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Photos: Sandara Park Featured in Magazines Looking Beautiful and Chic at Dior Launching

Pretty Dara invading magazines!❤




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Feature: Dara Among Celebrities Featured in Soompi-CeCi Fashion Article “Star’s Beauty Weapon”

Yay! Our Dara was featured in Soompi’s Ceci-sponsored style/fashion feature column. ^_^ And yep, Dara’s catch line in her eye area is the best. ^^



Baby Catch Line : Sandara Park


Gently dab some foundation near the eye area to rid of excess oil. Draw a tight line across the eyeline and raise the tail at the end.


Source: Soompi Stars

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Interview: CeCi Interviews New Clio Model, Sandara Park – ” I’m glad that there’s this chance now to show a more mature side of me”


Q. How do you feel about being the new Clio model?

In my experience as a cosmetics model, it’s something that is enjoyable, but there’s also the fact that you can’t just let yourself go. But I’m glad that there’s this chance now to show a more mature side of me, it’s actually exciting to try out something new, and to discard the cute, young girl image. Now, according to the make-up concept, I can be a woman who can be charismatic or feminine, it’s really about change, and it’s something I’m excited for.

Q: Is there a beauty principle that you usually keep?

Even when we have tons of schedules, I really try to sleep as much as I can. Whenever I stand in front of the camera after I get enough rest, I feel that my skin’s condition is the best. My skin becomes clearer and brighter after I get sleep.

Q: If there is a part of your make-up that you guve the most attention to, what is it?

Eye line! Because my eyes are round, I draw a strong eyeline if I want to give off a strong and bold feel, then I change it into something less if I want to go for a more charismatic feel; the eyeline gives off different impressions. Recently, I like the bold colors of the bloody series.

Q: What is the main difference between your on-stage and off-stage make-up?

Whenever I have to go up on-stage, I do my make-up according to the stage’s concept, I also like to do it according the song’s mood; but whenever we don’t have a schedule, I usually just do a little eyeline, “wide child-like eyes,” leaving a clear and innocent impression. Whenever I draw a small, short eye-line, it gives a cute and lovable impression.



Source: CeCi Magazine

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Magazine: “Sandara’s Bloody Angel” for Ceci Beauty Magazine



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Photo: Angel Dara for the March Issue of Céci Beauty Magazine

It seems that our Goddess Dara is also in the March issue of Céci Beauty Magazine, “Spring Pretty”! ^_^


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Photo: Beautiful DarBie On The Cover Of CeCi Campus Magazine, September Issue

Pretty, pretty DarBie on a magazine cover! Woohoo! Loving all the magazine cover love!❤


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Photos: [Updated!] Dara in CeCi Magazine feat. 2NE1


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More 2NE1 pictures after the cut.