OMG admins planned on handing the cake and  bouquet to Dara before the recording, but she was bare-faced and snuck in through the parking lot.. XD We’re so happy though that she enjoyed the bouquet and the cake! ❤ This was our simple way to cheer her up during the last filming for Sugar Man! ❤


This morning on my way to work, I was bare-faced, so I timidly sneaked in at parking lot ~ I’m sorry, I’m sorry ~ 😁 That’s why I was more glad on my way home!!! Photo by Blackjacktographer 📷 


Fans made Sugar Man cake 🍰😍🙏🏻 I cherish this so how can I eat this~~~ Thank you~^.^

This is an update from blessingflower47 IG, where we bought the flowers from.. ❤


Bouquet delivery to YG Entertainment Artist sandara Park-nim. Surprise gift on Sugar Man final filming today. Nowadays Sugar Man is fun. Season 2 please ^^

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And these are clearer pictures of our cake and flowers! In collaboration with OhMyGoddess and WeLoveDara! ❤




Sources: daraxxi + blessingflower47 + ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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