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Instagram: Dara (krungy21) Share Beautiful and Adorable Photos with Thunder During Sign’s MV Filming

Park Siblings Fighting! Dara looks absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait for the music video!

우리도 ❤

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Instagram: whatifthunder – Thunder Shares an Adorable Photo with Dara Noona During His MV Filming

As we have seen earlier, Dara will be making a cameo in Thunder’s Music Video, Sign. Thunder shares a photo with his Dara noona during the filming. Park Siblings fighting! Let’s not forget to support Thunder once his music video releases!


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Instagram: Proud Eldest Noona Sandara Park Shows Off the Two “Doongs” in her Life

Dara is ever the supportive noona.. And awww I miss seeing Thunder.. TT


My two beloved boys 😍😻 2 Doongs~ #Cheondoong #Dadoong#2doongs 😽

멋있네 ??????



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Twitter: Sweet Sandara Park-Noona Promotes Thunder and Jea’s Awesome Cover of Raymond Lauchengo’s “Farewell”

Sweet Sandara-noona~!


And here’s the video! THUNDER SLAYEDDDDD! Of course, I adore Jea’s vocals and she did well as expected! Thunder though, improved a lot! He did so well with his singing, and his pronunciation was great as well!

[Live] Raymond Lauchengo “Farewell” covered by JeaXCheondung



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Instagram+Twitter: Thunder Thanks “Eldest Noona’s Fans” for the Mini Fan He Got ~ “Sorry I Got It, It’s So Hot” + Dara’s Reply!

Aside from the personalized chair, umbrella, and snack truck, there’s also a mini fan~! Kekeke! Thunder getting Dara’s fan, keke! Maybe there were more, so Dara also has hers aside from the one Thunder got..😄


#MiniFan #EldestNoona’sGift #SorryBut #IGotIt😈 #SinceIt’sSoHot #ThankYou #AllOfEldestNoona’sFans ❤


I have mine here though?!? It really is so hot, so use it well, Doong-ah~ Do well at filming ^_^ Feels good


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Instagram+Weibo: Chic and Captivating Dara Share Pictures of Park Siblings for W Korea May Issue


#dara #thunder @wkorea


@wkorea #다라 #천둥



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Photos: LQ/MQ Magazine Scans of Captivating, Mysterious, Gorgeous Dark Park Siblings in W Korea~ “True Blood”

Hot dangggggg! This year has been a wonderful start for our goddess Dara! I love actress Dara’s beautiful work in “Dr. Ian” and I am also loving, loving, loving model Dara’s stunning perfection in the different magazine features!❤ MORE MORE MORE different faces of Dara!❤

Our stunning, captivating dark goddess-angel Dara! Beautiful perfection, and aren’t her proportions just mind-blowing?! Seriously, look at her!


And of course, our dark prince! Hot dang, doesn’t my Park Sanghyun look totally smoldering and gorgeous and perfect and I kinda-wanna-like-really-wanna be the glove he’s biting! T_T


Gorgeous Sandara Park is gorgeous! I love her dark make-up, it shows another fiercer, edgier side of her! I actually also love the contrast between the dark make-up with leather jacket and the soft, butterfly-print dress! Vulnerable and sweet, yet dark and edgy as well!


Vampire Princess Dara wearing a tiara!❤ And yes, heck to the yaaasssss, to the fishnet stockings!❤


My love for this picture knows no words.. STUNNING! INSPIRED! MODEL-LIKE DARA!❤



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Check out the cut for Park Sanghyun’s pictures!❤


Instagram: Proud Dara-Noona Shares a Picture with Thunder Attending KYE Fashion Show ~ “Dara, Thunder, KYE”

Park siblings, yaaaassss!❤


#다라 #천둥 #kye

#다라 #천둥 #kye

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Photos: 150324 More HQ/HD Press Pictures of Attractive, Fashionable Park Siblings at KYE Fashion Show ~ “Awesome Genes!”

The press totally went all crazy with Park Siblings last night, kekeke!❤ More pictures! Make sure to take a closer look at the ones from TopStar News, their pictures are soooo HD!







More under the cut!


Photos: 150324 Press Pictures of Gorgeous Sandara Park and Dashing Park Sanghyun Attending KYE Show

Dara and Sanghyun attended KYE’s show, also as part of Seoul Fashion Week! I am so so so happy that they attended an event together! It’s not often that they go out in public together, other than the cursory selcas sometimes, so I’m really super happy to see them! The media went all crazy, and the reporters crowded to get a photo of them..😄 They raved about their superior genes and beautiful/handsome looks, and of course their unique, stylish fashion.. <3 




Work it! Both of them look so stunning!




Polite Park Siblings~!❤



More pics after the cut!