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Photo:170329 “One Step” Movie Premiere Night at Lotte World


Actor Jeong Dong-ha said he’s looking forward to Sandara Park’s acting

S.E.S Shoo and Jeong Ha Dam

Actor Seo Young-ju and actress Park Nam-hee


Veteran actor Jang Ho-il gives a “Fighting”


actress Min Ji Young and Zhang Ga Yan cheering

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NINE Muses; Soo Jin, Kim Joo, and Hye Mi


Singer Younha came to support

Singer Ji-sook and actor Ju Jin-mo


Kang Seunghyun a.k.a Hyoni is there to support Dara


Actor and Actress Lee Cheol Min, Sagang and Cho Eun Sook


Park Hanbyul is there too ~!!


actress Park Sol-mi, Han Jae-suk’s wife came to support


singer Eric Nam


Actor Jang Dong-gun (known for his role at “Gentleman’s Dignity” drama


Actress Lee Jung-hyun and SHINee’s Minho



Sandara’s younger brother Thunder at supporting he noona ~


The whole cast of “One Step” fighting!


Sean also came to support Dara~!!


Gorgeous ladies, Sandara Park and co-star Hong Ah-reum


One Step! Fighting~! 👊🏼❤

Ssan-Actress charming the press with finger-hearts and a simple wave.


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Watch ONE STEP Movie Main Trailer!

Info/Official: 2015 KWEBFEST Awards Winner List ~ #CongratulationsActressDara

Award_Winner FireShot Capture - KWebfest - http___kowebfest.blogspot.ca_

Again, we would like to congratulate Actress Sandara Park for winning the Best Actress award at the 2015 K-Web Fest Awards! And to Kang Seungyoon too! Congratulations! ❤


You deserve all the these blessings Dara unnie! We’re so happy and proud of you! Continue to improve yourself and we know that in whatever you do, singing, dancing, acting etc, you put your all in it! We wish you more power for your upcoming projects! And Daralings are always here to support, cheer and give you strength! Hwaiting! ❤



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News/Article: The Korea Times – “K-Web Fest Awards WINNER Kang Seung-yoon, 2ne1 Sandara Park”

K-Web Fest awards WINNER Kang Seung-yoon, 2ne1 Sandara Park


The only web series festival in Asia, K-Web Fest, closed its doors Friday two days after its first-ever launch in South Korea, Yonhap reported.

The festival celebrated web dramas — an increasing market for smartphone users, who can watch short five- to ten-minute videos on the go — as well as other web content.


Kang Seung-yoon, K-pop boy band WINNER vocalist and actor, was awarded the Best Actor prize for web drama “We Broke Up,” and 2ne1′s Sandara Park the Actress counterpart for “Dr. Ian,” inside Seoul’s The-K Hotel.

“South Korean web series production is still in its beginning stages, but its influence will increase thanks to our outstanding IT and mobile infrastructure,” said Eun Sung-hee, head of JS Top Entertainment, festival host. “Through the introduction of Korean web series through this festival, we’re working hard to bring K-web series into the same Hallyu spotlight as K-pop and K-dramas.”

K-Web Fest introduced 110 projects, including 80 from overseas and 20 local, and was attended by Los Angeles Web Fest Executive Director Michael Ajakwe.

The event was sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Creative Content Agency, Seocho District and GB Boston Investment Company.


*OMGGGGGG! #CongratulationsActress Dara! FTW!!!! ❤


Source: The Korea Times

Instagram: Busy Lady Sandara Films Olive TV’s “Tasty Road” Segment at Samgeori Butchers with Park Soo Jin and Lizzy

“Tasty Road” is a food show from Olive TV, featuring trendy restaurants in Korea.. The show is hosted by Park Soo Jin and Lizzy.. ^^ They probably shot a segment at YG’s new Samgeori Butchers, and Dara featured in it! ❤ Our girl is super busy and I am loving it! Fighting fighting!!! ❤ And oh, I think the uploader is one of the chefs in the restaurant.. XD


#SamgeoriButchers #TastyRoad #TastyRoadSamgeoriButchersSegment #YGFOOD #SandaraPark #YGSignBoard #Lizzy #ParkSooJin 


#samgeoributchers #tastyroad #parksoojin #lizzy #sandarapark #YGsignboard #YGFOOD #firstshooting


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Interview: Director Shin Yeon-Shick of “Rough Play” and “The Russian Novel” Talks About His Most Passionate Student, Sandara Park

[Cine interview] Shin Yeon-shick, director of Jeonju Digital Project 2014 : the Aviamkind


“This time, it is about identity”
By Song Soon-jin, Cine21 reporter
Shin Yeon-shick, who has recently been in the news for the low-budget independent films The Russian Novel and Rough Play (co-produced by KIM Ki-duk) is set to meet audiences again this spring as part of the Jeonju Digital Project 2014, funded by the Jeonju International Film Festival. The title of his feature, The Aviamkind, comes from one of the fictional novels in The Russian Novel, which features an actor playing several roles.


– Your film is low-budget but the actors are young and glamorous. How did you get them on board?

Well, the main character is actually not that young (laughs). KIM Jeong-seok, who played in The Russian Novel and Rough Play, plays the main role of a novelist in this film who is looking for his missing wife. KIM has been working with me for a long time and I promised to have him play a main role one day. That promise finally came true with this film. Kang Shin-hyo, who was the main character in The Russian Novel and played the manager in Rough Play, took a supporting role this time. I deeply appreciate the actors who helped me out in times of difficulty, and I want to keep every promise if I can. So I have a long list of movies to make (laughs). Others are mostly rookies and my students.

By chance I started teaching acting, and I became kind of famous, as some of my students are K-pop stars. I’ll tell you something funny. Who do you think is the most passionate actor among my students? It is none other than Sandara Park from 2NE1. She calls me day and night whenever she has any questions about acting. She discusses with me over the phone about her characters and their feelings whenever she is stuck. Lee Joon from Rough Play is also very hard working, but not as much as Sandara (laughs). I have to make a movie one day with Sandara in the main role. (laughs)

*Omitted some parts. Read the full interview here!


Source: Korean Film

Video/Official: 2NE1 Reveals Dark, Mysterious, Riveting Music Video for Single, “Come Back Home”

HOMYGHAD! This music video is something else! Something out of the box and awesome and gah, my feels, you guys, MY FREAKING FEELS! 2NE1 is back and they are totally slaying!!! DARA THE ACTRESS! COME ON YG, I NEED DARA IN A FREAKING DRAMA! Did you guys see her emotions?! So spot on and perfect! I can feel her sadness and melancholy! There are many interpretations as to the meaning of the MV, what do you guys think?! ^^


Credits: 2NE1