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Photo/Official: 1st Look Covers “MAMA in Hong Kong” ~ Featuring 2NE1’s Surprise Stage and Dara’s Magnificent Abs

Can’t wait to see more pics! ❤


They also featured this on their Instagram:

In #2015mama #2ne1#SandaraPark on stage-!! If you want to see more photos just look for #1stlookmagazineVol.102! And #HappyYooHeeyeol-!! 🙌
#Happynewyear 🙇🎊🌅
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Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara Bulk Orders for 1st Look Magazine Featuring “We Broke Up” Cast ~ “If We Are”

Hello guys! We are doing bulk orders for 1st Look magazine.. This is open to all the fans of the main leads! ^^ Please take note of the order details, if you have questions, fire them off in the comments section below.. ^^




Photos: “We Broke Up” Cast Outtakes from 1st Look Photoshoot “If We Are… Moment” ~ “We Just Married!”

Oooohhh why do I like this outtake picture of TeamWeForever than the actual print? XD Anyway, they look good together! ^^ And ooohhh Dara’s elegant hands.. ❤





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Photos: Behind-The-Scene Pictures of “We Broke Up” Cast’s Photoshoot for “We Broke Up”

I hope they release a behind-the-scenes video! ^^




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Interview: Actress Dara Shares her Honest Thoughts on her “We Broke Up” Experience on 1st Look~ “Acting Inspires a Thrilling and Spectacular Feeling”

Sandara’s Say


I got into “We Broke Up” because of the unique material and setting. Before I even read the script, I was convinced that I would do it because it seemed very fun and really interesting. The more I understood my character’s role in “WBU,” the more I saw similarities with myself. In fact, I was apprehensive that my own personality influenced my role’s character too much because I deliberately did not read the web toon, but the fans of the original material told me that I was in “synch” with the character, so it gave me confidence as well. Of course, this is a drama, so it extended beyond my usual range of emotions, so I tried various kinds of expressions.

When I first learned that I would be acting opposite (Kang)Seungyoon, my initial reaction was “should I give up this film” and I really worried about it a lot. We’re quite close with each other and I always saw him as my cute dongsaeng. But when the filming time came, there were no strange or awkward moments, but we felt that we had committed to our roles already. It was with different eyes that I saw Seungyoon from the very first time we heard the word “shoot.” The 2NE1 members are also close friends and they teased, “what were you thinking then,” but they were very supportive and loving of my work and they said, “we’re very excited,” so it was a very fortunate reaction. I want to try acting in more romantic-comedy in the future. There are many different areas that I want to challenge myself with, but I was originally set in the romantic-comedy genre, so I feel that this is best suited to me. I want to try a “nerd/loser” but cute and lovable character. I also dreamed of having a “loco queen” woman character. Right now, I don’t have much greed in getting into something big or great. If I encounter an opportunity where I can learn and experience a lot, then I’d love to try it.

When I act, rather than being “Sandara” there’s a special feeling of being able to live another person’s life. It’s really thrilling and spectacular feeling, it’s just difficult to put into words. I’m also still attracted to the stage as well. I would like to try and explore there more too.




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Instagram: Stunning Model Dara Shares Solo and Group 1st Look Photos

Daraaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!! So so so beautiful! ❤ I wish we had a colored copy of the first pic though.. T_T I love this spread, casual yet fashionable and chic! ❤ Dara is wearing Burberry London, Ash, Polo Ralph Lauren, Doc Martens, Pandora charm bracelets.. ^^


Such good-looking cast seriously.. ❤ Dara and Kiyong looking off somewhere while Hyoni and Seungyoon is looking directly at the camera.. XD






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Photos/Official: #TeamWeForever Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon Look Gorgeous and Dashing as they Own the Modern, Romantic Couple Look for “1st Look Magazine”

OMGGGGGGGGG~! Some of the pics are finally out! ❤

Dara is such a beautiful bride.. T_T I love the flowers and the veil, and of course, her flawless face! T_T And she’s wearing black, not exactly traditional bride wear, but she soooo owns it! I can’t wait to see her full picture! ❤


Woori and Won Young! Young, modern couple look! ❤ Seriously, I think I want to copy this style during my wedding… Kekeke! Casual yet fashionable.. ❤ 

CJ3BvgHVEAEkM0zSeungyoonie, so handsome this kid! T_T




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Instagram: 1st Look Magazine Shares a Fun Photo of “We Broke Up” Main Cast Pictorial ~ “Warning: May Cause Heart Palpitations”

I am loving the way there are pictorials and magazine features to promote “We Broke Up”~! Waaahhhh I can’t wait to see the photos from this pictorial, “wedding party” theme! ❤ CIJ98_IWEAA069r

#1stlook issue number 93 with the main characters of web drama #We Broke Up’s four main leads-! #Warning that this may cause heart palpitations has been given out #KangSeungyoon #SandaraPark #JangKiyong #KangSeunghyun Please look forward to the unique and exciting wedding party of these four youthful people -! 🌱🍃🌿🌺🌷🌸


Photo: Dara, CL, YB, and YB in 1st Look’s “Starry Moments of 2013” Exclusive Highlights

Spot Dara, CL, YB, and GD in this! ❤ 



Source: 1st Look via @chriszlchye

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Photos: Official Pics of Blonde, Bindi Dara and Walking DaRin in 1st Look’s Feature for “MNet’s 20’s Choice”

Thank you 1st Look for the feature, and for this wonderful, wonderful picture of our blond goddess and her gorgeous curls and bindi! ❤


Caption: Sandara Park whose bindi on her forehead matches well with her blonde hair.

And here’s our DaRin walking together. ^^


Caption: CL who flashes a V-pose as she passes the camera.