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Video: Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara Park X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong (Sandara’s Men?!)

Please wait for the official subs! YGK plus usually subs their videos! ^^

Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara ParkΒ X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong (Sandara’s Men?!)

Fashion Icon Ideal Shoot Sandara ParkΒ X Joo Woo Jae X Byeon Woo Seok X Jang Kiyong
At CeCi’s photoshoot site, Sandara Park, Joo Woo Jae, Byeon Woo Seok, and Jang Kiyong find out the chemistry in this ideal target shoot!

Credits:Β YGK+ TV

Feature: “Real Couple Chemistry” Sandara Park x Jang Kiyong, Sweet Couple Photo

“Real Couple Chemistry” Sandara Park x Jang Kiyong, Sweet Couple Photo


Sandara Park will feature in a Valentine’s Day photoshoot along with three male models, Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, and Joo Woo Jae.

Just recently, Sandara Park completed a pictorial for the February issue of fashion magazine, “CeCi.

For this Valentine’s Day pictorial, showing “moments of love between a man and a woman,” an anthology photoshoot format was created involving three men and a woman. Sandara Park, who has showcased her fashionable and youthful appearance in the past, will show a different kind of charm through her feminine appeal; she also showed off a powerful kind of chemistry with three male models Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, Jand Joo Woo Jae, featuring various couple shoots and concepts.

Sandara Park along with model and actor Jang Kiyong, will show loving scenes of a man and woman who sweetly fall in love for the first time, meanwhile model-tainer (model-entertainer) Joo Woo Jae will showcase the sad lover who is hurting during a break-up. Lastly, model and actor Byeon Woo Seok will feature a heart that finds love again.

The photoshoot will display their perfect chemistry and acting that will make them seem like real-life couples.


Source: Naver
Translated by: WeLoveDara / OhDara

Photo: New Cut of Sandara Park and YGK+ Model Jang Kiyong for CeCi Korea, February Issue

OMG I have a feeling that this shoot will kill all of us.. On one hand, they DO look cute together! Dara has this uncanny ability to have chemistry with all her partners.. ^^



Source: CeCi Korea YesAsia

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Instagram: CeCi Korea Reveals a “Spoiler Alert” While Invading their February Issue Filming Site ~ Dara with Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, and Joo Woo Jae

OMFG!!!! What is this?! Three guys?! OMFG yes Dara is a goddess, I know! ❀ I cannot wait for CeCi’s February issue! This looks bombing! And yes, Dara looks so very beautiful.. Look at her snuggling next to Kiyong though.. XD



Video/Official: YG-KPlus Releases Fun and Heartwarming “Talk Portion” During “We Broke Up” Mini Concert

I miss “We Broke Up”~! I am so happy that she found friends in the cast, because she said that she doesn’t make friends easily, so I feel that every friend she makes is precious.. ❀ I love how the four of them are so comfortable around each other, and it’s fun to hear their thoughts.. ^^ And oohhhh! BTS of WBU cast’s Philippines adventures! ^^

[YGK+TV] “WE BROKE UP” Thank You Event ~ Talk Portion

Credits:Β YGK+ TV

Instagram: Happy Dara is Grateful to Everyone who Gave their Precious Time for WBU Mini Concert~ “A New Beginning”

Awww, here’s to wonderful endings and bright, awesome, new beginnings! ❀


There’s always a sense of regret when something ends, but the fact remains that because it is already finished, then a new beginning can start ^_^ I’m very happy today, and very grateful to everyone who gave the precious gift of their time~ 😘


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Official: “We Broke Up” Holds “Thank You” Event for Surpassing 10 Million Views ~ Busking at Hongdae Rolling Hall on the 17th


Congratulations, congratulations WBU team! ❀ FINALLY! We hear news about the busking event, yaaayyyyy~! ❀ I am really looking forward to it! Can’t wait for the 17th! ❀ I really, really wish I could go.. T_T I hope someone records the event so we international fans can watch it as well.. XDΒ 




Congratulations to all the event winners! ❀ Official Blackjacks can apply through the fanclub.. ^^


This is the venue for the busking event! Wooowww! It’s really suited for band-type performances.. ^^ And when they said “busking” I truly thought they’d go with the most basic meaning of the term and perform on the streets! Kekeke! XD





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Instagram: Lovely Dara Snaps a Photo with Lizzy, Soo Jin and Kiyong during filming for Olive TV’s Tasty Road ~ “Tasty Road was really fun~!”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ β€œν…Œμ΄μŠ€ν‹° λ‘œλ“œ λ„ˆλ¬΄ μž¬λ°Œμ—ˆ_ - https___instagram.com_p_6HVeU5iS34_

Tasty Road was really fun~!!! Really delicious~!!!


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Instagram: Lee Beom Kyu Shares Another Cute, Warm Photo of WBU Cast During their “Dara Tour” ~ “Sebastian!”

I don’t understand the “Sebastian” reference here, but Dara uses that word when she’s eating crabs.. XD So unless they’re going or have gone to eat a bunch of hapless crabs, or doing like crab symbols, then IDK.. Kekeke! XD Cute WBU cast! I still wish Seungyoon could’ve joined them.. ^^


Sebastian~ Mabuhayβ™‘


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Weibo: Jolly Dara Share A Photo at the pool with Kiyong during their Vacation in the Philippines


😁 ✌