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Twitter/Instagram: Dara (@krungy21) – “Whether it’s snowing, raining, or there is a heat wave, there are people who come right away for me…”

Of course Dara! We will do everything in our power just to see you happy and to show how much we love you! ^_^ We will always be here no matter what you decide to do in life and whatever path you want to take!

This was a joint project between WeLoveDara/OhDara and Oh My Goddess for Dara’s “Cheese in the Trap” filming! A big thanks to Yen and Littlestone for making everything possible!


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눈이오나 비가오나 폭염이오나, 날 응원하기 위하여 달려와주는 분들이있어요~ 이번에 치인트 현장에도 어김없이 와줬네요. 😆🙏🏻 이번에는 랙잭존이 없어진뒤라.. 조금 어려웠던 모양인데 ㅠ.ㅠ 그래도 성공했네요 흑흑 고생 많았어요~ 미안하고 고마워요.. 😟🙏🏻 편지도 잘 읽었고 귀엽고 알찬 간식세트도 너무 잘 먹었어요 😊 맛사지도 잘 받고~ 👍🏻 치인트 현장은 배우분들, 감독님들, 스탭들분들이 너무 잘챙겨주시고 이뻐해주시고 😆 분위기가 화기애애해서 항상 즐겁고 기다려지는 촬영장이에요. 끝까지 마무리 잘 할께요~ 홧팅홧팅 야야야!!! 😘🙏🏻❤️

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Whether it’s snowing, raining or there is a heat wave, there are people who come right away for me~ This time even at CheeInTeu filming scene they came without fail. Even if this time there is no Blackjack Zone.. so it’s a bit way difficult to form TT.TT However it was successful heuk heuk and you all have suffered a lot~ I feel sorry and thankful.. I also read your letters well, it was cute, and I also ate the fruitful snack set. I even accepted the massage well~ The actors at CheeInTeu filming scene, director, and staffs are caring and kind so there is a friendly atmosphere too and it’s always delightful to wait in the studio. I’ll do my best till the end~ hwaiting hwaiting ya ya ya!!!

Translated by: @WeLoveDara

Source: @krungy21 + daraxxi@instagram

Admin Post: “We Love Dara” Message Cards for Sandara Park in Vietnam ~ Join Us and Leave your Encouraging Messages!

We Love Dara!

Dara has been so strong, positive, and encouraging when we all know how sensitive and thoughtful she can be in the situations that she faces. We think that it’ll be a great idea if we could show Dara that she has the support of her international fans, that we’re here supporting her and cheering her on in whatever endeavor she undertakes.. ^_^

On August 6th, Dara will have a meet and greet in Vietnam, and one of our admins is going. In line with this, we will be handing Dara message cards containing our little notes of love, support, and encouragement for her. We thought of including everyone who’d wish to do the same, so here it is! ❤


We hope that everyone will show their love and support! Leave your messages in the comments below! ^^

We will be closing this post tomorrow, at 12 NN. So we have roughly 24 hours! Fighting!

Photos: Delighted Dara Shares her “Sugar Man” Cake and “BlackjackTographer” – Taken Fanpic + WeLoveDara&OhMyGoddess Dara Sugar Man Last Filming Support

OMG admins planned on handing the cake and  bouquet to Dara before the recording, but she was bare-faced and snuck in through the parking lot.. XD We’re so happy though that she enjoyed the bouquet and the cake! ❤ This was our simple way to cheer her up during the last filming for Sugar Man! ❤


This morning on my way to work, I was bare-faced, so I timidly sneaked in at parking lot ~ I’m sorry, I’m sorry ~ 😁 That’s why I was more glad on my way home!!! Photo by Blackjacktographer 📷 


Fans made Sugar Man cake 🍰😍🙏🏻 I cherish this so how can I eat this~~~ Thank you~^.^

This is an update from blessingflower47 IG, where we bought the flowers from.. ❤


Bouquet delivery to YG Entertainment Artist sandara Park-nim. Surprise gift on Sugar Man final filming today. Nowadays Sugar Man is fun. Season 2 please ^^

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And these are clearer pictures of our cake and flowers! In collaboration with OhMyGoddess and WeLoveDara! ❤




Sources: daraxxi + blessingflower47 + ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara Bulk Orders for 1st Look Magazine Featuring “We Broke Up” Cast ~ “If We Are”

Hello guys! We are doing bulk orders for 1st Look magazine.. This is open to all the fans of the main leads! ^^ Please take note of the order details, if you have questions, fire them off in the comments section below.. ^^




Admin Post: Join WeLoveDara/ OhDara’s Little “Thank You” Project for “We Broke Up” Supporters~!

