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Project: Support WeLoveDara/OhDara’s Fund-Raising Project for San Union’s “Movie Shooting Support Project” for Dara’s First Korean Movie!

Hey guys! We are joining San Union’s project for Dara’s first ever movie in Korea! ❤ We’re all excited for the movie, right? We plan to give a big food support for Dara, the cast, and the staff. And also gifts for Dara and everyone.. Like the ones we gave her during “We Broke Up” shooting, but on a grander scale.. ^^ We want to convey to the staff and cast that we Dara fans stand strong and united in our support for our goddess… ❤


You might notice that we don’t often ask for donations on projects, most of the time we admins shoulder the cost.. However, we feel that this time would be a great opportunity for everyone to help out in any way.. The amount we’re trying to raise is slightly ambitious and quite hefty, so any amount would be a great help! ❤ If you have any questions please feel free to fire them in the comments section below! Looking forward to everyone’s support! ❤

Instagram: Radiant Actress Dara Shows her Love for Fans’ Witty and Useful Gifts~ “How am I Supposed to Repay You? I’ll Work Hard like an Ox!”

Awwww Dara.. T_T Your love for fans is truly inspiring and humbling, at the same time.. ❤ You’re already known and loved by so many in Korea and internationally, yet you still remain humble and loving.. I love how you are so unpretentious and how you truly appreciate each and every little thing fans do for you.. ❤ Thanks once again to San Union and specially OhMyGoddess’s Littlestone for working so hard for making Dara feel so loved.. ❤


This is an actor’s chair, which every actor supposedly has..?!! Yesterday, my manager told me there was something I had to see, so I ran over with my bangs flying around.. (That’s why they are parted in the photo) A chair with my name embroidered and an umbrella.. These are very useful for outdoor filming!!! My manager and i didn’t know of these things, as I promoted as a singer for so long.. How are you so attentive.. ㅠ.ㅠ I am touched.. That feeling.. You guys are so witty.. How am I supposed to repay you? I will work like an ox onwards~ I can work through these scorching hot outdoor filming now  ^_^v But I sill feel awkward sitting in a chair like this as a rookie actress.. ㅋㅋㅋ


I wish I could say something more to say how thankful I am to all of you~~~ I was so touched, happy, and proud to be loved by the best fans in the world 👉 Blackjacks!!! Every single item is sooooooo useful to me!!! So, so, so smart and thoughtful…😭 seriously the best! Thank u again!!! 😘😘😘



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Instagram+Twitter: Cute, Adorable Actress Dara Thanks San Union for Snack Truck Food Support Project for “We Broke Up” Filming ~ “You Guys are the Best! Thank You!”

Yaaayyyyy~! Finally, the food truck project has pushed through, so happy! ❤ We’re so glad that Dara seemed to enjoy a lot and that the staff, crew, and cast were able to enjoy this as well.. ^^ It seems like forever since we prepared for this, so it’s awesome to finally see this! ❤ Yayyy! Much love and thanks to OhMyGoddess, especially Littlestone, for seeing this project through.. They really worked hard to make this project a reality.. T_T Thank you, thank you! ❤

Aside from WeLoveDara/OhDara and OhMyGoddess, San Union is also joined by BaiduSandaraBar and DARAIDoCN.. ^_^


The snack car that has all the things I like in the menu >.< Our actors and staff who were really exhausted from filming ate very21x well~!!! “Dara-ssi, we ate well~” was something I heard said to me a lot of times…^^;; I’m not the right person to tell this to… For always taking care of me, for always cheering me on, a huge thank you to all the Blackjacks & Dara fans 😊 You guys are the best… Ah, the deep fried shrimp was awesomely delicious!!! So senseful..!!! 👍👍👍 Bow!!! (__)

She thanked the fans on Twitter as well, awwww, she knew that it was a collaboration, so she said “thank you” in three languages.. ❤


감사합니다!!! Thank you!!! 谢谢!!! 😍😍😍👍👍👍


Source: @daraxxi on Instagram + @krungy21 on Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Project: Join San Union’s Special Project for Dara’s Birthday ~ “Our Gorgeous Goddess Turns 30!”

