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Instagram: Lovely Dara Snaps a Photo with Lizzy, Soo Jin and Kiyong during filming for Olive TV’s Tasty Road ~ “Tasty Road was really fun~!”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “테이스티 로드 너무 재밌었_ - https___instagram.com_p_6HVeU5iS34_

Tasty Road was really fun~!!! Really delicious~!!!


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Video: 150808 Beautiful Lady Sandara Park for Olive TV’s Tasty Road Episode 25

Tasty Road Episode 25 Dara cut!

Tasty Road Episode 25 full cut!


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Photo: Fantaken Picture of Pretty Dara for Tasty Road Episode 25

FireShot Capture - juliesungyoonie on Instagram_ “드디어 #삼거리푸줏간_ - https___instagram.com_p_6G74H0Q3sU_


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Instagram: Busy Lady Sandara Films Olive TV’s “Tasty Road” Segment at Samgeori Butchers with Park Soo Jin and Lizzy

“Tasty Road” is a food show from Olive TV, featuring trendy restaurants in Korea.. The show is hosted by Park Soo Jin and Lizzy.. ^^ They probably shot a segment at YG’s new Samgeori Butchers, and Dara featured in it! ❤ Our girl is super busy and I am loving it! Fighting fighting!!! ❤ And oh, I think the uploader is one of the chefs in the restaurant.. XD


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#samgeoributchers #tastyroad #parksoojin #lizzy #sandarapark #YGsignboard #YGFOOD #firstshooting


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