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News+Official Photos: Sandara Park Lands First Lead Film Role

Sandara Park Lands First Lead Film Role


Sandara Park’s casting for film “One Step” (tentative title) has been confirmed.

The star will be portraying the main character Si Hyun who sees music in color. Si Hyun is a famous songwriter who falls into a slump after becoming unable to create songs. However, this changes after meeting Ji Il (Han Jae Suk).

“One Step” is described as a music drama that develops through the melodies connected to the past that Si Hyun dreams of every night as she finds her lost self through music. Music itself is another main character as well as Si Hyun’s life.


Director Jun Jae Hong of “Poongsan” will be leading the film. Also, MCC Entertainment who worked on the OSTs for dramas “The Great Queen Seon Deok,” “Behind the White Tower,” “Six Flying Dragons,” and more will be producing this movie. Lastly, renowned music director Kim Soo Jin has been working on the music for this film for three years with a team.

In addition, Jo Dal Hwan, Hong Ah Reum, and Jo Dong In will be joining lead actors Sandara Park and Han Jae Suk.

The film is scheduled to be released in theatres later this year and promises to be different from typical music films through warming hearts and comforting eyes and ears.

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Info: Sandara Park is Nominated for Best Actress in “KWeb Fest 2016” + 5 Nominations in Total for “Missing Korea”



Yaayyy! Our Dara has been nominated for the second year in a row for “Best Actress” in KWeb Fest! ❤ I’m so proud and happy! We’re hoping for the best for our goddess Dara! I hope that she takes home the crown, literally! ❤ 



Congratulations also to the “Missing Korea” team for their 5 nominations in KWeb Fest! 


Let’s all hope for the best! ❤


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Photos+Netizen Comments: 160702 Press Photos of Fresh, Cute Sandara Park in her Fun “Powerpuff Girls” Outfit for “Finding Dory” Premiere

Dara looks so cute and pretty! ❤ Look at her!!! ❤ I watched the movie and it was soooo nice! There were a lot more teens and adults than kids in the cinema when I watched it, I think it was very nostalgic for those who waited for the follow-up movie to “Finding Nemo”.. 😄 

I think Moschino has been a hit or miss with their recent collections, but I quite like their Powerpuff Girls collection, it’s fun and cute and yes, I totally loved PPG when I was a kid.. 😄 Where’s Buttercup though, Dara?! 😄








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And  since it’s interesting to know what netizens are saying, here’s a Naver article with 336 hearts (as of this writing), 330+ comments with 1000+ upvotes.. Notice the demographics of the people reading the article and leaving comments though.. 😄


[MD Photos] Sandara Park, “Cute Mini Hearts”

[+1206, -109] Very cute and pretty ㅋㅋ It appears that she’s not aging

[+942, -72] Sandara’s face shape is really beautiful

[+988, -89] Where does it seem that she’s compensating for getting old? ㅋㅋ It seems people’s eyes need to have higher quality ㅋㅋㅋ She looks young enough for her age… Comments like these are the reasons why female entertainers resort to injections and surgery because they get stressed ㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: I didn’t read through all the comments, but I think some netizens commented about her dress and how she might have dressed up like that to “compensate” for her age and stuff. Nasty ass people)

[+741, -36] She could have looked pretty and young for a long time if not for the strange concept they gave her that buried her appearance…. She looks really feminine…

[+363, -26] As for this unnie, her face is pretty and leaves a good impression, it’s the coordi that makes me nervous…. She’d look very pretty even in jeans and a white shirt with her hair loose..

[+225, -15] She really suits black hair!!

[+211, -16] Her skin, really ㅎㄷㄷ하네ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+124, -18] This is the period/era where she looks super pretty really

[+103, -15] Her face shape is good and her skin is pretty ♡

[+107, -19] ^^ Sandara, leaves a good impression..

[+104, -20] Dara is really beautiful. I miss 2NE1 ㅠ

[+84, -14] This period/era is really her strongest.

[+60, -5] The cute characters in the clothes resemble Sandara ㅋㅋ

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Photos: Dara Changes her Twitter and Instagram Profile Pictures to Gorgeous B-Cuts from YG Stage “Maison de Jasmin” Photoshoot

I have missed seeing Dara in photoshoots! ❤ I am loving these B-sides from her shoot for YG stage last year! ❤ 




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Photos: 160330 Press Photos of Gorgeous Sandara Park for “Mata Hari” Opening

Dara so pretty with this kind of hairstyle! ❤ I am not so enthusiastic with the light purple turtle neck paired with that oversized trench coat, so I’ll just focus on Dara’s gorgeous skin and perfect smile.. Kekeke! ❤ 







Photos: 160321 Sandara Park Stuns Like an Ethereal Angel-Goddess at “Good Day” Premiere

Sandara Park how can you look more and more gorgeous! T_T Seriously, I love this look on her! I love the long, wavy hair and the white outfit! Love love love, everything is on point! ❤ 









More pictures after the cut! ❤


Videos: Fantaken and Press Videos of Elegant and Charming Sandara Park at VIP Premiere of “Hiya”

Fancam and Press Videos of Sandara Park at “Hiya”  VIP Premiere

Start @ 0:51 mark

Start @1:39 mark

Credits: 육식다람쥐 + D ace + stardailynews  + 티브이데일리

Instagram: Hairstylist Kim Yoona Shares BTS Pictures of Very Beautiful Dara for “One More Happy Ending” Shoot~ “Paparazzi!”

Dara so so so pretty! ❤


So beautiful, paparazzi 😍





Angel s😻  

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Instagram+Blog: Actress Park Sandara Shares BTS Pics While Shooting for “Echo”, her Short Locks, Looking Like her Mom, their New Maknae Manager Andrew, and Kung Fu Panda-Like JJangmae

Dara is so cute with her short, curly hair! ^^ But in other BTS pics we saw from Echo, she had short, straight hair? Kekeke! I really can’t wait for this movie! ❤916985_947491931953442_716827150_n

With my hair curled like this, I resemble my mom~ Our mom really looked like this when she was younger~ This is so uncanny/ strange!!!  😆 I look like my mom!!! With my curly hair


🔥🔥🔥 You got the fire~

눈내리는 합정동

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Snowing in Hapjeong-dong


A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



Our seven-year manager Jjangmae relaxing himself and warming up by the heater while  at the same time, our new maknae manager Andrew suffers at the filming site ㅋㅋㅋ Blackjacks~ say hi to our maknae manager Andrew!!! 😄👋🏼


All of Blackjack Nolza, long time no see! Did you enjoy your New Year?! I am happy during the shooting of my movie. It’s very cold, actually below zero sometimes, but I’m working hard despite the weather. I found Kung Fu Panda, who looks similar to Jjangmae at the movie theater. LOL! Everyone is playing, but I’m working. That’s why I also want to go the theater and watch a movie, while eating popcorn. I want to go to the theater after I finish filming now. Fighting!! ^.^


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Instagram: Sweet Actress Park Sandara Shares her “Fairy Cosplay” Experience~ “Fairies Don’t Like the Cold”

Dara is super duper cute! Our goddess who fits the fairy concept so well.. ❤


Fairies don’t like the cold~~~ Fairy cosplay ㅋㅋㅋ


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