Park is signed.

 While she’s here, you just might catch her having fun at Universal Studios Singapore (“I always go to USS”, she said) or eating chilli crab and pepper crab at Jumbo Seafood. “Jumbo is my favourite restaurant,” she enthused.

Although she loves makeup as much as the next girl, Park said, “Actually, I’m not good at using it. I don’t know how to put eyeliner on by myself,” she said. “Once, I drew my eyeliner on by myself, and when my friend saw me, she was really shocked. She said, ‘You look really scary!’ It was really big and scary.”

She added: “That’s why I use the cushion, and lip gloss. I’m really into the Moonflash cushion right now because it makes your skin look so much fresher, and it’s really easy to use. I think skin is the most important thing when you do your make-up, because if you have nice skin, you will look good in any make-up.

What if she had to choose between giving up make-up and giving up chocolate? “It’s really hard to pick. But maybe I’m going to give up chocolate – for now,” she sighed.


While Park is the face of the Moonflash Cushion, which is used as a brightening base or highlighter, fellow YG label mate G-Dragon is the face of the Microfit Cushion, which is recommended for touch-ups. We put it to Park: Between her and G-Dragon, who’s prettier?

“Ah, it’s really hard!” she giggled. “He’s also baby-faced. And he’s really cute. But maybe it’s me, because I’m a girl and he’s a boy. I’m pretty; he’s handsome.”

And no, they don’t fight over who has better skin. But, she revealed, “He’s always teasing me about anything and everything. He’s really naughty. And he’s really funny.”

We’re not sure if they tease each other about their eyeliner, but that may be a moot point because Park predicts the next makeup trend will be the barely-there look. “I think nude make-up is really nice, and I think that will be the trend for this year – very natural make-up that looks like you don’t have make-up on,” she said.

And, with her new Moonflash Cushion, “everybody can look like me,” she laughed.

Even while eating chilli or pepper crab.

The Microfit Cushion and the Moonflash Cushion by moonshot are available at Sephora.

Credits: Today Online

Interview: Harper’s Bazaar Singapore ~ “Beauty Talk: Sandara Park Shares her Skincare Secrets”

Must-read! They had some great, out-of-the-box questions for Dara and I really appreciated how they gave us a glimpse into her mind. I’m glad they didn’t stick to the usual beauty questions, despite what the title might suggest. ^^


The newly-appointed Moonshot ambassador lets us in on her beauty tips and make-up tricks


Last week, international K-pop sensation Sandara Park (Dara, for short) was in town for the launch of Moonshot’s new products: the Microfit Cushion and the Moonflash Cushion. We sat down with the brand’s recently appointed ambassador to talk beauty must-haves, skincare secrets, and Instagram filters.


What’s the best beauty secret you’ve ever learnt? 

I found out that I can use the Moonflash Cushion not only as a highlighter but also as a make-up primer before using make-up.

What’s one make-up product you cannot live without? 

I’m using Moonshot’s UV bouncer everyday before applying my make up. Its like a sun block and at a same time, a make up primer – it’ll make you look even prettier.

How do you maintain your perfect skin?

Drink a lot of water and sleep a lot – that is really important. And positive energy!

What’s your favourite Instagram filter? 




What’s your favourite way to relax? 

I love being a tourist – I love trying out new things, new food and new places.

Name the place(s) in Singapore that you would love to see.

I want to go to Gardens By The Bay, Clarke Quay and The Merlion Statue.



Where in the world would you want to visit the most? 


If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

I want to meet my high school crush because I miss myself; the young innocent Dara.

Credits: Harper’s Bazaar