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Photos: HQ/HD Scans and Translations of “Pambansang Krungy” Sandara Park in Meg Magazine’s february Issue ~ “Diary of Dara”

Dara’s pictures are so so so pretty! /dies 

I love her insights and I love how she’s always a go go go to try new things, even if some of those things scare her.. ^_^ Thank you so much Meg Magazine for featuring our goddess Dara! ❤




“I’m scared to go horse riding.”

“But I still tried it! Yeah! The view from Taal is really beautiful, I like it so much! The best way to overcome your fear is to face it.”

“This is one of the favorites of us Koreans: fresh buko (coconut) juice! What else are our favorites? Ripe mango shake and halo-halo. I love it!”


Walang sabit (title of her song in the Philippines, literally means “no tangles” it’s for a shampoo commercial)

Dancing in the boat, in the middle of the ocean in Palawan. Still “Krungy” even in a boat.

This is my first time in Palawan- super beautiful! I felt like I was in paradise. I want to go back!



“Let’s go! The jeepney driver is so pretty! You can obviously see from my face that I’m very happy.”



Source: Meg Magazine

Scans and translations by: WeLoveDara/ OhDara

Twitter: PR Manager Dara Urges Everyone to Check Out Meg Magazine’s February Issue ~ “I Shared Pictures from my Birthday Last Year!”

I can’t wait for this issue to be available! ❤ I wonder if there will be new pictures aside from the pics she shared on SNS? XD Unfortunately, it still isn’t available where I’m at. T_T But we’ll be checking this out for sure! ^^


Check Meg magazine’s February issue. I shared the pictures I took during my birthday last year! In different places in the Philippines 


Source: @krungy21

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Photos: Photographer BJ Pascual Shares Outtakes from Meg Magazine Photoshoot with “Kpop Superstar Sandara Park”

Ooohhh, an alternative cover for Meg! Love it! And a big thanks to the photographer of Dara’s Meg magazine feature, Mr. BJ Pascual for these outtakes.. ^^

MEG Magazine exclusive covershoot with superstar outtakes!





InstaVid: Gorgeous Dara Behind The Scenes of Meg Magazine Photoshoot

Gorgeous Dara doing all kinds of poses for the Meg Magazine photoshoot~ Those abs though…. ♥_♥


Source: anatabatina
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Photos: HQ Screencaps of Fierce, Classy, and Gorgeous Dara For BTS Of Meg Magazine Photoshoot

Are you ready for some HQ gorgeousness? Here are screencaps of Dara portraying just about any look from fierce to dorky, from sexy to super fresh and cute! Enjoy!!! ^_^


Getting her make-up done~ That side profile though… ❤


Our chic unnie! So classy!



Checking out the shots! ^_^


Watch her turn a fierce look to a cutesy one in  just a snap in the following caps! ♥_♥









And of course, a dorky pose with the staff! ^_^


More and more gorgeous caps below! ^_^


Video: Behind The Scenes – Sandara Park for Meg Magazine July 2014

Beautiful Dara!!! Dara smiling so brightly never fails to make my day. ^^ In the BTS video, we can see her getting her make-up done and graciously posing for the camera with that bright smile on her face. ❤ She also took time to pose with the staff behind the magazine shoot. Love this! ^_^

Credits: TheMEGATV100

Photo: Unseen BTS Photo of Beautiful Dara for Meg Magazine


Working with @daraxxi will always and forever be a highlight in my career as an Editor and Stylist. It has always been a dream to style and work with a#KPOP Star and their creative team, I have always been inspired by their talent and vision. I never ever thought this will happen — ever. This photo will be a reminder to me (and all @megmagazine girls out there) that dreams can come true.✌️ Still on a high with our JULY ’14 Issue. Thank you so much#TEAMDARA @jxx_topping — Love the#megfashionsquad (me and @portiamazing) ❤️❤️❤️#megfashionsquadxteamdara #stylistdiaries#editordiaries #iheartyahportia


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Photo: Ning Hilario Shares a Cute, Happy Behind-The-Scenes Photo with Meg Cover Girl, Sandara Park

OMG I totally forgot to post this! Sorry you guys.. T_T But anyways, Dara, Dara, bright, smiling Dara! She hasn’t had sleep three days prior to this shoot, but she was able to make the atmosphere light and happy during the shoot and interview.. ❤

BrLKT22CIAExX4c with and the team after the shoot… ♥︎



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Photos: Cover Girl Dara Promotes her Meg Magazine Feature ~ “My First Cover for the Filipino Fans After a Long Time! Please Get a Copy!”

