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Photos: 170207 Naver X Dispatch Features Sandara Park’s First Day of Going to Work for OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty”

OMG Dara is so pretty! ❤ Dara going to “Get It Beauty” first shooting was featured on Naver X Dispatch! They released these very pretty and well-taken photos earlier this morning.. ^^I love her red outfit! I am on the fence with her hairstyle, but it’s not Dara if it’s not eccentric.. XD 

Who : Sandara Park
When : 2017.1.21
Where : Gyeong-gi do Ilsan CJ Studio
What : On the way to OnStyle “Get It Beauty” shoot
Credit: Dispatch Jung Young Woo











Source: Naver X Dispatch via Naver

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Feature Article: [NAVER Exclusive] Sandara Park is Innocent as a White Jasmine Flower for YG Stage Photoshoot

[NAVER Exclusive] Sandara Park is Innocent as a White Jasmine Flower for YG Stage Photoshoot

The representative brand of YG Entertainment‘s actors and the YG channel where one can go to meet their activities, news, and planned contents, YG STAGE ( has released the grand third pictorial project ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’.

The person in charge of ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ PART.1 is Sandara Park, who is working actively as an actress in recent web dramas ‘We Broke Up’ and ‘Missing Korea.’ Dara showed pure and beautiful features as an actress, like the flower petals of white jasmines, which is different from her charismatic features as a member of 2NE1. Sandara Park revealed her feminine charm as never seen before for this STAGE pictorial.

The first YG STAGE actress pictorial ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ PART.1, along with exclusive behind-the-scene photos for NAVER Entertainment Special readers and Sandara Park’s autographed polaroid photos. Unveiling now.

The third STAGE pictorial, ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ was conceptualized with a motif of pure white flower jasmine. Like its title ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’, which means ‘House of Jasmine’ in French, it planned to capture Sandara Park’s unaffected, natural features at ‘home’.

The photoshoot started at the garden. Sandara Park showed her beautiful, natural features with barely-there-make-up that is so light that she looks almost bare-faced. She shone brightly in the sunlight, like white petals beautifully opening up.



Sandara Park revealed various charms like pure beauty during some moments, while showing a more mature beauty at others. It was time to see Dara’s sedate eyes as an actress, which she didn’t show as a singer. While it was a bit chilly during this early winter weather, she was only wearing a thin dress in front of the camera. However, she concentrated on acting despite of the cold weather like a professional.


The next shoot took place in the bedtroom, where it had a more natural, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere. In a white knit cardigan, along with same-colored lace dress, Sandara Park showed clean and pure features on screen. In the sunny bedroom filled with warm afternoon sunlight comes in, Dara expressed relaxed warm feeling well.



Bed, pillow, blanket, and knee-socks. Dara’s bedroom in all white tones completely matched her well to represent the pure white beauty of jasmine flowers really suits her well. Dara was like a white jasmine flower itself. Dara expressed the concept of the pictorial well with a more comfortable look as the second part of the shoot carried on in the bedroom.




This is the photo that we could see on the ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ teaser video, right? We could see Dara’s back as she bathed in the warm sunlight while leaning on the window sill in the teaser video released on November 10. That photo was taken during the shooting of this scene. She expressed a rough image while applying lipstick on her lips on the shooting followed and it was a photo with a new image.



We cannot miss out the behind cut for NAVER Entertainment Special reader, right?

It must be this kind of feeling if you see Dara in real. She’s like an actress in reality! Petite Dara was shining among the many staff and crew, and showed a presence of an actress that filled up the shooting site. Dara with her refreshing attractiveness that captured all of the staffs’ heart at once.


The STAGE pictorial ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ was a collaboration work with photographer JDZ Chung who has worked a lot with YG artists in the past, such as WINNER. Dara and the photographer were able to carry a unique, and sensitive dynamic while taking the photos for the pictorial.


In addition, the best combination of staff including stylist Seo Soo-gyeong, Soonsoo Beauty’s hairstylist Kwak Dong-woo, and make-up artist Shin Kyeong-mi participated. They compounded upon Dara’s refreshing look and styled her so as to maximize Dara’s original attractiveness more than ever.