In gratitude for your overwhelming support for “We Broke Up,” WLD/OD will have a small “thank you” project! Get a chance to win a Woori shirt! Here’s how:



If you have questions, comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Fighting! ❤

Admin Post: Details for Bulk Orders for Vogue Girl, July 2015 Issue Featuring Island Goddess Dara

Hey guys! Here are the details for ordering the magazine. If you have questions, please leave them at the comments section below, or if you have Twitter, mention us at @welovedara or admin @blackjackbelle .. ^^ 


Photos: HQ/HD Scans and Translations of “Pambansang Krungy” Sandara Park in Meg Magazine’s february Issue ~ “Diary of Dara”

Dara’s pictures are so so so pretty! /dies 

I love her insights and I love how she’s always a go go go to try new things, even if some of those things scare her.. ^_^ Thank you so much Meg Magazine for featuring our goddess Dara! ❤




“I’m scared to go horse riding.”

“But I still tried it! Yeah! The view from Taal is really beautiful, I like it so much! The best way to overcome your fear is to face it.”

“This is one of the favorites of us Koreans: fresh buko (coconut) juice! What else are our favorites? Ripe mango shake and halo-halo. I love it!”


Walang sabit (title of her song in the Philippines, literally means “no tangles” it’s for a shampoo commercial)

Dancing in the boat, in the middle of the ocean in Palawan. Still “Krungy” even in a boat.

This is my first time in Palawan- super beautiful! I felt like I was in paradise. I want to go back!



“Let’s go! The jeepney driver is so pretty! You can obviously see from my face that I’m very happy.”



Source: Meg Magazine

Scans and translations by: WeLoveDara/ OhDara

News+Netizen Comments: “Acting Challenge” Sandara Park to Officially Debut as an Actress, Main Lead in Web Drama “Dr. Mo Clinic” ~ “Similar 4D Character”

“Acting Challenge” Sandara Park to Officially Debut as an Actress, Main Lead in Web Drama “Dr. Mo Clinic” ~ “Similar 4D Character”


Girl group 2NE1’s Sandara Park will play the leading role in the Korean-Chinese joint project web drama, “Dr. Mo Clinic” (screenplay and script by Lee Ah Ram, directed by Kwon Hyuk Chan).

On the 21st, YG Entertainment confirmed that she will be playing the role of a 4D office girl, Lee So-dam, and will start filming on February, making her acting debut in a lead role. Her character in the drama hides her face with her long hair and doll mask, and withdraws when faced with troubles and frustrations.

Through an agency representative, Sandara Park shared, “I’m taking this as my first challenge in acting, I want to learn and grow carefully, step by step steadily,” she also conveyed, “I think web dramas are a new genre that has an amazing merit because through it we can meet and share our work with overseas fans because of of the fact that it’s online,” leaving a great impression.

Futhermore, she added, “When the character came out and I realized that we had similarities, and I got really intrigued. I also became very nervous and pressured, but it drove me to want to work hard and to focus on doing my best.

Sandara Park is known for her innocent charm and lively personality, a person with unique and beautiful visuals and character. How much of Sandara Park will show in Lee So-dam‘s character is highly anticipated and already drawing attention.

Dr. Mo Clinic” will air in March in Korea’s Naver TVCAST and China’s Youku and will start filming in February. In particular, as famous producer Kwon Hyuk Chan, who co-produced ‘Secret Garden’, ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, and ‘Master’s Sun’ will direct the drama, raising the fans’ expectations.