Hey guys! November is creeping around the corner, and you know what that means….



Dara is turning the big 3-0 (in Korean age) this year and we want to make it really special for her! Our sweet, generous, lovable darling goddess is turning 30 and we want to make it extremely memorable! ❤ 

Unfortunately, we can’t give away much of what the project would include (since we might spoil it for Dara if we give away details here, because it’s highly likely that she visits her fansites so… /waves at Dara: Hello Dara!), but we can assure you that SanUnion would definitely do our best to bring a beautiful smile to our darling Dara’s face and to make her feel extra special! And of course, we want international fans to participate in this as well! Want to be part of Dara’s 30th birthday celebration, then this is your chance!


If you want to get involved with the project, check this one out:



Twitter: Dara Tweets and Thanks the Different Fansites of San Union

Oh my gawd. T_T Dara is just…..!!! T_T She is so sweet, always remembering her fans. You are welcome Dara! We are more thankful for you! T_T THANK YOU!!!! T__T San Union forever! <333


I’m guessing Dara is talking about San Union’s recent project to celebrate Dara’s new endorsement, Clio! Here is a photo of what the project was all about! ^^


Source: @krungy21 + Oh My Goddess!

Me2Day: Dara Thanks Her Fans For All the Support and Says “I Love You!”

Dara updates her me2day with her mango tree wreaths! She’s said that she’s really thankful and impressed by them. ^^ Awww Dara, Daralings would do anything for you! We love you!!! <333

Wooot! San Union Project is a huge success! We could see wreaths from Baidu Sandara Bar, The Dearest Dara, and of course, the wreaths from WeLoveDara and OhDara! Thank you to all those who supported and donated for our projects! We succeeded and made Dara happy! Kudos to all of us!!! ^__^


[뉴에콘 화환] 팬분들이 작년 쌀화환에 이어서 올해는 다 망고화환으로 통일해서 보내주셨어요!^.^우리에게 힘도 주고 좋은일에도 쓰이게될 이 망고화환 너무 감동이에요!ㅠ.ㅠ일단 다라화환들만 찍음ㅎㅎ^__^v 다들 넘 고마워요~ 오늘 막콘도 미친듯이 놀아봐용!와일드하게..ㅎ

오늘은 어떤 구역에서 나의 그를 찾아볼까나…? ㅎㅎ 진짜 리얼이에요.. 기대기대 +.+

[New E Con Wreaths] The fans all donated rice wreaths last year, and they’ve come together once again and donated mango wreaths for this year! ^.^ Things like this give us strength, and the good things that the mango wreaths can bring is really impresive too! ㅠ.ㅠ Only posted the Dara mango wreaths though Ha ha ^__^v Thank you very, very much~ To all the michins (T/N: mitu friends), let us all play today! Let’s go wild.. Ha

Tags: I think I’m going to look for him in another sector today…? Ha ha It’s really real.. Look forward to it +.+


[뉴에콘 이벤트] 내가 저번에 말한 21명의 행운의좌석 이벤트!어제와 오늘!행운의 21한명이 1,2,3층에서 골고루 나올거에용!^_^우리가 정성스래 준비한 크고작은 선물들이 숨겨져있는데 우리 마음이에요^^;본인좌석번호 확인후 주는거니까 보물찾기처럼 찾아다니지말아용ㅋㅋ

Tags: 공연 보러 오시는 분들 위해 준비한 작은 깨알 이벤트! 우리의 마음이 전달되길 ^_^


We love you too, Dara-ah!!! <333


[뉴에콘 막콘후기] 한국공연 2회가 다 끝났습니다^^1,2,3층이 다 스탠딩인줄 알았어요!클럽에온줄!진짜!대박! 재밌었구^^감동적이엇구..행복했어요^^ 맨날 콘서트만 하고살고싶다!!ㅠ.ㅠ와주신분들 다 너무 감사합니다! (__) 사랑해요… 알라뷰~!!!^.^

Tags: 투애니원 글로벌 투어 잘 다녀올게요 우리 기다려줘요!


Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara