Hey guys! Here are the details for ordering the magazine. If you have questions, please leave them at the comments section below, or if you have Twitter, mention us at @welovedara or admin @blackjackbelle .. ^^ 


Comments on: "Admin Post: Details for Bulk Orders for Vogue Girl, July 2015 Issue Featuring Island Goddess Dara" (13)

  1. Paola Patricia DR. Medenilla said:

    How to pay thru LBC kwarta padala?

  2. howabout those in U.S.A?Can we order it through @yesasea.com?

  3. Paola Patricia DR. Medenilla said:

    Email sent! Thank you! 🙂

  4. quirkyc0ffee said:

    email sent…. as always, you guys are jjang! thank you… ^__^

  5. redstilleto said:

    Hello, just sent an e-mail! thanks a lot!

  6. bingkwik said:

    sent an email admin unnie:) kamsa! ^^

  7. Question admin., is there any chances that this magazine will be available here in Philippines ?

    • Hello~! If you mean “available” like would the magazine be sold here in the Philippines by bookstores/magazine outlets, then no.. ^^ That’s why we’re doing bulk orders for those who want to order.. ^^

  8. myles07_ddc said:

    I’ve just send an email…. Please do check if you have received it… Thank you so much…

  9. I’ve sent an email. I also want a copy..thank u so much

  10. redstilleto said:

    Hi, i don’t do twitter but i just saw your new post, so i’ll just send you an e-mail, thanks!

  11. I just sent an email… please check…

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