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Photos: Unseen Pics of Fresh Dara for Etude BB Cream Photoshoot BTS

OMG! This brings back the days! ❤ Dara looking so fresh and pretty for Etude 24-hour pearl BB Cream photoshoot BTS pics. ^_^ This is Dara’s second ever promotional cycle for Etude, I think back in 2011. ^^




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Info: Etude Officially Confirms Sulli and Krystal as New Brand Endorsers – Dara to Endorse Another Beauty Brand?

I know that a lot of us are disappointed with the news that has been made official tonight.. Dara won’t be the endorser for Etude anymore. T_T We don’t know the  exact cause of this, we can only speculate. 

I am really happy and grateful for Etude for the past two years, it has been an awesome ride with them. We saw Dara transform into a cute, playful, gorgeous, dolled-up lady because of them. But I guess it is time for change, and that may be a good thing also. So let’s just all be positive about this and hope that Amore Pacific would get Dara as an endorser of their other lines! ^^ It seems that Lee Hyosup, the AP marketing and sales promotions manager that works with Dara, wants the same thing! He tweeted that we “can meet Dara at another beauty brand” and as he is working not only with Etude, but other AP brands/lines also, I really do hope that we get to see Dara endorse another beauty line SOON. ^^

What do you guys think should Dara endorse next? ^^



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Photo: Pretty Dara with Her Pink Guitar for Etude


Credit: @Fataltney

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News: Etude House Wins Three Awards In “Web Awards Korea”

Etude House Wins Three Awards In “Web Awards Korea”


On the 10th, Amore Pacific, the operator of global make-up brand, Etude House, announced that they have won Excellence awards in three categories of the “9th Web Award Korea” namely Mobile Marketing, Product Promotions, and Global Services.

Hosted by the Korea Internet Professionals Association, the “Web Award Korea” is composed of a committee of experts who choose the best web sites annually.

Etude House’s Lash Pump 3-Step Volume-Cara, “Doll Doll Cara campaign” movile micro site was awarded the first place for Movile Marketing and Product Promotions categories. The PC-based and mobile micro-sites featured “doll eyelashes” advertising main model, Sandara Park (2NE1) and group SHINee, appearing as puppets. Through various quiz events, consumers could directly send in their evaluations of the product, various other site features point out the excellent attributes of the product as well.

Etude House’s global site also features links to their other websites that costumers all over the world could access, such as websites in countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Philippines. Information can easily be accessed through the sites.

An official from Etude House said, “Since 2009, customers have been showing their love for Etude House, that’s why we have succeeded in the web awards for four years in a row,” he said, “We would be looking for more ways for costumers to enjoy web-based marketing events in the future,” he finished.


Source: Asia Today via Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

If you remember, they also won last year for their BB Cream micro-site featuring Dara as well. Read the article here.

Congratulations Etude! Congratulations Dara and also SHINee! ^^

Facebook: Etude House Global – ☆Sneak Peak For Christmas Miracle

Weee~! So this is a Limited Edition collection! Like Sweet Propose from last year! Wahhhh! Want want want! Who wants to give me this for Christmas? XD

☆Sneak Peak! 

Chirstmas is coming~☃ ETUDE HOUSE wishes Romantic Holiday for all sweet girls.♥‿♥ Feel the sparkling and romantic holiday with limited collection of 2 themes of eye makeup palate, nails and lipstick! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

*Christmas miracle items are sold limited to global stores


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Photos: More HQ Pics Of Beautiful Goddess Dara For Etude Sweet Christmas Miracle Looks

Weee~! I was waiting for HQ pics of these with the right coloring.. ^_^ And now we have them! Love both looks! It shows off different charms for Dara.. Look 1 has her in natural, earth colors; love the bangs and the long, curly hair! On the other hand, Look 2 has more color to it; I love her hairstyle with the crystal headpiece, and I love her purple-toned eye shadow.. ^^ Which look do you like more? ^^


Source: Etude House Taiwan

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Photos: Super Pretty Dara For Etude’s New Holiday Campaign, Christmas Miracle

Remember Sweet Propose from last year? ^^ Well this year, we have Christmas Miracle! Doesn’t Dara look ever so beautiful in these pictures? T_T Like Sweet Propose, I think that this is going to be a global campaign, so maybe no CF, like last year? I do hope we get BTS scenes though, kekeke! And this campaign is already active in several international/global Etude Houses, like in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong! ^^


Photos: Pretty DarBie For Various Etude Endorsement Ads

Pretty Dara for pretty Etude products! Kekeke! Web ads! ^^


Photos: Magazine Scans Of Dara For Etude In Singapore’s CLEO and Teenage Magazines

Yay! More magazine exposure for Etude and Etude’s princess, Dara! ❤

Cleo Magazine 

And this huge Dara doll poster is from Teenage magazine! ^^


Photo: Cutie Ssancoustic With Her Pink Guitar For Etude Event!

Oh this is so cute! Guitarist Dara! ^_^ I wish Etude would release more unseen pics of her! This was during Nymph Aura Volumer photoshoot. ^^


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