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Information: Dara to Star in a New Vampire Movie – “The Last Night of the Year” 107년째 밤?

Yes! It looks like our Darong will be starring in a new movie and guess what the concept photos show? It’s going to be a vampire movie! Will our dreams finally come true?

We have been seeing posts regarding Movie 107년째 밤 for a while now. This can be translated to “The Last Night of the Year”. Recently, the Director/Writer of the movie, Won Jun Lee updated his instagram saying that he is now starting new work with Actress Sandara Park. Judging from his instagram, we can see some concept photos of movie 107년째 밤 and it looks like it is going to be a vampire movie. We believe that this is a YG/YGKPlus movie production with most of the staff and actor/actresses coming from YGKPlus. From our research, we believe the actors/actresses in the movie, while unconfirmed, are Sandara Park, Kang Seunghyun, Kim Hee Jeong, Lee Seung Mi, Kang Hui, and Lee Se A. While we don’t have a lot of information about the upcoming movie, we are truly excited for it.

While still not confirmed 100%, check out the tweets and instagram posts below!

Are you guys as excited as us?

“Start of a new work. With “Actress Sandara”. #Actress #SandaraPark #Movie #actor #movie #dara #sandarapark

Movie 107년째 밤 main characters Sandara Park and Model Kang Seunghyun-nim stretching

Click the link below for concept photos/drawings!


Video/Official: JTBC “Talking Street” Official Promo Video Featuring ‘YG’s PR Director, Sandara Park’




This Week’s Busker ‘YG’s PR Director Sandara Park’

Came out to the streets to say what they want to say!
Sincerely revealing ‘Sandara Park’s entertainment history





Source: JTBC Entertainment

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Photos: 160905 Press Photos of Fresh-Looking Dara at the Premiere of Fellow YG Labelmate Cha Seungwon’s Movie, “The Map Against the World”

I’m glad that we’re seeing Dara out and about in Korea as well! ❤ Terribly overlarge trench coat aside, I always am happy that her happy smile, flawless skin, and simple hairstyle helped save her look last night.. ^^ Those boots though!!!! ❤









Instagram: Moonshot Endorser Sandara Park Reveals New Photoshoot for Newest “Beauty Secret”

YAY! A shoot for our Dara! I hope she gets a really great photoshoot, one with high quality photos and promotions.. ❤

Photoshoot for moonshot today 😀 These are my products ~ To be able to have honey skin, moonbright mask aka Dara mask & moonbright cream aka Dara cream >.< shooting moonshot today! I love moonshot 💕#daramask #daracream #moonshot

Moonshot then posted a Behind-The-Scenes look of the shoot!



Guess where we are at! A new photo shoot to reveal moonshot’s beauty secret. Here’s a sneak peek of our muse at moonshot’s studio. So make sure you stay tuned!

#moonshot #moonshotkorea#moonshot_muse #photoshoot#staytuned #YG #문샷 #광고촬영 #와이지


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Twitter: YG PR Director Sandara Park Welcomes Pinoy Boy Band Superstar Team to Korea

Dara took the Pinoy Boy Band Superstar team to Samgyeori Butchers! ❤ Spreading the YG love! ^^


Welcome to Korea @BoybandPH family!!! See u soon!!! 😀👋🏻



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News: G-Dragon·Sandara Park, Chosen as Exclusive Models for YG Cosmetics – Launching Start on March 2016



Instagram: Dara, CL, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and YG All Upload Letters Regarding the “Who’s Next?” Teasers for the 21st ~ Fans Ask: What’s Going On?

We may have an update on the “WHO’S NEXT” teasers for the 21st!

So like out of the blue, GD tweeted and tagged Dara, CL, YB, and YG.. The other four quickly followed with other letters.. ^^ Here are the letters they uploaded on their respective Instagram accounts:


We were all wondering what it meant, until several people pointed out that it could spell “HELLO BI+CHES”, which is one of the known song titles CL has for her US album. .^^ 


What do you think is happening? ^^


Sources: @daraxxi @xxxibgdrgn @__youngbae__ @chaelincl @fromyg

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Photos/Videos: Supportive Noona and YG PR Director Dara in WINNER’s Japan Tour 2014 DVD

The ever supportive Dara-noona.. ❤ This was during Winner’s 2014 Japan Tour, so before she and KSY shot “We Broke Up” Kekeke! ^_^ I wonder if the boys heckled and teased them when they watched it? ^^ Because we know that 2NE1 teased Dara about it.. XD











More under the cut!


Photo: Unseen Picture of Cute, Pouty Dara with YG Staff

I cannot be 100% certain of when this was taken.. T_T But judging from the backpack she was carrying, around May 2013? ^^ I think I saw this picture before too, but I’m not sure.. XD But pretty, pouting Dara is always worth seeing, so here we go! ❤



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Instagram: Cute Dara Shows her New “YGxWoori” Card ~ “It’s Gold and Pretty!”

Dara is definitely so cute in her style like this.. T_T And whoa! Enjoy your new card, Dara! ❤


I got my Woori Bank special edition card with my engraged on it!!!!! >.< Super gold~~!!! ㅎㅎㅎ It’s pretty, right?!? 😍 #YG x #WOORI


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