Sandara Park tried her best while doing the photoshoot. She did not stop smiling even though she was already sniffling because of the nippy weather. She’s easily affected by the cold, so she had to wrap herself with a padded coat, blanket, and hand warmers. It was because of her hard work and efforts that made this a good pictorial.

Dara’s autographed polaroid photos for the last! In addition, revealing Dara’s message about taking STAGE pictorial exclusively!

“I like to challenge a new thing every time so I love to shoot this pictorial with something new image I was happy to see the results photos of me with the features that I didn’t know for myself. I had feminine images!!! I will challenge constantly in the future! ^^” – by SANDARA




Source: Naver

Re-uploaded and translated by: OhDara

Video/Link: “Dr. Ian” Beautiful Final Episode is Out~ The One Where “Happily Ever After” Does Exist

Kim Young Kwang Shares Thoughts on Working with 2NE1′s Sandara Park in ′Doctor Ian′

In the new webdrama Doctor Ian, Kim Young Kwang has found his true self.

Through the Korea-China produced webdrama Doctor Ian, Kim Young Kwang played the character, Mo Ian, a psychiatrist and hypnotic therapist, who carries his own pain. Succeeding in yet another acting transformation, Kim Young Kwan finally came to terms with himself, beginning a new relationship with Sandara Park (So Dam) in the drama.

90809002 (1)

Portraying Ian′s tranformation in a delicate and relaxed way, Kim Young Kwang received much praise for his latest acting role. Viwers said that his transformation from his previous drama character to Ian was very natural and he was able to pull them inside this new drama.

With his stable performance, Doctor Ian also received passionate response. As the nine episodes were broadcasted, attention was poured from in and outside of Korea. Doctor Ian was also aired through Youku at the same time, receiving attention from China. The drama will be broadcasting in Thailand and Taiwan as well.

On the project, Kim Young Kwang stated, “It was my first time acting with Sandara Park, but we got along well and I was comfortable enough to have fun while acting. Although the duration of the filming was short, I got very close with all the staff and actors who struggled during the cold weather. I think this project will remain in my memory for a long time.

Doctor Ian is about a man and a woman, who were dedicated to love but were left behind by their lovers without a proper farewell. The drama focused on the two people′s pain and their healing process.

Credits: MWave


Admin Post: Naver TVCast Now Allows International Viewing for “Dr. Ian” Trailers ~ Watch the Videos on TVCast Now!

It’s D-5 to “Dr. Ian” broadcast, and we’ve got some good news! 

We can now watch Dr. Ian trailers on Naver TVCast website! I think they’ve gotten rid of their country-bound restrictions, so we international fans (except those in China, Taiwan, and Thailand T_T) can view the videos. ^_^ Now if only they would give us English subs for this, it would be perfect.. XD BUT, we are working on the subs for the trailers and hopefully we can finish soon.. ^^ 

Please log-on to your Naver accounts (click on the TUTORIAL if you don’t have one yet) so you can give “hearts” to the official DR. IAN NAVER TVCAST page and also to the trailers themselves! Let’s watch the heck out of the trailers to raise all of their view counts.. ^^ You can also leave comments at the comments section! ^^

Click on the picture or the link to go to the video! ^^ 

Dr. Ian Trailer


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 1


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 2


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 3



Admin Post: Tutorial on How to Make a Naver Account for International Fans ~ Support Dr. Ian!

Okay, so most of us have a Naver account already, we know that we need an account to give likes or hearts for Dr. Ian and show our support for Dara. There are perks to having a Naver account too, one of them is an email address with Naver. Keke! ^^ So here’s a tutorial on how to make a Naver account!

First, you need to go here => That’s for the sign up with English Language.. ^^

It will lead you to this page…


Click the topmost check circle to agree to the Terms of Service, etc…


It will lead you to this page. Just go ahead and fill up the fields.. ^^


Email us here once you’re done! ^^ ^^Naver4 Alright, so for the mobile phone, they have a list of country codes, you can look yours up from their list, it’s pretty complete.. ^^


After filling that up, click on the “VERIFY” button.. Your Verification Code should be sent after a few minutes. 


Enter your verification code on the next space, and click “CONFIRM.”