Sources: 1 2

English BNT article: 1

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Netizen Comments:

[+42, -3] Heol!!!! Looking forward to seeing Sandara Park act, excited~
[+39, -4] The height difference will be totally cute!!!
[+36, -3] Dara-unnie fighting! Hit the jackpot..
[+27, -2] Misread the title, “Dr. Mo Clinic” as “hair loss clinic,” and I thought it was totally funny but the synopsis is different
[+28, -3] I haven’t seen Sandara Park act before, will watch this
[+19, -2] Finally, our cute Sandara Park will be acting in a drama…. I hope to look forward to fun things like this in the future~! Stay healthy~ ^^ Take good care of yourself~^^
[+17, -2] Oh~~~ Sandara Park is finally becoming an acting-dol!! Having great expectations for this and the chemistry the leads will have
[+15, -2] Wahhhh!!! Sandara Park drama!!! Aja, Dara-unnie!!!
[+9, 0] Our Dara-unnie is acting, finally, finally, tears of joy ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ To act as the lead, which unnie wished for so much ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜ Do well unnie
[+9, 0] Our Young-kwang, let’s work hard!!!♥♥♥♥♥
[+4, 0] You’re finally going to act, so excited for this.. Congratulations, looking forward to it

Source: 1 2

[+950, -77] The male lead is Kwon Young-kwang… the height difference will be so cute ㅋㅋㅋ
[+707, -88] So pretty ㅋㅋ Sandara Park, fighting!!!
[+598, -79] Sandara is so pretty!!!!!!!♡
[+560, -74] Sandara unnie is really very pretty
[+524, -70] I really love Sandara Park ㅠㅠ My ideal type~
[+143, -12] To be honest, Sandara Park didn’t have the chance to expose her pretty face, she should do it more
[+144, -17] Why are you getting into acting just now… You have the face that should have starteed acting long before..;;
[+129, -15] You should totally do this…. You’re just throwing your pretty face away if you just sing and dance a few lines in a song
[+136, -14] It would be such a waste if Sandara wasn’t allowed to shine ㅣㄴ
[+93, -10] Her face and voice are both pretty.
[+93, -7] So this wouldn’t be shown on TV, just on the internet? But whatever, it’s all good still
[+78, -5] You really don’t age unnie…
[+74, -5] There’s nothing to be embarassed about with her beauty even in such a close-up shot…
[+71, -5] It will be great to finally see you act~~!!
[+70, -7] I think she’ll fit in well with the role of 4D office girlㅋㅋ
[+69, -14] Sandara Park sings well too;; All of the 2NE1 members have unique voices, and Sandara Park’s voice quality is nice as well;;
[+64, -8] 4D ㅋㅋ I think this will match her well~~ Show us your good side!!!
[+63, -5] She’s wanted to act for so long, and here it is finally!!!!! Congratulations~~
[+57, -6] Looking forward to its success~~~~
[+43, -7] So excited ㅎㅎ Sandara, you’re so pretty
[+36, -1] Not exposing Sandara’s beauty is regrettable, so please do more activities
[+36, -6] Even though it’s for a small drama, at least it’s a start, she’s so pretty ㅠㅠ
[+35, 0] Is this your first acting project? Won’t you do a historical drama next?
[+34, 0] Even while watching her in music videos, you can feel the emotions from Sandara Park, so I’m sure her acting will be good ㅋㅋㅋ So pretty in pictures too
[+29, 0] I hope that you will also find success in acting, Sandara
[+28, -1] Isn’t this your first acting project since the Philippines, do well, fighting~^♡
[+25, 0] Dara-noona, I miss you, please come out soon~~
[+23, -4] Sandara is very pretty ♥♥♥♥♥ So excited!!!!
[+22, -2] Sandara is too beautiful ㅜㅜㅜ


T/N: OMG Dara in doll clothes and long hair! /spazzing and dying.. And isn’t it sweet how Dara always has the fans in mind and thinks this is an opportunity for her to meet and share her work with overseas fans.. ❤

Photos: HD/HQ WeLoveDara/OhDara Screencaps of Attractive, Badass Dara in “CRUSH” Japanese Version PV

Dara is seriously so so so pretty in this video! She works the black wig with the full bangs! She looks so pretty! ❤ And cat eye make-up works really well with her too! ❤ And of course, she’s like a badass student in the classroom in one of the scenes, and an alluring Egyptian goddess in another.. ❤ Wah! ❤














Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara “All Or Nothing” in Manila Concert Tickets Give-Away Contest!