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Photos: 161220 LQ/MQ OhMyGoddess Fantaken Pics of Cute, Comfy Dara at Incheon Airport Headed to Bangkok

Dara is going to Bangkok! Safe flight Dara! 




Dara also had a Twitter convo with littlestone, OMG’s admin! ^^

Littlestone: Do you still need more stickers? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But I gave you a lot though😅

Dara: The staff also put the sticker on their carriers/bags 😁 It’s enough! 🙏🏻

Littlestone: I gave a lot.. ㅎㅎ Although I still have more with me ^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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Re-uploaded and translated by: OhDara

Photos: 150805 HD/HQ OhMyGoddess Fantaken Pics of Dara at Incheon Airport Headed for Vietnam

Dara noticed OMG and waved to her.. ❤ 





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Photos: 160623 OhMyGoddess HQ/HD Fantaken Pics of Brightly Shining Dara at Incheon Airport Headed to Thailand

Dara, Dara, bright shining Dara! ❤ She looked so happy, seeing the OMG admins.. ❤





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Photos: Delighted Dara Shares her “Sugar Man” Cake and “BlackjackTographer” – Taken Fanpic + WeLoveDara&OhMyGoddess Dara Sugar Man Last Filming Support

OMG admins planned on handing the cake and  bouquet to Dara before the recording, but she was bare-faced and snuck in through the parking lot.. XD We’re so happy though that she enjoyed the bouquet and the cake! ❤ This was our simple way to cheer her up during the last filming for Sugar Man! ❤


This morning on my way to work, I was bare-faced, so I timidly sneaked in at parking lot ~ I’m sorry, I’m sorry ~ 😁 That’s why I was more glad on my way home!!! Photo by Blackjacktographer 📷 


Fans made Sugar Man cake 🍰😍🙏🏻 I cherish this so how can I eat this~~~ Thank you~^.^

This is an update from blessingflower47 IG, where we bought the flowers from.. ❤


Bouquet delivery to YG Entertainment Artist sandara Park-nim. Surprise gift on Sugar Man final filming today. Nowadays Sugar Man is fun. Season 2 please ^^

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And these are clearer pictures of our cake and flowers! In collaboration with OhMyGoddess and WeLoveDara! ❤




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Photos: 160427 Fantaken Pics of Happy, Smiling Dara at Incheon Airport Headed to Hong Kong

Thanks much as always, Oh My Goddess and @Kimjjirong21 for the airport photos! ❤








Sources: @ohmygoddessDARA @Kimjjirong21

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OMG Photos: 151111 OhMyGoddess Celebrates Dara’s 32th Birthday with Heart-Warming Gifts, Cute Cake, and Sincere, Grateful Service~ Thank you for Loving Dara, OMG!

OhMyGoddess prepared gifts, a very cute cake, and snacks for Dara during her shoot for Sugar Man! ❤ They also gave staff some gifts as well.. ❤ Not only that, they also did a briquette service in Dara’s name! ❤ They uploaded their certificate that they got after doing it.. 


 2015.11.11 youngest MC DARA getting ready for Sugar Man~~~Enjoy your meal😙 Prepared support for MC Darong and for Dara’s birthday celebration at Sugar Man with OMGDARA😉 Enjoy your birthday meal too, please support and greet our Dara 🙇🙆 #SugarMan_forDara_requestDara#Fighting_YoungestMC #Dara #Sandara#SandaraPark #SugarMan


Isn’t the cake totally cute?! ❤

image image

Briquette service certification! ❤

image image

And here’s the happy, happy birthday girl! ❤




And of course, PR Director DAra gave them her business card and a polaroid with her gifts.. ❤


Happy, happy Dara! ❤



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Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Project: Support WeLoveDara/OhDara’s Fund-Raising Project for San Union’s “Movie Shooting Support Project” for Dara’s First Korean Movie!

Hey guys! We are joining San Union’s project for Dara’s first ever movie in Korea! ❤ We’re all excited for the movie, right? We plan to give a big food support for Dara, the cast, and the staff. And also gifts for Dara and everyone.. Like the ones we gave her during “We Broke Up” shooting, but on a grander scale.. ^^ We want to convey to the staff and cast that we Dara fans stand strong and united in our support for our goddess… ❤


You might notice that we don’t often ask for donations on projects, most of the time we admins shoulder the cost.. However, we feel that this time would be a great opportunity for everyone to help out in any way.. The amount we’re trying to raise is slightly ambitious and quite hefty, so any amount would be a great help! ❤ If you have any questions please feel free to fire them in the comments section below! Looking forward to everyone’s support! ❤

Twitter: Sweet Dara’s (@krungy21) Reply to OhMyGoddess ~ “OMGDARA takes photos well.. Like a photoshoot”


OMGDARA takes photos well indeed. Like a photoshoot~


Source: @krungy21 + @ohmygoddessdara

Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

Capped and Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Sweet Dara’s Heartwarming Message to Oh My Goddess for their 6th Year Anniversary ~ “Thank you for supporting every side of me and liking me during these 6 years~”

Happy 6th Anniversary OMG! ❤ Thank you so, so much for always being there for our dearest Dara! We appreciate all your hard work and for sharing Dara goodies (from pictures to fancams) to us international fans! Let us continue to support our Goddess in all her endeavors, may it be as a singer or as an actress! Hwaiting for more years with our lovely Dara unnie! ❤




Source: @ohmygoddessDARA

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Photos: HQ/HD OhMyGoddess Scans of “Dark and Mature” Dara with YGKPlus Models for Esquire Magazine

I have said it before and I say it again, I am totally digging this new “dark and mature” Sandara Park! ❤ Esquire, you are a blessing to us Dara fans and we love you to bits and pieces! Thank you for this photoshoot.. T_T





Under the cut are the pics which were released by YGE and Esquire… ^^