Video: Naver’s Release of 2NE1 Multi-Angle “Crush” Performance from “AON in Seoul” Day 2 ~ Dara Focus!

Daraaaaa! Seriously, a wonder to watch! She’s just so so so spot-on with her expressions, but she remembers to slip smiles throughout the perf, so look forward to seeing them shine bright.. ^_^

[HQ] 2NE1 ‘CRUSH’ Live in AON (Dara Focus)

Credits: donnyoppa

Videos: Naver’s Multi-Angle Videos of 2NE1’s “CRUSH” Performance at “All Or Nothing in Seoul’ Day 2

Oohhh, Naver is releasing multi-angle views of 2NE1 videos. I’m not sure if it’s only for the live performances in Seoul, but danngggg, so excited for this! ❤

[HQ] 2NE1 ‘CRUSH’ Live in AON (All)

Fierce, fierce maknae’s expression! Wow, she’s a joy to watch! ❤ Minzy was on Dara’s left most of the performance, so you can see a bit of Dara too! 

[HQ] 2NE1 ‘CRUSH’ Live in AON (Minzy Focus)

Daaannngggg, CL-roo so hot hot hot like fire! ❤ Fierce leader doing some serious hair-ography there! ❤

[HQ] 2NE1 ‘CRUSH’ Live in AON (CL Focus)

Bomuuuu so so so cute! ❤ Bit annoyed though how there are so many wide-screen shots and less focus. T_T

[HQ] 2NE1 ‘CRUSH’ Live in AON (Bom Focus)

Credits: donnyoppa

Photos: Naver Star Cast Goes Behind-The-Scenes for 2NE1’s Preparation for their First M!Countdown Stage and YHY SKetchbook Guesting

Woohoo, behind the scenes! ❤ So very beautiful.. T_T Loving her casual, feminine look, and equally loving her blue-haired, badass, fierce look! ❤ Our Dara chameleon! ❤ Naver Star Cast and YG Life would be uploading this article soon, so watch out for it! ❤

Dara preparing for their very first stage in M!Countdown!


Dara all dressed up and ready to roll for YHY Sketchbook!



Photos/Feature: Trendy 2NE1’s New Looks for New “Falling In Love” Promotional Pictures


Special | 2NE1 comeback, now with Naver Music!

2NE1 are returning after a year, with “Falling In Love.” “Falling In Love” is expected to have a reggae style, which is a genre that 2NE1 has never done before, rising up to this challenge with their new style in music. The song has a distinct summer feel, and the reggae melody is impressive. The challenge of a new reggae genre may be imminent, but it is expected that 2NE1’s unique colors and strengths would win the hearts of fans and the public.


Group photo! Loving the rustic feel of this one.. ^_^ Park sisters sitting down together, while maknaes are standing up.. ^_^


OH.MY.GOSH. Minzy looks crazy awesome with pastel pink hair! <333


Gorgeous, sexy Bommie be working it!!! ❤


And here’s CL-roo, be all chill, lying down under the sun. ^_^



Starcast: D-4, Support the leader! Busy days of PR Representative

[Starcast][Dara’s 2NE1 Comeback Report] D-4, Support the leader! Busy days of PR representative

Hello everyone? This is Dara, the PR representative of 2NE1. Nice to meet you, readers of Naver Starcast. 2NE1 comes back on July 8 with the new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ in a year since we released ‘I LOVE YOU’ in 2012. Are you wondering what we did for the last one year? Then, please look forward to this comeback report that Dara is about to brief you on.


How about me? I was very busy supporting our leader as well. I spent busy days as the PR representative of ‘The Baddest Female’.


This picture is when ‘The Baddest Female’ won the first place of the weekly chart of SBS’s ‘Music Trend’. Do you know the case of Sandara Park rushing onto the stage that day? I went up to the stage and waved the flag hard. It was great that other artists danced together with me.


To support the leader CL, I was sitting in the front seat where our fans were sitting every week. Some fans might have noticed me.


I am waiting for the leader with Minji. We are supporting CL together in the ‘The Baddest Female’ t-shirts! Miss CL, please come here quickly!

Source: Naver