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Photos/Official: CeCi Offers a Sneak Peek into their “All About Love” Feature with Sandara Park, Jang Kiyong, JooWooJae, and Byeon Woo Seok

all about love

“Talking about love, getting hurt by good-byes, and then loving someone again. Sandara Park, Jang Kiyong, JooWooJae, Byeon Woo Seok. What kind of love do you have during February, when Valentine’s Day is waiting?”





Source: CeCi Korea

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Feature: “Real Couple Chemistry” Sandara Park x Jang Kiyong, Sweet Couple Photo

“Real Couple Chemistry” Sandara Park x Jang Kiyong, Sweet Couple Photo


Sandara Park will feature in a Valentine’s Day photoshoot along with three male models, Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, and Joo Woo Jae.

Just recently, Sandara Park completed a pictorial for the February issue of fashion magazine, “CeCi.

For this Valentine’s Day pictorial, showing “moments of love between a man and a woman,” an anthology photoshoot format was created involving three men and a woman. Sandara Park, who has showcased her fashionable and youthful appearance in the past, will show a different kind of charm through her feminine appeal; she also showed off a powerful kind of chemistry with three male models Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, Jand Joo Woo Jae, featuring various couple shoots and concepts.

Sandara Park along with model and actor Jang Kiyong, will show loving scenes of a man and woman who sweetly fall in love for the first time, meanwhile model-tainer (model-entertainer) Joo Woo Jae will showcase the sad lover who is hurting during a break-up. Lastly, model and actor Byeon Woo Seok will feature a heart that finds love again.

The photoshoot will display their perfect chemistry and acting that will make them seem like real-life couples.


Source: Naver
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Photo: New Cut of Sandara Park and YGK+ Model Jang Kiyong for CeCi Korea, February Issue

OMG I have a feeling that this shoot will kill all of us.. On one hand, they DO look cute together! Dara has this uncanny ability to have chemistry with all her partners.. ^^



Source: CeCi Korea YesAsia

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Instagram: CeCi Korea Reveals a “Spoiler Alert” While Invading their February Issue Filming Site ~ Dara with Byeon Woo Seok, Jang Kiyong, and Joo Woo Jae

OMFG!!!! What is this?! Three guys?! OMFG yes Dara is a goddess, I know! ❤ I cannot wait for CeCi’s February issue! This looks bombing! And yes, Dara looks so very beautiful.. Look at her snuggling next to Kiyong though.. XD



Photos: Sandara Park Featured in Magazines Looking Beautiful and Chic at Dior Launching

Pretty Dara invading magazines! ❤




Source: InStyleKorea + CeCi Thailand

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Feature: Dara Among Celebrities Featured in Soompi-CeCi Fashion Article “Star’s Beauty Weapon”

Yay! Our Dara was featured in Soompi’s Ceci-sponsored style/fashion feature column. ^_^ And yep, Dara’s catch line in her eye area is the best. ^^



Baby Catch Line : Sandara Park


Gently dab some foundation near the eye area to rid of excess oil. Draw a tight line across the eyeline and raise the tail at the end.


Source: Soompi Stars

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Interview: CeCi Interviews New Clio Model, Sandara Park – ” I’m glad that there’s this chance now to show a more mature side of me”


Q. How do you feel about being the new Clio model?

In my experience as a cosmetics model, it’s something that is enjoyable, but there’s also the fact that you can’t just let yourself go. But I’m glad that there’s this chance now to show a more mature side of me, it’s actually exciting to try out something new, and to discard the cute, young girl image. Now, according to the make-up concept, I can be a woman who can be charismatic or feminine, it’s really about change, and it’s something I’m excited for.

Q: Is there a beauty principle that you usually keep?

Even when we have tons of schedules, I really try to sleep as much as I can. Whenever I stand in front of the camera after I get enough rest, I feel that my skin’s condition is the best. My skin becomes clearer and brighter after I get sleep.

Q: If there is a part of your make-up that you guve the most attention to, what is it?

Eye line! Because my eyes are round, I draw a strong eyeline if I want to give off a strong and bold feel, then I change it into something less if I want to go for a more charismatic feel; the eyeline gives off different impressions. Recently, I like the bold colors of the bloody series.

Q: What is the main difference between your on-stage and off-stage make-up?

Whenever I have to go up on-stage, I do my make-up according to the stage’s concept, I also like to do it according the song’s mood; but whenever we don’t have a schedule, I usually just do a little eyeline, “wide child-like eyes,” leaving a clear and innocent impression. Whenever I draw a small, short eye-line, it gives a cute and lovable impression.



Source: CeCi Magazine

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Magazine: “Sandara’s Bloody Angel” for Ceci Beauty Magazine



Credit: @NOKIOv

Photo: Angel Dara for the March Issue of Céci Beauty Magazine

It seems that our Goddess Dara is also in the March issue of Céci Beauty Magazine, “Spring Pretty”! ^_^


Credit: @darliciousx

Photo: Beautiful DarBie On The Cover Of CeCi Campus Magazine, September Issue

Pretty, pretty DarBie on a magazine cover! Woohoo! Loving all the magazine cover love! ❤


Source: Ceci Campus Magazine Facebook 

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