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Feature: 1st Look Celeb Choice – Kpop Airport Fashion (Dara at Number 5, Thunder at Number 1)

Kpop Stars Airport Fashion

Hallyu wave is steadily increasing nowadays, and in fact, more and more K-Pop acts’ visits to other countries is increasing as well. Who are the winners of airport fashion that reminds us of walking the runway?




Airport fashion featuring colorful girl group idols make headlines in the media everyday! When they go for foreign schedules, these girls pull out the stops and their primary weapons are their flawless legs and their inherent fashion sense that make hot summer sizzle with their cool fashion style. Airport fashion terminator 2NE1 Sandara Park’s choice? Just big bags and colorful sneakers! She completes her own fashion statement by pairing up her simple black-and-white look with a unique knapsack and lemon yellow sneakers. 

1 Yuri

2 Sooyeon

3 Taeyeon

4 Hyuna

5 Black beanie paired with black Chrome Hearts shirt and a backpack slung over one shoulder, Sandara Park completes her hip-hop fashion


49th_celebsPick_0021BOYS BE AMBITIOUS – Dara’s brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder at number 1!


Source: 1st Look Korea

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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Photo: Dara, Teddy and Bom for 1st Look Magazine

If you guys can remember, this was taken during the grand opening of Teddy’s “TwoSome Studio Cafe”.


Credit: @Smoothie_cl

Photo: Dara, Bom, Minzy and Teddy on the March Issue of 1st Look Magazine

This photo was taken when Dara and Bom, together with the rest of YG Family, attended the opening of Teddy’s “TwoSome Studio Cafe”. ^_^


And this one was when Dara, Bom and Minzy attended the VIP Premiere of the movie “Berlin”!

“Berlin Red Carpet Parade Lively Moments”



Credit: As Tagged via @darliciousx + @sungP00 + 1st Look Website

Interview: 2NE1 in 1st Look Magazine

Q: Comeback song “I Love You” is an electro-pop song. Between personal feelings and giving the public a new type of feel, which type of feelings are more meaningful after trying out this new genre?

CL: I like meaningful things, but both feelings are important for a singer.

Dara: I also felt that no matter what, I’m still a singer performing on stage. So the reaction of the public feels more meaningful to me.

Q: Any reactions you girls have expected?

Dara: Although it’s always the same whenever we have a new song, I still hope that people will think that “it’s the new evolution” and that “2NE1 has such a side too”. Something like that especially when Minzy and CL are extremely sexy this time round. Even though we have shown this side of us before previously, I still hope that people will be surprised.

Bom: Even if they were singing children songs, they’ll be sexy naturally.

Minzy: The problem I face is that, since I’m still underage, I’ve often heard comments about people telling me to control my sexy dance moves.

Dara: The problem I have lies with my hair (laughs). There was a photo of my hair in the MV being uploaded and surprisingly, there were a lot of positive comments about it, saying that I suited the hairstyle. Because it’s a very daring hairstyle, I’m afraid that people might not like it. But they liked it in the end.


Fashion Find: 2NE1 Goes Fierce and Colorful with Manish Arora for 1st Look Magazine

True to 2NE1’s style, they didn’t fail to include fierce and colorful in their clothing/style choice for 1st Look Magazine. The girls don’t just do edgy and fierce with plain black clothes, they mix it up with colorful and bold prints as seen in these clothes by Manish Arora. Nothing says 2NE1 like fierce with huge splashes of color here and there!

While I am still unable to find Dara’s gold and black sweater exactly, I know that it is from Manish Arora RTW Fall 2012 collection. I found the same print. Her leggings are also from Manish Arora.


Fashion Find: Dara Goes Edgy and Sleek with Rick Owens

In sharp contrast to Dara’s whimsical and lavish outfit from Dolce & Gabanna, we see her wear something simple and modern with Rick Owens. While this look may be considered casual by many, true to 2NE1’s form, they styled Dara in such a way that the whole look gives an edgy and sleek vibe to it. Fierce… Dara is fierce!

White cotton blend dress from Rick Owens featuring short sleeves, crew neck, belted waist, loose fit at the rear and a contrasting black skirt.

Source:; Thanks @Jigsaw_03

Photos: 2NE1 x 1st Look “New Evolution” Goods


Photos: 2NE1 for 1st Look Magazine (HQ)



Photos: Fierce and Edgy 2NE1 for 1st Look Magazine!

OMG! How fierce is this photoshoot?!? Dara looks oh so gorgeous and fierce at the same time! Our goddess is soooo edgy! Check out her feminine dress by Mary Katrantzou as well as DARA’S PHOTO WITH THUNDER! How gorgeous do they look together? I swear! PERFECT SIBLINGS! Their genes are just to die for!

Age is just a number between 2NE1 members. We’ve never drawn a line between unnie and dongsaeng. I think that’s how 2NE1 strives.


News: 2NE1 to Participate as Creative Directors for ‘1st Look’

2NE1 to Participate as Creative Directors for ‘1st Look’

Celebrating the first year anniversary of the entertainment and lifestyle magazine 1st Look, the 2NE1 members transformed from singers to creative directors for the spread.

To be released on July 19, 2NE1 took control and organized the concept for the group’s pictorial for the magazine’s special anniversary issue.

Each member took their individual style and used the influence from the group’s upcoming global tour New Evolution to focus on four specific categories of ‘Style,’ ‘Beauty,’ ‘Relationships’ and ‘Culture.’

Known as a creative and stylish group, 2NE1 is expected to showcase unique and elaborate photos in the upcoming issue of 1st Look.

The cover for this special issue was released through 1st Look on July 16.

2NE1’s project as creative directors will be revealed on July 19.

Source: eNewsWorld