I have said it before and I say it again, I am totally digging this new “dark and mature” Sandara Park! ❤ Esquire, you are a blessing to us Dara fans and we love you to bits and pieces! Thank you for this photoshoot.. T_T





Under the cut are the pics which were released by YGE and Esquire… ^^




Source: Goddess Dara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: HQ/HD OhMyGoddess Scans of “Dark and Mature” Dara with YGKPlus Models for Esquire Magazine" (3)

  1. alohadara said:

    I wonder how these models felt working with her. She comes to work in sweats looking like a little girl and then she transforms into this sexy,hot, dont mess with me because I’m gonna eat you alive look that must have sent shivers through them. love it!

  2. My most favorite? The second pic… That’s awesome… Go go go Sandy!

  3. OMG dara. I love this photoshoot! We got to see another side of Dara. Yay! I hope there’s more pictures.

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