OMG~ Seriously, these three are so cute and dorky together! It seemed like they had a really fun shoot! ❤ Dara looks like a cute, beautiful lady in between the two towering boys.. Kekekeke! ^^


Bad boys  &


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Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: YG KPlus Model, Kim Young, Shares a Picture of “Bad Boys” Having Fun with Gorgeous Dara at the Photoshoot" (4)

  1. Desiweelovesapples said:

    Will they have a risqué type of concept? I feel giddy thinking of the possibilities haha but whatever it is, I’m happy that Dara is putting herself out there. You go girl! 🙂

  2. vampire concept?! perfect!!!! hahaha…love how dara can bring out the dorkiness in people…

  3. ysabelle said:

    so cuteeeee!!! You’re so luckyyyyyy! and these guys are one of the luckiest, having a chance to get close with their Dara Noona! Fanboys are crying right now!!!!LOL!

  4. Totally wondering what this is for and Omg I can’t wait to see the photos!!!

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