DARA IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! ❤ She showed a different side to herself in this shoot! She proves that she has versatility in the outfits she was made to wear and the styles too! ❤ Cannot wait for HQ/HD! ❤

I managed to translate some, but not all. I’ll do it all when I get my own copy.. ^_^

We are sharing this for the benefit of those outside the Philippines who cannot buy a copy of their own.. For those living within the Philippines and have the means to buy this magazine, then please do so! Let’s support Dara! Let’s show Meg magazine that they made the right decision choosing her as the cover girl and featured artist! FIGHTING!!! ❤


RESPECT. I don’t know how you can NOT love this girl.

“Even if there’s only one person left who believes in you, then it’s enough.”



Dara worked hard to get where she is now.. ❤



Soundtrack of her life: 

I’m The Best – Maybe because I want to be like that. The lyrics of that song are super confident. But as for me, I’m not that confident outside the stage. That’s my dream song.

Lonely – I think this is one song I can relate to.

Good To You – This is a song from our new album where “Come Back Home” is from. I can really relate to this song because it’s about a good girl singing to a bad boy. It’s like I always fall in love with bad boys, that’s why I can relate. (laughs)


“I practiced J’Lo’s ‘Get Right’ everyday for two months. I almost didn’t sleep to get it perfect. When I performed it in from of him (YG), he said, ‘Okay, you can practice together with them again.'” 

If you were to give advice to 20-year-old Sandara, what would that be? “Be happy. Don’t be Krung-krung. Behave. I want to tell her to be confident. That’s what I didn’t have before. Believe in yourself.”


“I remember before, I used to have a lot of haters. But maybe I endured it all because I had fans who always supported me. So I thought to myself, ‘I can do it.’ Because as long as there’s one person left who believes in you, then that’s enough. You just try your best to improve.

I don’t read them (hate comments). If I know that it’s not good, I don’t read it so my mood won’t be disturbed.

MEG: When you come across Sandara in person, she is the same sweet, charming, and down-to-earth girl she was before. She is unassuming when she enters a room and doesn’t draw attention to herself — It’s her amazing outfits and glowing, poreless skin that do that.


I can imagine how tired you are with your work. When you’re on cam, you’re expected look and be 100%, how do you deal with that? “Maybe because, I was born to do this (laughs). It’s because I’m happy when I’m in front of the camera. When it’s time to shoot, it’s like… magic.”

What do you love most about your job? “I like photoshoots. I like tapings. But I think what I love most are doing shows live, with audience. The energy is really different.”


What is it about the Philippines that makes you keep coming back? “I like the place! I like the beaches and the food. There are so many good memories from the Philippines that I can’t forget.

When you’re here, you prefer doing interviews in Tagalog. Why? “Because at first, in SCQ, I didn’t know how to speak Tagalog. People said that I shouldn’t be voted for because I didn’t know how to speak Tagalog. When I learned how to, I became more confident in speaking Tagalog. It’s for the fans also. So they’ll be happy and they won’t think I forgot how to speak Tagalog.








Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos+Translations: MQ Scans of Captivating Strong, Inspiring Dara’s Beautiful Feature in Meg Magazine ~ “Even if there’s only one person left who believes in you, then it’s enough.”" (9)

  1. I really like this pictorial dara had in the phil..it’s like bringing back the old dara that i loved..the style..the hair..the aura..everything about this interview/pictorial is perfect..:)

  2. Thanks so much for this share! I really need to get hold of a copy. Was Bianca the one who did this great interview? It’s obvious Dara felt comfortable with the interviewer! And I, too, shall look forward to that movie with JLC! :))

  3. thank u for sharing this pic to us..i love it and am definitely buy it also..

  4. LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! sorry, I got no other words til I got my own mag >XD

  5. daisang said:

    i like all her pics… she’s pretty in any angle. she’s down to earth that’s why i love her ^_^

  6. Pppppppppp said:

    I’m sure her yg stylist was the one who styled her here…. Her yg team was with her during the photoshoot….

  7. they styled her better here than her yg stylists!!!! they managed to cover her comolexes like her arms and.legs and thin.frame but still manage to make her look sexy!!?!!

  8. joanna reyes said:

    Dara is a true gem!! She is really one of a kind. So very down to earth person… she excel in a lot of aspects but still manage to be this warm and kind person.. truly she never fails to amaze me… I have been supporting her for years now and this right here on this interview is one of the reason that she is my ultimate bais! !! She is awesome!!! DARA is “pretty on the outside and mostly pretty on the inside”!!!!! 😀

    • joanna reyes said:

      Sorry what I meant to say is! DARA is “pretty on the outside and most definitely more prettier on the inside”!!! Kekeke

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