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Twitter: 180324 – Playful Sandara Park After The Stage Greeting in Busan for Cheese In The Trap!




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Photo: Sandara Park and Cast at Cheese In The Trap Stage Greeting in Busan!




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News: Sandara Park’s Upcoming Movie ‘Cheese In The Trap’ Will Have VIP Premiere Night On March 13 At CGV Yeongdeungpo, 8PM KST!


Dara’s upcoming movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’ will have a VIP Premiere night on March 13 at CGV Yeongdeungpo, 8PM KST. Before it hits the big screen on March 14, the movie is set to have VIP fan events for 150 lucky fans from February 23 – March 2.


The film ‘Cheese in the Trap’ (director Kim Jae-young, produced by Mountain Movement Story) will hold a special premiere to see the works before opening. 

‘Cheese in the Trap’ invites Dong-Myung WebTone fans, who are original works, to open a preview for them. 

‘Cheese in the Trap’ is a perfect thriller, but it is a thriller thriller of a veil-wrapped senior Yu-jung (Park Hae-jin) and an ordinary but charming female college student.

The VIP premiere of ‘Cheese in the Trap’ webtoon fan at CGV Yeongdeungpo on 13th will be a special opportunity to see ‘Cheese in the Trap’ before opening. At this premiere, major cast members such as Park Hae Jin and Oh Yeon Seo are going to find the audience with stage greetings. 

‘Cheese in the Trap’ webtoon fan VIP premiere event will be held for 7 days from the 23rd to the 1st of next month. Chet In the Trap ‘will be presented at least three times during the event, and 150 tickets for’ Cheese in the Trap ‘will be presented. The winner announcement can be confirmed on the winner’s notice on the 2nd of next month. 

‘Cheese in the Trap’ is a film based on Dong Won Myung webtun, a serialist who started serials in 2010. Previously produced as a TV drama, Park Hae-jin, who was called “Yoo Jung-sung itself” among the original fans at the time of airing, once again played Yu-jung. Oh Yeon-seo will take on the role of the Hong-seong, who is in a subtle relationship with Yu-jeong. 

‘Cheese in the Trap’ will be released on the 14th of next month. 


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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “CheeInTeu Wrap Party…”

CheeInTeu Wrap Party 📽🎞 Cheese in the trap 🧀🧀🧀

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Photos: Dara and CL at “Cheese in the Trap’s” Farewell Party

Sweet CL visiting her Dara unnie during the farewell party of “Cheese in the Trap” filming! ^_^

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Twitter/Instagram: Dara (@krungy21) – “Whether it’s snowing, raining, or there is a heat wave, there are people who come right away for me…”

Of course Dara! We will do everything in our power just to see you happy and to show how much we love you! ^_^ We will always be here no matter what you decide to do in life and whatever path you want to take!

This was a joint project between WeLoveDara/OhDara and Oh My Goddess for Dara’s “Cheese in the Trap” filming! A big thanks to Yen and Littlestone for making everything possible!


Whether it’s snowing, raining or there is a heat wave, there are people who come right away for me~ This time even at CheeInTeu filming scene they came without fail. Even if this time there is no Blackjack Zone.. so it’s a bit way difficult to form TT.TT However it was successful heuk heuk and you all have suffered a lot~ I feel sorry and thankful.. I also read your letters well, it was cute, and I also ate the fruitful snack set. I even accepted the massage well~ The actors at CheeInTeu filming scene, director, and staffs are caring and kind so there is a friendly atmosphere too and it’s always delightful to wait in the studio. I’ll do my best till the end~ hwaiting hwaiting ya ya ya!!!

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Hardworking Dara is back in South Korea after 3 Days of hectic promotion for her Movie “One Step” in Philippines

After 3 days of non stop promotion of her first ever Korean Movie “One Step” in the Philippines, Dara is back in Korea on May 9, 2017 to cast her Vote and do filming for the Movie “Cheese in the Trap”.

Hardworking Dara, Fighting !!!!

OMG photos of Beautiful Dara at Incheon International airport (From PH)

Below are Dara’s SNS posts after she Voted and on her way to Filming CITT

 Trans: I voted as soon as I arrived in Korea

Trans: Now we are on the way to the filming site…🚗 After riding a plane and arrive, now I’m riding a car and we are driving at the expressway~

Tonight 🌛⭐️ it’s raining..My midnight snack was a take out from Philippines>.< 🌭😋 Hwaiting to our Manager who is having a long distance drive!!! Going to the movie shoot now! With my midnight snack from Manila ehehehe gogogo!!!


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News: Sandara Park and Kim Hyun Jin Cast in Film Adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap”

According to a statement released by Mountain Movement Story on March 24, former 2NE1 member Sandara Park has been cast in the film adaptation of the popular webtoon “Cheese In The Trap.”
Sandara Park has been consistently acting in various projects like “The Return of Iljimae,” “Dr. Ian,” “Missing Korea,” and “One More Happy Ending.” She will also be making her big screen debut through the film “One Step” this April.

The actress will be taking on the role of Jang Bora, who is the energetic and honest best friend of main character Hong Seol. A source from the production staff stated, “We were very surprised by how well Sandara Park was able to pull of the blunt, refreshingly straightforward character of Jang Bora and decided she was very well-qualified for the role.”

Acting opposite Sandara Park in the role of Kwon Eun Taek will be actor Kim Hyun Jin. Kwon Eun Taek is a handsome and lovable character who has a one-sided crush on Jang Bora and tries to protect and take care of her. Kim Hyun Jin first debuted as a fashion model and will be making his debut as an actor through JTBC’s upcoming drama “Man To Man.” This means that Kim Hyun Jin will be working alongside Park Hae Jin in both “Man to Man” and the film adaptation of “Cheese In The Trap,” as the actor is in a lead role for both projects.

The cast and crew will have their first official meeting together on March 25 and will begin filming in April.

Meanwhile, the main cast for the film adaptation of “Cheese In The Trap” was announced in February; however, some fans of the original webtoon and drama adaptation have expressed disappointment as they believe the casting is not realistic.

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