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Instagram: Alluring, Hot Model Dara Shares Sizzling B-Cut Pictures from her Esquire Photoshoot

Oh hello there B-cuts! Dear Esquire, can we have HD/HQ copies of these please? T_Ttumblr_inline_nmnf5okU7X1trku38_540


Esquire B-Cut Dara #esquire #bcut


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Photos: Imagazine Korea shares photos of Dara for ESQUIRE



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Photos: YGKPlus Models Hairstylist Kim Gwiae, Uploads HQ Pictures from Esquire Photoshoot

Omoooooo~! Thank you so much stylist-nim for these wonderful pictures from Esquire! ❤






Photos: HQ/HD OhMyGoddess Scans of “Dark and Mature” Dara with YGKPlus Models for Esquire Magazine

I have said it before and I say it again, I am totally digging this new “dark and mature” Sandara Park! ❤ Esquire, you are a blessing to us Dara fans and we love you to bits and pieces! Thank you for this photoshoot.. T_T





Under the cut are the pics which were released by YGE and Esquire… ^^


Official: YG Entertainment Releases Official Esquire Outtakes of Alluring “Dark” Dara with Hyeongsop and Young

I AM LOVING THIS DARK CONCEPT OMFG! I am freaking out, so beautiful! She looks like a femme fatale-vampire and I am loving it! Our Dara usually looks like an angel-goddess, but I’m loving this other side of her! Cannot wait for Esquire! ❤

CAhOSLjUQAAhlxU.jpg large

Okay, skinship, I cannot.. /dies

CAhOSb4U0AA-cPO.jpg large

CAhOSdVU8AAMvfP.jpg large


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Instagram: Dara Shares Badass, “Dark” Outtake from Esquire Photoshoot ~ “Stayed Tuned for Darker, More Mature Pics!”

My body is sooooo ready for this! They all look all kinds of badass! Gah! ❤
11024149_911304752245426_135732808_nI’m not a little girl anymore!!! Great atmosphere while shooting with the cool male models.. Stay tuned for more dark pictures, more mature pictures in Esquire April issue~   Just saw these preview shots from Esquire magazine… More photos coming soon…Stay tuned for a wilder Dara…!!! 😁  


Ahhh.. Please don’t expect too much exposure or a lot of skinship.. ㅎㅎ It may be something that may happen in the future..  



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Picture: Teaser Picture for “Dark” Concept of Dara’s Photoshoot for Esquire, April Issue~ “Not A Little Girl Anymore”

OH MY GOSH! Looking so gorgeous and beautiful~!!! The caption says “Not a little girl anymore” and I am so excited for this, to see a darker, more mature side of Dara through the photoshoot.. ❤ And oh, hello there gorgeous legs! Park Hyeongsop and Kim Young look super handsome too! If only Dara were taller, I can totally see her rocking the runway!



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Instagram: Pretty Dara Confirms Photoshoot for “Esquire” Magazine, April Issue ~ “Concept is Dark, Dark Dara”

Kekekeke! Dara, is it “dark” like literally dark, with hands covered dark?.. XD Anyways, cannot wait for it! ❤ Thanks for confirming the magazine and the issue, Dara-unnie! ^_^


The concept this time is dark, dark Dara~ 4월호 april issue



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Instagram: YG KPlus Model, Kim Young, Shares a Picture of “Bad Boys” Having Fun with Gorgeous Dara at the Photoshoot

OMG~ Seriously, these three are so cute and dorky together! It seemed like they had a really fun shoot! ❤ Dara looks like a cute, beautiful lady in between the two towering boys.. Kekekeke! ^^


Bad boys  &


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