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Instagram: BTS Video of Elegantly Beautiful Sandara Park’s Photoshoot for Marie Claire Hong Kong Magazine

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Twitter+Instagram: Dara takes a Ride with ET and Wants Fans to Thrill Ride with her ~ “Ride with Me”

More of Dara’s HK adventures kekeke! ❤


With my friend E.T.



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Photos+InstaVids: 160501 Fantaken Pics and Short Videos of Adorable Dara at Hong Kong International Airport Going Back to Korea

Dara going back to Korea from Hong Kong! Glad to see that many fans waited for her at the airport.. Thank you so much Hong Kong Blackjacks and Daralings! ❤







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Instagram+Weibo: Dara Bids Goodbye to Hong Kong and HK Blackjacks ~ “Back to Reality”

Aigoo.. T_T Well, I hope that the time you spent in Hong Kong was invigorating and refreshing one! ❤ And I hope that reality is as sweet and as fulfilling as the time you spent there.. ^^


Bye HK . Thank you。


Thank you Blackjack HK!!! 🙏 Bye HK 👋🏼 Back to reality…


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Instagram: Ocean World Hong Kong Updates their IG Account with Dara and Friends on their Thrill Ride

Awww, Ocean Park Hong Kong uploaded an official pic on their IG.. ❤


😁 What’s Up! It’s 2NE1! 💕Korean girl group 2NE1’s member Sandara Park came to visit Ocean Park today! She had a wonderful time on the Hair Raiser and other thrill rides! Has any fans met her in Hong Kong?😎 #2NE1 #Dara#SandaraPark #산다라#BlackJack#hkoceanpark #oceanpark #香港海洋公園 #海洋公園


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Photos+InstaVids: Fantaken Photos and Short Videos of Traveller Dara Out and About Hong Kong’s Tourist Spots

Dara going to Victoria Peak

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#Sandarapark #Dara

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Dara at Ocean Park






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InstaVids: Tourist Sandara Chronicles the Epic “Turkish Ice Cream VS Dara” Battle in HK

The question is: Did Dara ever get her ice cream? Kekeke! It’s so fun to watch! Dara’s expressions are so so sos cute! XD

Tourist Dara in SG #latepost Turkish Ice cream vs Dara parts 1-5


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Instagram: Dara Goes on a Jollibee Run for Dinner in Hong Kong ~ Make “#DaraAsJollibeeOfficialEndorser2K16” Happen!

Dara and her love for Jollibee knows no bounds!  #DaraAsJollibeeOfficialEndorser2K16 should happen!13117943_1747057205570769_68500196_n

My dinner!!!

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My dinner!!!

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Instagram+Weibo: More of Tourist Sandara Park Enjoying herself Around Hong Kong ~ Featuring Rickshaw Driver Dara and Fruit Vendor Dara

Dara had so much fun in Hong Kong, and I’m happy to see that she updated a lot! ❤


Hong Kong


Dara, Dara, Dara very Dara  🍫


At the old Hong Kong street. Im the chinese rickshaw driver for the day but my passenger is too heavy…



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Instagram: Tourist Dara Shares Pictures of her Trips Out and About Hong Kong

Dara is enjoying her stay in Hong Kong! Enjoy all the tourist desitations, Dara! Eat lots of good food too! ❤13099120_587540474734358_60282831_n

#victoriapeak #hongkong

A lot of fans were commenting and showing their concern for Dara doing that pose at such a high place, because we remembered how she almost fell when she was in Tagaytay OTL.. T_T Even Thunder commented on it! Kekeke! ❤


Even dadoong won’t come up to such a high place, so come down


#oceanpark #hongkong


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