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Instagram: Adorable “DarBie” Posts #LatePost Photos from her Time in the Philippines, Celebrating her Birthday ~ #TeamDara

Seems Dara is sorting through her photos! Woohoo, more more more pics DarBie! ❤


Darbie with

10844274_882906728395465_989336090_n # carrousel



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Twitter: Dara Shares Cute, Precious Polaroids from her Early Birthday Party at Solaire ~ “Darbie!~!”

Our dear Princess Darbie truly enjoyed her night with friends.. ❤10756036_750716041644810_1694256514_n

With robi , christian, erik and marshall belated


With kuya vhong , ryan bang & marshall bang belated


With melissa , rj and joross belated


With my crazy bestfriend joross belated


With cutie robi belated


So cuuuttteeee!!! belated thanks @niceprintohoto


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Photos: 141108 Solaire Resort Shares Pictures of Beautiful Dara During Her Birthday Celebration in the Philippines

These pictures were shared by Solaire’s twitter account but it looks like they deleted the said tweets.

solaire 1

Gorgeous Darbie celebrating her birthday at Solaire Resorts!

solaire 3

Dara with Joross, Sam Concepcion, Jasmine Curtis Smith, Christian Bautista and Erik Santos

solaire 2

Dara with Solaire’s President Mr. Thomas Arasi, David Shim and Solaire F&B VP Patricia Ghamami


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Instagram/Twitter: 141108 Gorgeous Darbie with Friends During Her Pre-Birthday Celebration in Manila

Ninja Dara is in Manila! Kekeke! Seems like she had a pre-birthday celebration there together with her Filipino friends, colleagues, etc. And it looks like it was a Barbie-themed party! Fit for our goddess since she looks like a true-to-life Barbie doll! Darbie is <3!!!


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Photos: DarBie and SHIKens in Etude’s Phone App and Transformation into Paper Dolls

Can I have this application in my phone too please? T_T Unfortunately, IDK where they downloaded it too. T_T It’s so full of DarBie goodness.. And it’s PINK! ^_^


Photos: DarBie and SHIKens In Etude Beaty Book 6

New Etude Beauty Book with DarBie and SHIKens.. ^^


Photo: Beautiful DarBie On The Cover Of CeCi Campus Magazine, September Issue

Pretty, pretty DarBie on a magazine cover! Woohoo! Loving all the magazine cover love! ❤


Source: Ceci Campus Magazine Facebook 

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Photo: Amazing DarBie and SHIKens Etude House Window for Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara

OMG! Now THIS is a show window! I love how it looks! /flailing I want to see this in real life though. TT Wah! DarBie and her SHIKens! ^^


Source: @Nd21_ on Twitter

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Caps: Gorgeous DarBie And SHIKens In Etude Mini Site Doll House

Check out the really cute mini-site that Etude made for the Doll Doll Cara promotions~! ^^ They’re all set-up like dolls in a doll house. ^^

The Dara cutout dolls!

Check out more pics after the cut~


Video: Dara and SHINee for Etude’s Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara “Don’t trust her eyelashes!” (Eng Sub)

Yay its here! ^_^ This CF is just so cute and adorable! Move over Barbie, DarBie is in town and she has 5 Kens!

English Subs

Source: etudeblog@YouTube, TheBlingdinasour@YouTube