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Photos: Sweet Dara’s Heartwarming Message to Oh My Goddess for their 6th Year Anniversary ~ “Thank you for supporting every side of me and liking me during these 6 years~”

Happy 6th Anniversary OMG! ❤ Thank you so, so much for always being there for our dearest Dara! We appreciate all your hard work and for sharing Dara goodies (from pictures to fancams) to us international fans! Let us continue to support our Goddess in all her endeavors, may it be as a singer or as an actress! Hwaiting for more years with our lovely Dara unnie! ❤




Source: @ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Oh My Goddess’s 2012 Sandara Birthday Message

Awwww, super nice Dara fans FOR THE WIN! ❤ I love how diverse the people are in this video.. But more importantly, I love how they love Dara so much! Love the video, love everyone who participated! Dara and Dara fans jjang! ❤

2012 Sandara’s Birthday Message (Oh My Goddess Version)



P.S: For all of you who are planning to join the project by submitting photos, this is an example! Look how they are bringing the OMG banner and wearing that ribbon every time they shoot a person greeting Dara? ^_^ That’s how the photos should also work. ^^ Kekeke! ❤ Have fun!