It’s D-5 to “Dr. Ian” broadcast, and we’ve got some good news! 

We can now watch Dr. Ian trailers on Naver TVCast website! I think they’ve gotten rid of their country-bound restrictions, so we international fans (except those in China, Taiwan, and Thailand T_T) can view the videos. ^_^ Now if only they would give us English subs for this, it would be perfect.. XD BUT, we are working on the subs for the trailers and hopefully we can finish soon.. ^^ 

Please log-on to your Naver accounts (click on the TUTORIAL if you don’t have one yet) so you can give “hearts” to the official DR. IAN NAVER TVCAST page and also to the trailers themselves! Let’s watch the heck out of the trailers to raise all of their view counts.. ^^ You can also leave comments at the comments section! ^^

Click on the picture or the link to go to the video! ^^ 

Dr. Ian Trailer


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 1


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 2


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 3



Comments on: "Admin Post: Naver TVCast Now Allows International Viewing for “Dr. Ian” Trailers ~ Watch the Videos on TVCast Now!" (7)

  1. I’m from Wisconsin USA and I want ti watch this too.. Yesterday I made an account under Naver on my IPhone.. They asked for a phone number and sent me a code too.. after I send the code and doing all the new username & passwords.. There I got a new account but it’s all in Chinese.. Dang!!! I can’t understand this.. Darn it! Help!

  2. Anneli Gianan said:

    Guys! I tried making my naver account yesterday based on your tutorial. I had received my code and entered it. Then there was a message Verification success. How will I know if I already have a naver account? How can I log in there? Kindly help me, I’m completely new here. Thank you.

  3. Charmagne said:

    I’m in Thailand… why oh why… huhuhu… 😥

  4. desiweelovesapples said:

    just so you guys know, google chrome translates the page so it was easy for me when i made my naver account. excited for this drama!! 😀

    • Oh wow! ^_^ But if you register for Naver, they do take your country and preferred language into consideration. ^_^ Mine was all English when I signed up.. ^^

      • Desiweelovesapples said:

        Huh. We’ll that’s something new. Cause they only asked for my country of origin to send a code to my phone number when I registered. But anyways! I hope a lot of international Daralings will sign up for a naver account to watch and support Dara’s Web drama 🙂

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