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Photos: Cover Girl Dara Promotes her Meg Magazine Feature ~ “My First Cover for the Filipino Fans After a Long Time! Please Get a Copy!”

Oh Dara, we promise to buy the magazine as soon as it is available where we are! ^^ She is really so beautiful in this magazine, and it’ll be a lovely must-have item for all fans! ❤

•Cover Meg July 2014 Final na!.indd

Cheers!!! This is my first cover after a long long time for the Filipino fans!!! Please get a copy #daraformeg


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Photos: Beautiful #DaraForMeg in Different Media Platforms ~ “Dara Has Now Captured the Heart of the World!”

Waaaahhh, I am loving it! I am loving Meg’s promotions! ❤ Dara looks gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! ❤ I am not sure how I feel about her top, but she ROCKS it like no other! I would’ve looked frumpy in it, but Dara makes it look so sophisticated. T_T

Meg’s Facebook cover!


Meg’s Twitter cover photo!


Meg’s DP in their website!


And here’s the short introduction piece that Meg prepared for Dara’s feature! 

•Cover Meg July 2014 Final na!.indd

EXCLUSIVE! SANDARA PARK on the July cover of MEG Magazine! It hits the newsstands today, get your copy NOW!
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Ten years ago, she captured the hearts of every Pinoy, but our dear girl Sandara Park has decided to take a step further and has now captured the heart of the world. MEG ladies, we re-introduce to you, Sandara Park. This is a dream cover for the whole team, and it’s only timely to have this 2NE1 star as our cover girl as we officially launch MEG Version 2.0!

Like Dara and the rest of the MEG team, we hope that you, MEG ladies, also become the woman you’ve envisioned yourself to be.

Photography: Bj Pascual
Illustrations: Pete Rich
Art Direction and Post Process (Illustrations): Tin Lagula
Makeup: Kim Min Sun
Hair: Cha Yoon
Styling: Rainier Joseph Dagala and Yoo Yeonju
Styling Associate: Portia Ladrido
Sittings Editor: Ning Hilario
Exclusive interview by: Bianca Gonzalez


Sources: Meg Website, Facebook, Twitter Accounts

Re-uploaded by: OhDara