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Video/Official: JTBC “Talking Street” Official Promo Video Featuring ‘YG’s PR Director, Sandara Park’




This Week’s Busker ‘YG’s PR Director Sandara Park’

Came out to the streets to say what they want to say!
Sincerely revealing ‘Sandara Park’s entertainment history





Source: JTBC Entertainment

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translated by: @kimj1won + @WeLoveDara


Line: 2NE1’s PR Manager Dara Gets Her New Business Cards and Own Team!

Dara’s business cards look badass! I would love to have a business card like this as well. It’s simple, yet slick and elegant in its simplicity. ^^ And there’s a “2NE1 Communications Team” already! Wonder who Dara chose to be in her team? ^^



[Public Relations Manager] Hello~ Good morning ^.* Recently, I am a person who is looking for subordinates/assistants. With my new team and subordinates, we will adapt a “fighting” mindset, starting with these brand new business cards. I really like my new subordinates! I am in very polite company ^_^


Source: 2NE1 Line App

Translated and capped by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Starcast: D-4, Support the leader! Busy days of PR Representative

[Starcast][Dara’s 2NE1 Comeback Report] D-4, Support the leader! Busy days of PR representative

Hello everyone? This is Dara, the PR representative of 2NE1. Nice to meet you, readers of Naver Starcast. 2NE1 comes back on July 8 with the new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ in a year since we released ‘I LOVE YOU’ in 2012. Are you wondering what we did for the last one year? Then, please look forward to this comeback report that Dara is about to brief you on.


How about me? I was very busy supporting our leader as well. I spent busy days as the PR representative of ‘The Baddest Female’.


This picture is when ‘The Baddest Female’ won the first place of the weekly chart of SBS’s ‘Music Trend’. Do you know the case of Sandara Park rushing onto the stage that day? I went up to the stage and waved the flag hard. It was great that other artists danced together with me.


To support the leader CL, I was sitting in the front seat where our fans were sitting every week. Some fans might have noticed me.


I am waiting for the leader with Minji. We are supporting CL together in the ‘The Baddest Female’ t-shirts! Miss CL, please come here quickly!

Source: Naver

[TRANS][NEWS] Sandara Park 2NE1 Public Relations Director, Reveals Phone Number 010-7107-0512 Startling the Public