Oh Dara, we promise to buy the magazine as soon as it is available where we are! ^^ She is really so beautiful in this magazine, and it’ll be a lovely must-have item for all fans! ❤

•Cover Meg July 2014 Final na!.indd

Cheers!!! This is my first cover after a long long time for the Filipino fans!!! Please get a copy #daraformeg


Source: daraxxi

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Photos+Translations: MQ Scans of Captivating Strong, Inspiring Dara’s Beautiful Feature in Meg Magazine ~ “Even if there’s only one person left who believes in you, then it’s enough.”

DARA IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! ❤ She showed a different side to herself in this shoot! She proves that she has versatility in the outfits she was made to wear and the styles too! ❤ Cannot wait for HQ/HD! ❤

I managed to translate some, but not all. I’ll do it all when I get my own copy.. ^_^

We are sharing this for the benefit of those outside the Philippines who cannot buy a copy of their own.. For those living within the Philippines and have the means to buy this magazine, then please do so! Let’s support Dara! Let’s show Meg magazine that they made the right decision choosing her as the cover girl and featured artist! FIGHTING!!! ❤


RESPECT. I don’t know how you can NOT love this girl.

“Even if there’s only one person left who believes in you, then it’s enough.”



Dara worked hard to get where she is now.. ❤



Soundtrack of her life: 

I’m The Best – Maybe because I want to be like that. The lyrics of that song are super confident. But as for me, I’m not that confident outside the stage. That’s my dream song.

Lonely – I think this is one song I can relate to.

Good To You – This is a song from our new album where “Come Back Home” is from. I can really relate to this song because it’s about a good girl singing to a bad boy. It’s like I always fall in love with bad boys, that’s why I can relate. (laughs)


“I practiced J’Lo’s ‘Get Right’ everyday for two months. I almost didn’t sleep to get it perfect. When I performed it in from of him (YG), he said, ‘Okay, you can practice together with them again.'” 

If you were to give advice to 20-year-old Sandara, what would that be? “Be happy. Don’t be Krung-krung. Behave. I want to tell her to be confident. That’s what I didn’t have before. Believe in yourself.”


“I remember before, I used to have a lot of haters. But maybe I endured it all because I had fans who always supported me. So I thought to myself, ‘I can do it.’ Because as long as there’s one person left who believes in you, then that’s enough. You just try your best to improve.

I don’t read them (hate comments). If I know that it’s not good, I don’t read it so my mood won’t be disturbed.

MEG: When you come across Sandara in person, she is the same sweet, charming, and down-to-earth girl she was before. She is unassuming when she enters a room and doesn’t draw attention to herself — It’s her amazing outfits and glowing, poreless skin that do that.


I can imagine how tired you are with your work. When you’re on cam, you’re expected look and be 100%, how do you deal with that? “Maybe because, I was born to do this (laughs). It’s because I’m happy when I’m in front of the camera. When it’s time to shoot, it’s like… magic.”

What do you love most about your job? “I like photoshoots. I like tapings. But I think what I love most are doing shows live, with audience. The energy is really different.”


What is it about the Philippines that makes you keep coming back? “I like the place! I like the beaches and the food. There are so many good memories from the Philippines that I can’t forget.

When you’re here, you prefer doing interviews in Tagalog. Why? “Because at first, in SCQ, I didn’t know how to speak Tagalog. People said that I shouldn’t be voted for because I didn’t know how to speak Tagalog. When I learned how to, I became more confident in speaking Tagalog. It’s for the fans also. So they’ll be happy and they won’t think I forgot how to speak Tagalog.