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Facebook: Sandara Park Surprise Appearance at Show DC, Bangkok

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Instagram/Facebook: 170917 Beautiful Dara at YG Republique Malaysia After M.O.T.T.E Kuala Lumpur

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Photos: Dara and CL at “Cheese in the Trap’s” Farewell Party

Sweet CL visiting her Dara unnie during the farewell party of “Cheese in the Trap” filming! ^_^

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Video: Sandara Park’s Appearance on ASAP Promoting Her Movie One Step, Mall Tour and Premiere Night


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Facebook: Sandara Park is inviting you to watch #OneStep Movie on May 10th in Philippines Cinemas Nationwide!


TRANS: Hi !! this is Sandara,  Do you Guys miss me? Because I miss you guys, I am inviting you to watch my very first ever korean movie ONE STEP in Cinemas Nationwide.


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Photos: Get inspired in a Music Drama, #OneStep, on May 10th in Philippines Cinemas Nationwide!



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Facebook: Worry Free from Dandruff, Dara Get Closer To Her Fans


#Darahair #GandaraHair #HeadAndShoulders  Dara being worry free

Can’t wait for a fun weekend? Head & Shoulders keeps you dandruff free so you have the confidence to get close – even when you’re hot and sweaty.#DaraHair #HeadandShoulders


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Photo: tvN’s “Wednesday Food Talk” Shares Another Picture of Adorable Sandara Park Behind-the-Scenes

Dara is the cutest! ❤ I wonder how many days they took to shoot? ^^ I mean, there are two Dara pics uploaded on their FB where she had different outfits and hairstyles.. XD


Having buckwheat noodles in summer?

<Wednesday Food Talk> Buckwheat noodles
at tvN on 9:40 PM KST


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Photo: Wednesday Food Talk Shares a Cute Pic of Pretty Sandara Park with Buckwheat Noodles~ “Face Smaller than the Bowl”

Dara’s face is smaller than the bowl, kekekeke, I remember when she made it on the news because the shot glass looked huge next to her face.. XD Can’t wait for Wednesday Food Talk! ❤13658923_590240684488315_1240149731423855085_n

Her face is smaller than the bowl.

<Wednesday Food Talk> Buckwheat Noodles
at tvN on Wed 9:40 PM KST.


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Photo: “Really Pretty” Sandara Park with a New Friend who Promises to Prepare a Delicious Cake “Next Time” ~ “I’ll Always Support You”

I honestly don’t know who she is, but GET THAT SUPPORT DARA! ❤ Honestly, she’s such a beautiful, beautiful person inside and out, that you can’t help but be drawn to her light.. ❤ 


#SandaraParkunnie is really pretty in person👍Good job!! She was really niceㅠㅠ Next time I must prepare a delicious cake. I’ll always support you😍 Really pretty.


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